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What was your favorite song off of the soundtrack? Who was your favorite turtle in TMNT? "No because you don't know which button to push"? Were Laurie and Curt twins? Who was the grumpier one of the two? Am I the only one who thought Kevin isn't a very nice person? In "What About Bob?" was Richard Dreyfuss's character supposed to be a sympathetic one? Do you feel this should be a family movie? Did anyone wish Hendershot didn't get killed? doesn't the song "Stoogemaniac" sound like a ripoff off of Michael Stanley Band's "He Can't Love You"? View all posts >


You're in big trouble though, pal. I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast! I also wish this one criminal in his 30's didn't get arrested for having a crack stem, plus the officer had to call his parents to come get him, unfortunately his parents don't want anything to do with their son because he won't get himself clean and is tired of his antics, plus even his own children don't want to see him, that made me feel sorry for him. No, I prefer the first two seasons. Another episode where I thought featured a dumb criminal was the one from Miami (Season 9) where a woman goes back to her vehicle and grabs her drugs after being released from the scene, I thought she was a total idiot for retrieving the drugs after being let go. I didn't but my 20 year reunion is next weekend and I'm gonna be going to that one. I would've thought she was around 27-28 years old myself, she was the better version of April O'Neil IMHO I agree he was quite intense in this film, growing up as a kid I preferred TMNT II over this because Shredder wasn't so scary in that film, now as an adult I prefer this film and this version of Shredder, I thought TMNT II made Shredder feel more of a buffoon compared to this film. So did I, I couldn't believe that it was an actual song, I thought it was hilarious watching Harry & Lloyd sing that song to Mental. I always thought Lloyd was the dumber of the two Yes I do, I now can't believe it came out 20 years ago and the summer after I graduated from high school View all replies >