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I can see him thinking that it's not real and that he would be refusing to wear a mask, I think he would be more concerned about being controlled by the government than catching the virus. Most likely Donald Trump for the 2016 and 2020 Elections, I can picture D-Fens becoming a conspiracy theorist during the Covid Pandemic I thought I was the only one who didn't like the scenes with Pendergast's wife, she got on my nerves and couldn't wait for those scenes to be over, I also wished we would've gotten to see more of D-Fens, the scenes he was in were great. I do admit I also loved Cynthia's Chrysler station wagon, then again I love old station wagons of the 60's/70's. It is a hilarious movie, I especially loved the scene where they were in the principal's office, I would avoid the sequels which weren't that great. I agree that scene was when you realize Thornburg is a sleazebag who'll stop at nothing to get what he desires at the expense of others. I hear they might shoot the sequel for this film this summer according to Owen Wilson I've only seen the first three and here are my rankings Christmas Vacation Vacation European Vacation "WBOO, the Big Boo, is off the air." "SLIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR! What have you done to my bed??!!" "EGON!! YOU SAID YOU'D TRANSPLANT HIS BRAIN INTO A CHICKEN THE NEXT TIME HE MADE FUN OF ME!" That's another very good song, definitely one of the best they did after Alan's departure, sadly this was their last Top 40 hit in the States Another reason why I think Donovan was the worst is because he shot Henry Jones Sr with a gun. For some reason I thought Justin Spurling and Jeff Harper were both the same person, Jeff Harper was another officer who I really liked a lot. He also appeared in the episode where there was a traffic accident and the daughter was dumping meth and Xanax on the ground, when Officer Spurlock tells the mother that her daughter's getting arrested for having meth and Xanax in her possession the mother starts freaking out and tells the officer that she's gonna kick her ass when she gets out of the hospital. I thought it was great seeing officers be laid back and very respectful towards both the suspect and the victims in domestic violence situations, I was happy to see Justin Spruling in a Season 26 episode, I have always liked him in the two Season 18 segments, I remember on the other Season 18 segment where he dealt with another domestic violence call where the female victim was able to calm her angry husband (or boyfriend) down by wearing her leather outfit, I remember Spurling found that very interesting. What do you mean by that? Easily Big Bertha from World 3, she is my most hated villain, she was a mean, evil looking fish! World 1 and 4 were my two favorites, I hated World 3 and 7. Edge Of Seventeen Leather And Lace Talk To Me Another police officer I really liked is Justin Spurling (I think that's his last name) of Las Vegas (Seasons 18 and 26), he was the officer who did an accident call where a young girl of the accident was disposing the meth, I liked how calm he was when he witnessed it, I always liked how Spurling treats everyone with respect and keeps his cool through all situations. I've heard of them back in the Spring of 1986 but never really fully appreciated their music until recently.