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Did anyone feel bad for Buzz when Kevin destroyed his bedroom? Why weren't the parents upset over Uncle Frank calling Kevin a little jerk? Was Riva considered a micro-manager? What was the episode where a man gets killed in a brawl at a tavern? What time of evening do you consider it to be a late night hour? Rate the movie "Rock Of Ages" (2012)? How did this get a PG rating? "I Don't Like Jail" As a little kid I actually thought Large Marge was a man, I was shocked to find out Large Marge was a woman Who was worse between Veck or Kent? View all posts >


For me the 5 best episodes are in no particular order Cape Feare Homer Alone The Itchy And Scratchy Movie Bart The Daredevil Flaming Moe's While I agree Buzz wasn't exactly a likable character but I did cringe at the scene when he unintentionally destroyed his wall shelf and caused a huge mess in his bedroom when I was a kid. Yes I did, more so with Uncle Frank than Jeff, I also don't get why we never saw Buzz's comment earlier in the movie during the flashback scene. From my perspective I didn't think Peter or Leslie were being all that mean towards the kids, I never knew this movie is from a child's perspective at all. I don't believe they did, besides I usually take showers during the evenings during the colder months of the year so I won't have to ride my bike with wet hair, plus I'm also trying not to get sick this coming winter as well. NO! I still haven't seen American Reunion but did like the other three theatrical released films a lot. most expensive thing: a computer which cost me $1200 back in 2004 biggest thing: a long leather coat which cost me $270 back in 2012 Another episode I liked that I feel gets little attention is "Rollerghoster", I loved the scenes with Egon & Janine going out on a date and the banter between Peter and the scuzzy Carnival Manager. Other episodes I didn't care for very much are "Apocalypse! What Now", "Sea Fright", "Deadcon 1" and "Banshee Bake A Cherry Pie". View all replies >