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So the Raimi Spider-Man is canonically *major spoiier*? Best part of the movie is that we finally hear the song Laurie sings to herself in part one Halloween II is the superior sequel and deserves to be part of the canon Beautifully shot, but one thing I can't completely overlook... No movie with the word "Hate" or some variant is going to make bank at the box office Takes place in 1996 So is the astronaut in the opening J.J. Jameson's son? "Don't think it! Don't say it!" Sequel to Bye Bye Braverman? Was not a good idea to have a lead character point out limitations of Star Wars IN Star Wars View all posts >


the short answer is: the didn't know how to write the character well. The teacher in Election (1999). Reality hit him hard. Well, I'm gay, but I do like it. I'm not typically into romcoms or movies like this, tbh, I prefer horror and sci/fi, so this is a departure for me. It's a fun movie, that follows a typical sports-movie formula, but is better done than most. Speaking as a liberal, and a gay, I liked it well enough. But the pacing might be too slow for some people. There's only one scene that's a little weak (though other people seem to enjoy it), and that's the scene where Elio's father explains way too much what Elio should be feeling (and by extension, what we the audience should be feeling about what we have just seen). It's a fine movie. My guess is, if you ever had a fleeting affair with someone and wondered "what if" the movie will probably resonate, gay or straight. Kinda of, yeah. But what I got out of it, was that Edward was a narcissist and he wanted the kind of status he saw and envied in Bruce Wayne. "I am happy that ANY iteration was made, as I love all the movies, except for H:Resurrection ( a freakin cesspool of a thing)" Hated it too until recently. There's no accounting for taste, but I found it fun on rewatch BECAUSE it's bad. This sequel is solid, yet nowhere near as entertaining as Resurrection. The movie's audaciously disrespectful attitude toward Michael Myers no longer strikes me as sacrilege, because most of the other sequels are bad too - our beloved killer has long since lost any shred of dignity. It's Abbot And Costello meet Michael Myers. I might do the same thing with a marathon. Halloween I, II, and to a lesser extent, Halloween (2018), are consistent in terms of tone. The fact that Laurie is Michael's sister wouldn't be common knowledge anyway, as the information was originally sealed by the courts, and few would be privy to it. That's incorrect. The young gay boy and his dad, and the sheriff, and kid that's being babysat...not negatively portrayed. Even the boyfriend who gets pinned to the wall is only mildly annoying at best. And look - the douchebag boyfriend isn't even killed. It's not just that he was unattractive, it's that she had to put up a fight to make him stop. Sorry, That character is simply not meant to be sympathetic. "Halloween 3" That movie is an absolute blast! I'm glad its gained a following in the intervening years. It's the most John Carpenter-feeling horror movie that wasn't actually directed by John Carpenter. View all replies >