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That is our fish, you moose twit! Grab it! What is your favorite era of music? I used to think it was Gabby Hoffman who played Maggie. What happened to Joe? Question about this episode? What kind of manager would you say Hendershot was? I thought this movie came out in 1980. Who was the young officer that was chasing the bandit and he ends up in a rollover accident? To me rap was great in the 80's to around the time when Notorious B.I.G. died. Did this movie really deserve to be rated R? View all posts >


I feel the pandemic has changed people's attitudes for the worse rather than for the better, it likely has something to do with the lockdowns along with the aftermath of the pandemic. I rewatched Stay Tuned approximately 6 months ago and I now find the boy to be the better actor than the girl. 8/10, very good song by a great artist. soda which seems to be nearly twice as expensive today as it was before the pandemic. Yes I have, I also feel like people have gotten meaner, less tolerant, angrier and more judgmental ever since the pandemic, I agree self entitlement does seem to be a bigger problem these days, I also feel since the pandemic if you have a different political opinion than them they'll chew you out. I would've thought she was in her mid to late 30's myself. I disagree because there was a lot I enjoyed about Maximum Overdrive, then again when I was a kid I used to be fascinated by semi trucks And Francis laughing while portraying Satan was very creepy! Took me years to figure out Satan was Francis. He also didn't seem to express any sadness or sympathy when he told Deke what happened to his father either, I don't blame Brett for getting mad at Hendershot. Wholeheartedly agreed, I didn't like European Vacation very much and have no desire to watch Vegas Vacation. View all replies >