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Episode where a girl in leather pants was shaking her booty while getting spanked? As a football player you'd never got to see Ricky hanging out with his football teammates. What was the episode where everyone was ignoring Peter at a football game? Favorite scene on Home Alone that rarely gets talked about? Why do Christians like Trump so much? What would this world be like today if Trump won the 2020 Election? Does anyone consider Cheap Trick to be an underrated band? The moment with "Big Ton" was IMO hilarious! What did you think of Randy? Did Kate smack Kevin when she told him to get out of her room? View all posts >


The segment with Waltman dealing with a suspect at a convenience store was a classic episode, the way the suspect was running was a classic and I remember they dealt with him a few other times in the recent months and were surprised he wasn't being put away in prison, it originally came out in 1993 and got rereleased in 2002 I believe, that is really cool Waltman seemed to enjoy his grandchildren, I liked Waltman and thought he was a good natured cop I find it very interesting that Joe Waltman was born on the same exact day as Officer Shawn McDonald who appeared on the Pierce County episodes of Season 4-5, sadly McDonald died in 2010. Officer Joe Waltman of Pomona, California (Seasons 5 and 7) recently passed away a couple months ago at 62 years of age, I always liked watching the segments he appeared in, he did seem good humored and knew how to talk to those out in public. I don't remember seeing it happening too often. Thank you, I don't like conflict and prefer to resolve the issue as peacefully as possible, I know some people including myself have their quirks but I always try to focus on the good in everyone, I'm not gonna change for anyone. I always thought Sabotage was a 4/5 rating album for me due to a classic first half of the album, the second half of the album wasn't that great although it has grown onto me more, I give the first half of Sabotage a 5/5 and the second half a 3/5. For Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath none of the songs rank among the Top 10 but it is a great, solid album, I really find "Spiral Architect" and "A National Acrobat" to be highly underrated songs, overall I give "SBS" a 5/5 For Vol 4 I agree the first half of "Wheels of Confusion" is the better half of the two but I grew to appreciate the soloing towards the end of the song, I loved "Under the Sun" and think it's an underrated classic, there were some not so great songs such as "Changes", "FX" and "Cornucopia" but I give the album a 4.5/5 rating due to the classic tracks like "Supernaut", "Snowblind", "Wheels of Confusion" and "Under the Sun" For Master Of Reality I give this album a 5/5, "Children of the Grave" and "Into the Void" are my Top 10 favorite Sabbath classics, I also love "Sweet Leaf", "After Forever" and "Lord of This World", it is my overall favorite Sabbath album. For Paranoid despite the overplay of "Paranoid" and "Iron Man" (the song that got me into Sabbath) I think it is a classic album, my favorite songs are "War Pigs", "Electric Funeral" and "Hand of Doom" (very underrated song IMO), I give Paranoid a 5/5 For Black Sabbath I agree with you that "Warning" does go on way too long and it was never one of my favorite Sabbath tunes, the title track and "NIB" rank among my Top 10 favorite Sabbath songs, the rest of the album is very good, I give it a 4.5/5 rating. While I'm not a huge fan of "Technical Ecstasy" and "Never Say Die" I always loved "You Won't Change Me" and I rank that among their most underrated song during the Ozzy era. I have to agree with you that Mathis does seem to be more calm in the later segment since it was a less intense situation, I didn't think the episode with the stalker boyfriend was all that intense, I liked Demps because he does seem to have a good natured personality and is fun to watch. I wouldn't be surprised if Frentess was almost a rookie in that episode since he did appear to be young, he does remind me of someone who might have been bullied in school or didn't get accepted by certain groups of people and became a cop to crave power, I wonder why Frentess didn't appear in any other segments. Also how did you like Valentino Demps (Jacksonville narcotics officer, Season 13 and 16)? Me I liked him because he seems to be cool and nonchalant, oddly people seem to talk crap about him because they're busting those who are purchasing drugs from them, plus he does seem genuinely interested in wanting to see the drug users get clean. I would have liked to see Frentess appear in at least two more episodes to see what kind of cop he really is, I do wonder how his fellow officers feel about him, Frentess strikes me as someone who wasn't good at anything growing up and is taking his anger and frustration out on the suspects due to him being treated like a lesser person in his younger years, I do hope Frentess has matured after being a Sergeant or has gotten called out by his superiors for his behavior. I remember Officer Mathis being a lot more calm in one of the more recent episodes than he was in the Season 19 episodes. Neither did I, I was curious to know from everyone's perspective on who they thought was a bigger jerk. While Kilmer was an awful character I actually enjoyed watching Jon Voight's performance as Coach Kilmer a lot more than I enjoyed watching James Van Der Beek's performance as Mox (I can't stand James Van Der Beek TBH and find him to be a horrible actor), I thought Jon Voight's performance as Coach Kilmer was the best part of the movie, it would've been a forgettable, run of the mill movie if it wasn't for Jon Voight's performance as Coach Kilmer, I thought the guy who played Billy Bob (Forgot his name) did a good job with his role. View all replies >