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please help me find an episode? the dvd to this is packed pleasant short movie great dialogue this is laura's spot norman bates moon rocket he rode in on a donkey fred willard in the twilight zone radio dramas the whole truth View all posts >


i know, it's so friggin boring, and as if wasn't boring enough it goes in the water again like the well known overlong underwater sequences in "thunderball"... the opening sequence where bond drops blofeld in a smokestack is cool though. apparently i'm not alone disliking this, there are a lot of negative topics on this board, well of course critics like it and thought it was back to basics after silly movies, sometimes i wonder if they really mean it or just talking bull, there are actually only two, well three if you count "never say never again" 1980s bond flicks i like, "octopussy" and "a view to a kill", and those are the last bonds to me, the recent bond actors are just macho boys trying to look tough and all the trademarks of bond is gone, already in the 1980s bond movies began looking more like regular action flicks. this i think shows moore was the best at as a dramatic bond as well as humour, here's the order in which i rate moore's flicks, beginning with favorite, i might change my mind later, but something like this: 1. a view to a kill. 2. the man with the golden gun. 3. live and let die. 4. moonraker. 5. the spy who loved me. 6. octopussy. 7. for your eyes only. i bet you the critics have it the other way around, hehe. "a nose. not a banana, q.", "whoops." 👃 🚁 🚢 ✈️ 🏒 🏍 🛥 [i]of the fancy place were in the attic, fair sunshine youre spreading, storage sharing you n i in history, as you dusted antique off, alive like once before, where we sat, turn your fact to fiction and back again.[/i] well, at least i like it better than "thunderball", that is the only movie i can't sit through, the underwater scenes in that are too dragged out which even the movie makers admitted afterwards, of course what is missing in this is the regular cast except for connery himself, neat though that "mr. bean" has a part and fatima blush is a very colourful role, it would be neat if they added a regular gun barrel barrel opening to this, this feels more dated and dry than "octopussy" though from the same year, this doesn't feel as well remastered when it comes to picture and sound. about the other movies mentioned, i think "diamonds are forever" is very groovy and superior to this, and "you only live twice" very exotic and neat. ⛰ 🏍 ⛵️ 🏖 😾 🦈 🎮 💃🕺⛴ 🐫 🐎 ✈️ [i]you can love yourself, i wont stand in your way, im leavin this miserable place, for soil shed with grace.[/i] hehe, that line just get stuck in your head, doesn't it, and the voices of the bad guys in this just sound like regular american accents in a 1950s movie, not the intimidating ones in later bond movies, strange by the way how much dubbing was going on in the earlier bonds, done very well though, i don't even notice it, even goldfinger was dubbed in the movie by the same name, also someone mentions how in these earlies bonds that famous theme music just start rolling at any regular moment, later only during the most major action sequences of course, i grew up with these and never understood how silly they are, the strange villains, gadgets, plots... but of course this was perfect to spoof (as you mentioned, austin powers), these early bonds doesn't look as ridiculous and insane as many of the later ones, of course it's already beginning as a hint with dr. no's hands here, yet again crumbles something in his grasp 🤜 (oddjob with a golf ball, villain in octopussy with dices), don't get me wrong, i love these movies and that's of course partly what is so neat about them. this is really well remastered, the picture quality is amazing, to think it's a british piece from the early 1960s. when bond admitted he too was scared, i don't recall that ever happening in the upcoming bond movies, keep in mind i only watch the movies made up to 1985. the dialogue between bond and dr. no is great, the way bond taunts him. 🛥 📣 [i]clock is strikin twelve high, haunting hour is here again, you havent been here all day, walkin the floor, turned me into a ghost, darlin blow the dust off, fill this house with love, and my head wont hang low.[/i] as mentioned i've gotten the idea too that it's a classic in sweden, it airs every christmas time on different television stations (well used to anyway) here and my buddy's parents thought it was a riot, it's a movie so funny and great i like to watch it all year around so i got it on dvd, just cousin eddie alone is like a one man show, great cast overall like brian doyle murray as clark's boss, the early part in the movie with clark and the woman behind the cash register is another highlight. according to me this is by far the funniest of the "vacation"movies, how often does that happen with a third in the franchise. speaking of sequels, cousin eddie got his own sequel in the 2003 tv movie "christmas vacation 2: cousin eddie's island adventure". this is the only one of the vacation movies where they don't travel but stays at home inviting the family, i think that sets this up for another sequel where clark and ellen have the grown kids over for christmas. i sure hope they continue making these vacation movies bringing the original cast back. 🎄🐿🎅 📿 🏠 ❄️ 🍗 🍽 🥣 [i]you had to get off bus stop, enjoying the miles, with you at seat side, you treated me nice, gave a new neat window sight, smiled while waving me goodbye, as i roll on down old lonesome line.[/i] hehe, unforgettable line, here's another one from the same scene, - "is there a script?" - "hell no, but there's a poster", that bit reminds me of the cannon movies documentary, mike starr seem to always play ticked off guys in movies but has starred in a lot of stories like these ed wood stories in "the twilight zone radio dramas", i've actually only seen mike starr play angry roles except for the twilight zone radio dramas which made me really appreciate his variation of acting. notice their faces as they react to the review of the play. watching the news i always found it funny how cnn newswoman paula newton talks in the same distinctive tone as criswell from the ed wood world, the real criswell that is, not the one in this, vampira in this comes off as quite the chilly hostess, i'm used to elvira hosting horror movies with a much nicer vibe, the box of pictures of actors and actresses are featured differently depending on edition of poster or dvd, the poster i've got features his understanding girlfriend but has cut sarah jessica parker, watching lugosi's state is agonizing, even though he's frail he (landau) still brings most life to this picture, despite what the movie tells i hear he and karloff got along very well and starred in quite the few movies together. 🎥 📽 🎞 [i]heading away, land without grace, tired of foul play, searchin fortune elsewhere, found home in your embrace, a better place.[/i] i tell you a funny story then, the swedish name for this movie is very similar to the first. this paved the way for how future bond flicks would look while "dr. no" is a bit different (opening credits sequence), but somehow it all seems to fit now. both this and "you only live twice" bond appears to die early on in the movie, pulling off a mask in the opening sequence in this. this is one of my favorite connery movies and with a really nice theme song, i like how much it takes place on the train. early role for gogol here before returning to the franchise years and movies later becoming sort of the regular re occurring cast, and the last role for pedro armendariz who was ill at the time of filming, i remember reading the bond girl in this had no acting experience and this was about the only role in movies, they went quite the other way with the next movie with honor blackman as the bond girl, she had been on television (the avengers) and movies for years, the poster to this movie looks neat. the bond movies sure have a long running time, even the early 1960s ones. while this haven't got as many bond girls as the first movie they kept one of the best, sylvia trench, in a small part having a bit of an innocent catfight with miss moneypenny (the phone scene). 🕵 🚃 🚞 🚆 🚁 🚤 [i]roll over youre not there, your play disappeared, sweet dreams still here with me, cheerful nice, every time awake need to say goodbye.[/i] notice how there is a rare human moment for bond here after the girl gets killed by oddjob, bond just walks up to her body and sits there and don't care about the men coming up surrounding him, also notice goldfinger has a golden gun, so i guess there's been two golden guns in the bond franchise, i love the completely out of place country music at one moment, another unexpected moment is the granny with the machine gun, i'm surprised no one mentions that. galore has the biggest boobies of all the bond girls i think, man is she tough, then goldfinger tells her to turn on the charm for bond and she's like a different woman, what a great bond girl, i've always had a weakness for her, to me this movie hits off when she enters. "he's quite mad you know". i think i read the golf scene in this between bond and goldfinger is where connery picked up his interest for the game of golf. 🕵️‍ ⛱ 🎩 ⛳️ 🏌️‍ 🛩 🕴 [i]the great educator, trying to get me understand better, from morning till night, brainwashed out of my mind.[/i] goodness there is so much to be found on the theme of thanksgiving, for example there is even not only one, but there are several family guy episodes revolving around thanksgiving, and so personally i've narrowed it down to this, the very family guy episode titled "thanksgiving" (featured on a family guy christmas dvd released in 2013 so it's even easy to pick out), the twilight zone radio drama "nightmare as a child" (caution, the thanksgiving part is not featured in the original 1950s television episode), ronald reagan's thanksgiving day radio addresses, and this featured length movie. i'm caught by surprise how soon the most famous scene of the movie appears, or maybe i just got the idea it is, but it's the one spoofed in family guy (though not one of family guy's thanksgiving episodes if i recall right), just about twenty minutes in, family guy has actually spoofed more than one scene in this, i can think of at least three different scenes and episodes, i'm referring to the shower curtain scene, the family guy spoof has mixed up the scenery a bit. ✈️🚆🚍🚘🛏🍉🌽🥔🍠🥐🍞🥖🧀🥚🍳🥞🥓🍗🍖🌭🍔🍕🥙🌮🌯🥘🍝🍜🍲🍛🍣🍱 [i]wish i could trust and join, find a warm place in your home, but im so used now of not going near, roaming my life out here, and i cant enter in, afraid you will hurt me.[/i] just now after checking around the "planes, trains and automobiles" (1987) board did i realise this was also a thanksgiving movie, and both is about a road trip, and both having the same movie maker i hear, how about that, i haven't seen this since i was a kid, people call both the movie and the movie's lead actor underrated, they do make fun of it in an episode of "marrried witch children" though, of course the sit com this actor is most known for, i also just learned he did a voice star guest role in another funny series with a long run on it, "family guy", and just now i realised this kid is rusty in "vegas vacation" (1997), man did he look different. of what i can recall of this is it wasn't just a fun trip alone but included a lot of heavy drama. nice flick, at least that's the memory i have by it, didn't seem to do very well, i have never heard it mentioned except in that married with children episode, and al bundy himself (played by this actor of course) gives it a jab. well, happy thanksgiving. 🚘🍉🌽🥔🍠🥐🍞🥖🧀🥚🍳🥞🥓🍗🍖🌭🍔🍕🥙🌮🌯🥘🍝🍜🍲🍛🍣🍱🚗 [i]waiting at the line, for your train to come by, ride from this silent town, to your magic airport and fly, rocket to space with you at side.[/i] well over here in sweden i've seen it air a lot, even though i watch this every year on thanksgiving i got to say the neal page role strike you so off putting at first it's sort of one of those movies you figure that don't work watching repeatedly, funny how there's no cursing until about fifty minutes in then suddenly goes crazy on it, i wonder how they deal with that as it airs on television on censored channels as i figured this aired on thanksgiving time, i think it's safe to say it's the most popular well known thanksgiving movie, right, i keep forgetting it features bill windom, since again here in a smaller part, he is unrecognisable from "the twilight zone episodes" about two decades prior to this, and i can't find his name anywhere in the credits, how weird is that considering he plays steve martin's boss and appears at the opening scene, and if you sit through the end credits makes one last appearance, i don't think he has a speaking part, one of the gags is he is frequently just about to say something, co incidentally windom talks about credits in the twilight zone dvd commentary, speaking of twilight zone, i think the guy snoring on the plane is the lead in the twilight zone radio drama "ninety years without slumbering". the neon sign after the bus trip is the only movie i've spotted that besides "the blues brothers" movie. i wonder if that bright shot of the moon was painted on for movie effect or if it's the real thing. ✈️🚆🚍🚘🛏🍉🌽🥔🍠🥐🍞🥖🧀🥚🍳🥞🥓🍗🍖🌭🍔🍕🥙🌮🌯🥘🍝🍜🍲🍛🍣🍱 [i]i can hardly wait, for that judgement day, happy days again, and rejoin, the people i knew and home.[/i] View all replies >