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goldfish hilarious, i think they censored elvira's boobs cut out for crossed the desert's bare santa claus family guy a flintstones christmas carol bud as family man please help me find an episode? the dvd to this is packed View all posts >


funniest scene is when the nice old grandma suddenly starts firing at bond's bullet safe car, what is her story, who the heck is she and what is she doing there, she isn't seen before or after that scene. the speeded up bits that i heard was some new technology at the time looks weird, if i didn't know the role of auric goldfinger was dubbed i wouldn't have noticed it, his voice sound a bit different when at the end he says "goodbye mr. bond", by the way, doesn't goldfinger remind a bit of john candy, most if not all those guys goldfinger is having a meeting with sound very angry, and the car one of them ended up in does really look out of place in the junk yard, funny how oddjob drives away in a trashier one, i just saw a bond documentary on cnn where they talk about that car getting destroyed. notice how upcoming scenes are being shown in the opening credits. πŸ•΅οΈβ€ β›± 🎩 ⛳️ πŸŒοΈβ€ πŸ›© πŸ•΄ [i]from east and west, closed in madeleine and ryanne, i got trapped between, ryannes long legs and madeleines giant boobies, my head target of madeleines mystique, heart by ryannes energy, torn apart and left a mess of me.[/i] hehe, i reacted to that line too, it sounded funny coming from bond. bond appears to die in the beginning of many of connery's movies, this, you only live twice, never say never again. as the guy from spectre had to leave the chess in a hurry, i expected him to lose, the following scene where he appears with the wavy camera i felt a bit dizzy. early appearance for the later re occurring gogol actor, this contains some great humour, behave, old case. someone pointed at how in these earliest flicks the bond tune could break out with him just walking around, later movies used only in action sequences. i missed that bond has a scar. the bond girl disappears for a long time from the movie after the beginning. i agree that rosa klebb is unintentionally funny. look at the end credits, she comes surprisingly high up, even before grant (robert shaw). πŸ•΅ πŸšƒ 🚞 πŸš† 🚁 🚀 [i]in cold weather with magic walked, touch of hand soft n warm, didnt notice the chicks around, as you stayed mornin n night, changed outfit from baggy to tight, lower body skirt mould, upper body point, wow didnt know what weather turned at all.[/i] it sort of feels like their first movie though they had been known for years when this was made, "terminator" was like four years before this, the movie feels so much all over the place. weird seeing sylvester stallone's name in the end credits. one of the crooks was in the 1980s remake episode of the twilight zone "a game of pool". arnold getting attacked after the line "you got a light buddy" reminded of the scene in crocodile dundee "that's not a knife. that's a knife" as well as him sleeping on the floor. the shaky camera when visiting devito in jail was a bit distracting. funny how the cassette tape looked so dated and out of place in the luxury car. this movie had a pretty great soundtrack, reminded a bit of the soundtrack to the movie "48 hrs". funny when the guy walks in the bathroom as the twins are hugging. i liked arnold's t shirt. "dickhead. i'll be back". πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά [i]lets rock n roll, under the moon shine your hair of gold, eyes so sharp, warm and hit like campfire sparks, as spirit rise like a balloon, turned bright as you outshine the moon.[/i] the lack of previous casts just adds to why i like this the least, a lot of negative posts on this board, the second movie was darker than the first, but that seem light compared to this, all comedy is gone, taggart is really missing, it's explained he's retired, but i read he was in his thirties or something in the first movie from 1984, and the amusement park becomes tiresome and a weird place to shoot a violent movie, i felt like fast forwarding, it can get suspenseful though, i won't reveal anything, but you can tell right away a certain person will turn out to be a bad guy. the name of the plant rosewood has in his office sounds funny, i've never heard of that before, rosewood doesn't have as big part here as the previous movies neither, besides him a few others from previous movies return, like serge, his voice sounded a bit different here though and the scene felt overlong and pointless. strange i never saw who shot john saxon. 🎑 🎒 🎠 [i]heart was ready to rock n roll, but under the moon found you gone, night turned empty and cold, without your sunlight and warmth, and my heart played a violin song.[/i] notice in the office scene with the blowing fan you can tell by that the editing is off as it doesn't match. did anyone notice that ronny cox is credited before john ashton, both in the opening and end credits, that is so strange since ronny cox only appear briefly at the beginning and end of the movie while john ashton is about on every frame through the entire movie. sure are a lot of topics on this board about axel's jacket, sylvester stallone and a fourth movie. how annoying was the role of harold anyway, it felt so good when the mayor put him in place at the end. the first beverly hills cop movie is much more entertaining and light while this takes a darker more brutal turn, they both have amazing soundtracks though, and a reoccurring theme are people hanging from trucks, also much of this seem to be just goofing and filling shooting time. πŸŒ‡ πŸš” 🚚 🌴 πŸŒ† [i]could eat you alive, put canadian bacon aside, feel like thanksgiving, since your warm home visit, fill my spirit youre my gasoline, like coffee for my sense, after a quick rush dinner came to an end.[/i] a fourth movie would be awesome, i love sequels, loathe remakes. when the villain gets cake all over his face is a really funny shot, notice you never see what happens to the guy running from the police after jumping out of the truck in the beginning of the movie, that was a bit odd, another thing you react to is the scene in the club where foley walks up and starts messing with a guy pointing the rifle right at him. i had just watched the third beverly hills cop movie before this and realise taggart really is missing in that, the guy replacing him is friendly toward foley just like rosewood and taggart almost constantly ticked off leaves something missing, if they make a fourth they really need to bring taggart back then. i also realise all three movies have the pattern of someone close to foley getting killed or injured and him travelling from detroit to seek revenge. πŸš” 🍌 πŸŒ† [i]powers of your eyes, freaks me out, and your wild smile, like a circus clown, with grace n charmin expertise, totally hooked on your party.[/i] what in the world... did i just watch a romantic comedy about a couple of cheaters? i read afterwards that this was controversial in 1939 for that reason, are you suppose to get engaged in these people? and they both comes off as obnoxious snobs, though not so much the woman as the french man. the scene changes looks like that of a tv movie breaking for commercial, at one point it looked like they were standing in a studio when outside, notice how the people passing by doesn't look to match in sizes with the stars. i thought the waiter reminded of wayne newton, i think i recognise the older actress from playing the gypsy in "the wolf man" starring lon chaney jr. where i got this it was strangely enough rated from age 12, i can't see why. πŸŽ₯ πŸ“½ 🎞 [i]looked like at dry painting through night, after a while came alive, leaned your head to the side, as you opened and wet your mouth, with fair charm had me spellbound.[/i] oh man why did they dress up jane fonda like a granny, i can hardly see her underneath that hat and giant glasses, i can't believe this is the same woman that played barbarella. i wonder if the boss was an inspiration to marcy's boss in the episode of "married with children" where they take a flight after meeting a fortune telling lady. i'm surprised this was rated from age 15, this was a pretty light, harmless, mild movie, i got a feeling if they remade this there wouldn't be anything left of their boss man. the painting on the wall looked like charlton heston. i thought all three leading ladies in this did a great job, funny bit when the guy opens the door and sees the boss hanging from the roof, the dream sequences where they get even with the boss was just plain weird, the best was dolly parton's dream where she turns the table and harasses the boss, like when she presses his head to her boobs... yeah... poor guy😒 πŸ˜„ πŸ•˜ [i]since your arabian heat left a week, lack of energy, slower heartbeat, with seductive eye n pouting lips, walked back through my door, brought fire to chilly honky home.[/i] really? try "foreign correspondent"... my favorite hitchcock movies are the ones he made in america during the 1950s, 60s, as "psycho", "the birds", "vertigo", but i like some of his earlier too like "strangers on a train", "the lady vanishes", "lifeboat", "rope". some odd camera shots in this, and the strings can get a bit much, notice how the opening credits are set like the end credits usually look, i guess gregory peck plays a bit of a similar role as in "to kill a mockingbird", by the way, i thought many of the co players looked too much alike which made me confuse them with one and other and made it harder to follow the story. πŸŽ₯ πŸ“½ 🎞 [i]i was frozen like a statue, but like a dog my jaw dropped began to drool, as your set with laser sharp beams, hypnotised and i couldnt leave, as youre pulling the leash, gave me a treat, couldnt help but become a doggy.[/i] sure do, this is fascinating, i don't watch many new shows, almost none, but this is something else, i've seen almost every episode of the first season, took a while before my version (swedish) of the history channel put on season 2, and when they did it seems a bit messed up, like first airs episode 9, then episode 12, and now they've started airing season 1 again. i hope this will run for more seasons. apparently shatner is involved in more ways than just hosting, another unexplained thing he's starred in, seeing a man on the wing of the plane "there is a man out there" - twilight zone. πŸ“Ί [i]since you returned for a bit, realised what ive missed, as your playful charm raise spirit, good old time before once again you had to leave.[/i] View all replies >