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<b>MERYL STREEP</b> Where do I begin? She plays the loopy mother-in-law to Kidman, who is in the dark about her son having a troubled past and actually BLAMES Kidman (and Woodley) on their attacks by him. But oh does she deliver those lines better than ever. This is Streep after all. Ever since Prada, she's been handed strong centered "bitch" roles (Doubt, The Iron Lady, August: Osage County, Into the Woods, The Post), with only Julie & Julia and It's Complicated showing some lightness we miss from the 90s. Still, she probably has the single funniest moment in the season. At the dinner table with Kidman and the boys, she asks if she can demonstrate a scream. Let's just say she SCREAMS like she's making "the choice", if you get my drift. Her courtroom confrontation with Kidman is sublime. If you remember her in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979, Oscar Supporting Actress)- she had a similar situation where she was confronted about her ethic, and her role as a mother. This time she does a much more erratic way of reaction, and it's excellent. Best Supporting Actress 2020 Emmy? Oh yes. The only issue? It is a campy role. And not likable. She makes herself unlikable the moment she wants custody of Kidman's children, and has one dumb scene where she literally drives up to Nicole's mansion just to whisper to her through her door and then leave. She's a blunt, random personality that is borderline sociopath. Overall, the second season of Big Little Lies (only 7 episodes, like the first) is fresh entertainment that you most likely won't watch twice. Every character says exactly what is on their mind to the point that their is no room for subtle pauses. Even the therapist (who somehow also ends up being Reese and her husband's handler) comes across judgmental and prudish. Is the season Predicable? Yes. Binge watch worthy? Absolutely. <b>FINAL GRADE: B</b> Angela Bassett was incredible as Tina Turner, delivering one of the finest female performances EVER. She won the Golden Globe (Musical/Comedy) for 1993. She was nominated for an Oscar, and had it not been for Holly Hunter in The Piano, would have easily trumped her competition. She lip syncs wonderfully. She moves effortlessly on the stage. She radiates raw emotion with inner strength. You don't have to look the the icon you're portraying to give a believable performance as that said idol. Laurence Fishburne looked nothing like Ike either, but gave a hell of a starring turn. I've seen biopics where they pick someone ONLY Because they looked a little like the star, but the performance is wooden. I rest my case. Stop taunting me! I can always fight back with words- big ones. I'm 5'4 actually, and proud of it. Oh so sad. (rolls eyes) Little?? 5'5 is not little. I don't know if you saw my profile picture, but if you did- no, 5'5 is perfectly normal for a man in height. I'm mighty with words all day! If the only thing you can take away from my long, detailed review is the student crush - you clearly are the one that has issues. It's called an OPINION. Let's see your review. You failed to write one, and instead criticized my very intense analysis. I know film history, and especially Oscar history. I dare you to take me on in the Oscar field. Try me. You're probably one of those Gaga fanboys that hopes she wins for wearing no Makeup. Sorry, Glenn is winning dear. Oh- and Dreyfuss was NOT deserving of that nomination in 1995. His slot should have gone to John Travolta in Get Shorty, a Golden Globe winning performance no less. But apparently- comedy is not honored as being "as important" as drama. Unless you're in the rarity (like the superb Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny, 1992). Good day to you. Your Title sounds like a TV set (eg SONY 65 HDR 4K) Well the women HAD to be jealous on the show because in real life the men were all sleeping around. It was expected. Lucy was always jealous of Ricky, and the TV Ricky Ricardo was a faithful husband. But not in real life. Desi slept with so many women (and a man) that Lucy became immune to it. But I don't think I know any CEO TV/Film/Music head honcho who isn't going to get action on the side. It's a stressful business. Ricky Ricardo was a suave band singer, and Latin. In real life, Ricky Ricardo would have many girlfriends on the side - and then his bratty wife to go home to. I agree with you. What Hart said about beating his child was disgusting. I have been watching and blogging about the Oscars for years. Hart does not have any place to be hosting an event he knows NOTHING about. He's a homophobic jerk, not funny, and uses the "loud stereotypical" black man for his routine; similar to Tiffany Haddish. No more Eddie Murphy's or Monique's. Everything now is a simple stereotype. Back to the Oscars, please bring back hosts like Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg- you know- ACTORS who (like Goldberg) have WON Oscars? Many academy members are gay or support gay rights. As they should. Film in general supports all walks of life. I wonder what Mr. Hart thinks About Moonlight winning best Picture in 2016. Ya know- the GAY film featuring BLACK MEN together. That sorta just happened. You cannot host the Oscars and diss gay people. That's like hosting a Super Bowl Party but you know nothing about the game. Hart should do Roseanne and just leave the country. View all replies >