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"Tommy Boy" (1995) or "Black Sheep" (1996)? Is it just me or did Thorne not care when Mick punched him at the dance party? Spoiler question about the final basketball game? How come nobody got angered over Jim beating up Edward right after the parents take Kevin inside? worst cover versions of all time? Opinions of the mother on the "The Tale Of The Crimson Clown" episode? Was it necessary for Sam to fire Don all because he wasn't taking it seriously about 3 people winning in 20 minutes? Most Top 5 hated predators on "To Catch A Predator"/"Hansen Vs Predator"? What if Kevin didn't retaliate against Buzz during the choir scene and kept his cool? View all posts >


Honorable mention goes to Patti. Yes We Have No Bonanza (1939) Yes, I thought she was good in that movie despite it being uneven. I thought she was good in "Black Sheep" although her character was a bitch in that movie. I guess not, I do wonder how he would feel about Mick constantly pushing Scott on purpose at the game? I'm glad the refs didn't let Mick get away with purposely fouling Scott. I thought it was hilarious seeing the principal pissing his pants after getting growled at, it would've been funnier having the students witness that happening! Is that right? I know he was at many of the basketball games prior to his accident. Maybe Thorne would've redeemed himself and realize the error of his ways. I thought Pamela was such a rude bitch to Mick for telling him to drop dead after he tells her that he wanted to get out of the basketball court, I thought that was an improper way of breaking up with somebody. What wasn't in the script? View all replies >