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Tears for Fears actually look manly next to Kyle The charges were dropped so that he wouldn't be a criminal at the time of the shooting. ;) Nah, it's that I live in America unlike most of the Ruskie political bots that try to stir up trouble. If he were attacking anti-Christian values, he would attack a Christian church. Read the OT, Satan was never the bad guy. YHWH was the jerk who lied, tormented, and killed people. Satan only ever tells the truth. His economy is ballin' though. ;) So, just like the "protesters?" LOL. He wasn't defending anything; he went to kill people. No one needed him there. He had no legit purpose there. He didn't live there. The prosecutor dropped charges that would have made (him) having a firearm illegal, at the time of the shooting. He's a murderer that escaped justice. His campaign speeches were rambling and incoherent the first time and no one cared. The media makes money hand over fist every time the clown opens his mouth. I mean look at that video you posted, 16k views because ... Trump. Dittoheads don't care. They've been sniffing Rush Limbaugh's fumes for so many decades they are hardened against reason. MAGA are Tea Partiers 2.0, riled up masses of intellect deficit rage machines. The media wants him back for money. The Democrats don't believe he can win again. The dittoheads will line up at the polls and put this geezer and his half-witted son-in-law back into the White House. Not everything can be dumbed down to a few links. I gave you credible links to back up the facts and directions on how to learn more but you seem more interested in arguing about nothing. People who care about the truth, find it. You don't care about the truth and just want to waste my time. It won't happen again. Strike 3. I didn't call you a bot, the opposite in fact. Read much? You could have made an interesting reply but doubled down on the personal attack. Strike 2. LOL, that's rich coming from a person who posted whatever links were top of a google search. I gave you links and the information needed to educate yourself. You might have to put in effort at this point. Not every answer is a 30 second google search. This is a subject I've been studying for about 18 months and I have close relationships with people in law enforcement. If you don't want the info I gave you, I'm not losing sleep over it. Most people on forums believe whatever their preferred news channel + chosen political tribe tell them to believe and it's impossible to change their minds. I educate myself and speak what I know, not what red or blue tribe program me to say. I don't waste time on bot accounts. A person has to prove they can hold a conversation and then I will put in effort. You did so I posted the evidence you wanted. The other guy was never going to read those links. He ran away because his identity is tied up in his political beliefs, assuming he's a human and not a bot. Besides dog shootings and the scam war on drugs, you have destruction of property, violation of civil rights, wrongful shootings, wrongful deaths, theft, and the list go on. Youtube has many civil rights attorneys and you can get a sense of it there Unfortunately, many settlements are never disclosed so a full accounting is impossible. But the police are a huge drain on taxes, outside their normal cost of operations. You agreed with 3/4 of my "conclusions" (facts), the last one is a matter of whether you believe the people who make money from every shooting they report, and organizations who are aligned with gun grabbers, or the FBI tally that is far more restrictive about what is or isn't a mass shooting. So you want me to prove something to you that you already conceded and agreed with? Info on labor deaths. You already agreed but asked for proof so I didn't put too much effort into convincing you. Police shootings are voluntary reporting and all organizations that record the numbers openly admit the numbers are way underreported. The ONLY reasonably accurate statistic is kept by the Washington Post. By their count the police average over 1100 FATAL shootings a year. But their reports are culled from news reports so are no doubt still underreported. I have to wonder if it includes people who die later from complications. It also doesn't include people who are run over, tased to death, pepper sprayed to death, choked to death, or killed in other ways directly or indirectly by police. This number is much higher than the FBI's count of fatalities in mass shootings. The reality is you are more likely to die from a police encounter than than in a mass shooting. About the police being a drain on our tax dollars, you also agreed with me and there is considerable evidence but not collated and published and takes a lot of time to measure. Civil rights attorneys are great resources for this information as they are almost always directly involved. Chicago pays out tens of millions per year in wrongful dog shootings alone. One of the greatest drains is the militarization of police using the War on Drugs as an excuse. I define mass shooting the same as the FBI. The media includes anything willy nilly. Look at numbers from various organizations and media and you'll find wildly different numbers. Media has gradually redefined mass shooting to include almost any gun discharge in the presence of 1 or 2 other people but I doubt that's how most Americans would define it if asked. All those incidents don't make the news, but they are in the statistics. You even make the assumption it always includes a death, but that isn't how the media defines shooting. This leads to Americans (and citizens of other countries) being intentionally misled as to the number of mass shootings. Americans have an unfounded belief that the news a timely reporting of current events and that there is inherent truthfulness to their broadcasts and published material but mass media is under no obligation to report news or be truthful. In fact, they lie to the public every day by omission, by using video that doesn't go with what they are reporting, by reporting events that didn't happen, by reporting events in such a way that viewers will infer the event is current and when it happened long ago, by misrepresenting events, by using clever camera angles, through creative editing, by using inflammatory language that isn't truthful, etc. Same kind of idiots, different team color. But you listened to a fascist politician who orchestrated a halfhearted coup attempt and the fake news about stolen elections. You probably even believe that fat pussy Rittenhouse is a hero. Political prisoner .. how daft does one need to be to allow themselves to be brainwashed into stupidity. You probably also believe that trans shit and say things like cis men. Who? Nap of the Earth is an experience. Good beat but not really my style. I can see why others would like it.