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Do you consider Foreigner's "Say You Will" to be a power ballad? What if Brenda became nicer and more loving towards Doughboy after Ricky's death? Do you prefer the Eagles with or without Don Felder? Does anybody wish Don Felder would rejoin the Eagles? why do they censor people's date of births on the later episodes? What are Saxon's best albums in your opinion? Did anyone feel bad for Peg that no one showed up to her Christmas party? Top 3 favorite Saxon songs? Top 3 favorite Winger songs? Officer saying "Yahtzee" while finding heroin in a vehicle while searching the suspect's vehicle at a traffic stop. View all posts >


I seldom ever hear "Say You Will" on our local radio anymore which is a shame because it's one of their best songs. I disagree, I thought the villains weren't as likable as the villains in the other Sandler movies, overall I thought this was Sandler's weakest film he did in the 1990's/early 2000's. Yes I would, we all need Jesus in our lives and only Jesus can set us free I thought it was just as great as the original and find it to be a very underrated sequel. either that or they didn't want their faces shown on TV, I first heard of the show COPS back in late 1992 That could possibly be, something I didn't even think about, I also remember on many of the earlier episodes the suspect's, victims' and witnesses' face were sometimes blurred, that's something you rarely see on the recent episodes. very sad to hear about her death, I remember her from the movie "Edward Scissorhands" where she plays one of the neighbors, she was definitely one of the better neighbors in the movie. I do admit I did wish Jim would've succeeded in stealing from his father so he can get money for his own van, I wouldn't of felt sorry for Jim's father if Jim had stolen from him. It was the one where she pulled over a Volvo station wagon, there were three occupants in the vehicle but only the driver got arrested while the passengers were released, it was Season 28, Episode 3 I don't remember any other episodes Officer Katharine McCann appeared in. Besides Hal was a bit of an ass, I thought Hal was the worst character of the film View all replies >