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How would D-Fens feel about the COVID pandemic? When I first saw this movie I actually thought Thornburg was a decent guy. Why would Kim and her friends go camping on a school week? "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" or "Leather And Lace"? Most underrated Depeche Mode song(s)? What did you think of Chain Chomp? Villains you hate the most? Why would Ethan remain nice to Peter after Peter spat on his dog? Sad about Rowland "Boon" Gould has struggled with depression and wasn't a very happy person. On a scale of 0-10 how did you like this movie? What was the song that was playing when they were being chased by the police and the Good Ole Boys? What is your favorite Doobie Brothers album? Jay Patterson (Charles) was only 35 while filming this movie Does anyone find Miss Wingo to be a bitch in the episode "Doug To The Rescue"? "Tommy Boy" (1995) or "Black Sheep" (1996)? Is it just me or did Thorne not care when Mick punched him at the dance party? Spoiler question about the final basketball game? How come nobody got angered over Jim beating up Edward right after the parents take Kevin inside? worst cover versions of all time? Opinions of the mother on the "The Tale Of The Crimson Clown" episode?