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Halle Berry DID NOT PLAY A Prostitute!! BORING!!! Here's Why... Ingrid Bergman was the Culprit the ENTIRE TIME!!! Peter Dinklage is a Jerk in this Film Taylor's nastiest role EVER! Could Have Been SO MUCH more Original! One of Paul Newman's WORST/Taylor is gorgeous A Vanity Project for Sinatra; MacLaine saving light She's terrible in 500 Days of Summer One of the most confusing films- Helen Hunt was terrible! View all posts >


Halle Berry DID NOT PLAY A WHORE in Monster's Ball!! She has sex with Billy Bob Thornton. Just because a black woman sleeps with a white man doesn't make her a prostitute. That is so insulting. And her performance goes far beyond racial barriers and the infamous tryst they had. She has lost her husband and child, and is suffering. Thornton loses his son to a suicide and has to deal with his racist father. You are portraying the same stereotypes you're complaining about. Did you actually WATCH Monster's Ball? Or did you just YouTube the scene where they make love on her couch?? Scarlett was super rude to Rhett when he returned from London. He was happy to hear she was pregnant, but she was upset and said "Its because Im going to have a baby!" Then pushes him away. He then has to act mannish and says "Who's the happy father?" "You know its yours! No woman should have a baby with a cad like you! I wish for anyones child but yours!" So she has a horrible tantrum and insults him for getting her pregnant. So he simply says "Cheer up, maybe you'll have an accident." Then she screams and falls down the stairs. Yet this is HIS Fault? How can he read her mind that she's really happy to be pregnant but then insults him? Scarlett was always passive aggressive with Rhett. Even after that night he gave it to her good in the sack, she's all smiles when he walks in and then dismisses him when he apologizes. It was nominated. It lost to The Wizard of Oz. Yes it did win best picture. Just like La La Land. Her 22 Grammy awards and billion dollar husband say hi. Excuse me? I am a real Oscar blogger. In fact, I won a huge Oscar contest in 2019 when I got Green Book right for best picture and no one else did. Also shouldn't you be social distancing, and washing your hands? Don't waste time talking about my work efforts. Worry about your own work- if you have any left. With this virus, 90% of American jobs will be gone by the end of 2020. Luckily I still have a job, because movies aren't going anywhere. Oh come on! Plenty of people under 30 have seen The Wizard of Oz, which came out way back in 1939- before Baby Boomers had a name. And with all the streaming services now, there's no excuse for ANYONE not to have watched the 1994 TriStar picture, which made $56 million domestically when it released; that's $100 MIL in today's dollars. Greta Gerwig is a lazy filmmaker. It's really a shame she has to be the face of women directors, when there are SO many more worthy candidates- including Oscar WINNER Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty). Sadly, Bigelow seemed only keen on directing war films, and divorcing James Cameron. Before her, we had Jane Campion, who won a screenplay Oscar for The Piano (1993) and was the first woman to be a directing nominee since some chick in the 70s. Barbra Streisand sadly, was not that chick. Despite strong efforts with Yentl and The Prince of Tides, the academy failed to recognize the Grammy winning legend in any field other then her acting (Funny Girl, 1968) and music ("Evergreen", A Star is Born - 1976) Oh shut up. My main predictions didn't have Sandler and I always said Phoenix was going to win. You live in your mother's basement still? How cute... Phoenix will win. I think score is going to Thomas Newman for <I>1917</I>. But Joker def is close after the Globe win. Let me know what you think, and I appreciate you getting back to me. I will watch my passion around here lol and try not to name call because you're right- the moment you do that it just discredits your whole argument. View all replies >