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WHAT CLIMATIC SPEECH??? She never says anything!! The 1994 version is WAY better! Turned it off after 45 minutes Phoenix is good, the film not so much This movie was TERRIBLE! Scarlett Johansson ruined it What happened to the Rich Wife & Her Son? (SPOILERS) Strong Performances but Empty Film Why didn't Rose marry Miles? A Predictable but Beautifully Filmed Remake Why did Ruth like Bettina but not other liberated women? View all posts >


Oh shut up. My main predictions didn't have Sandler and I always said Phoenix was going to win. You live in your mother's basement still? How cute... Phoenix will win. I think score is going to Thomas Newman for <I>1917</I>. But Joker def is close after the Globe win. Let me know what you think, and I appreciate you getting back to me. I will watch my passion around here lol and try not to name call because you're right- the moment you do that it just discredits your whole argument. I'm sorry- I wasn't trying to come across rude or a name caller. I have seen UnCut Gems and Sandler (and the script) are exceptional. That doesn't mean he'll get in. If you notice my rankings, I have him in eighth place and Phoenix still first for likelihood of a nomination. I still think there is an alternative that could beat him. That's all I meant. Not so. Many people just click 10s and won't have seen the film. I've seen the patterns change. See the movie and then come back to me. I'm entitled to mine. New movies always score over an 8.0 their first year in release. Give it another year. Also Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry won Razzie awards THE SAME year they won Oscars. It means nothing. Until you've seen Uncut Gems, I can't take your rants and name calling seriously. You're bias because it's Adam Sandler. Watch the film and his performance. It's amazing. Phoenix aside, he has competition with Taron Egerton in Rocketman. Driver won't be a factor. Phoenix needs to work on his speeches. I blog for awards sites, and voters were turned off by his crass remarks and backstage tantrum. This shouldn't matter in regards to a performance, but it matters with the social media age. Keep laughing. Adam Sandler won the National Board of Review for Best Actor, the first major critics group of the season that also awarded Renee Zellweger this year in Judy (who's winning best actress). You haven't seen Uncut Gems. It's clear. Come back when you've seen the film moron. Hey thank you so much for verifying that! There was so much activity going on during the finale, that I was under the impression the son had accidentally been stabbed too, since the daughter was right in front of him. You can still die from a seizure, but I guess that's rare? I still wondered what happened to the wife and her son (though I assume she would have been the one that took the poor wife, son to court). I am going to rewatch Parasite now. The scene where the boy see's the "ghost" (the bunker husband) is the most haunting part of the film to me- I didn't expect it! Thanks again! View all replies >