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Music is mathematics and math is the language of the universe. It's more elegant than you think but no mythology required. That was the best episode. I also liked the episode with Fuckface singing. You can name more Star Trek actors than Oscar winners and so can everyone. Oscars are a participation prize. Star Trek is arguably the most influential television and science fiction of all time. The set was cheap, the actors were mostly nobodies. I feel it was asked and answered already. Because she was the most expensive thing in the film. The set was cheap, the actors were mostly nobodies. I didn't see any promotion until the day it aired. The only reason I knew about it was because of a tv series tracking app. The worst part is that Spiderman was more powerful and a better character all around than Iron man but Iron boy sucks. Amazing how even when you simply post helpful info you get crap from people. Gotta love the Internet mental patients.. Let me guess, they'll have an offshore base where they are working on a vaccine and a plan to destroy all zombies everywhere but it will also kill any survivors not in a protected bunker. The organization will be run by a enigmatic leader but ultimately the vaccine turns out to be temporary and they start turning into zombies forcing them to search for a mysterious half man - half zombie with blue skin. LOL, but accurate. And not just any balloon, but one advertising Augie's Ale. Easy to distinguish friend from foe when the foe is dead and doesn't shoot, so that didn't make sense. Or maybe there was more to it and I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't stop wondering where she found a hair stylist in the woods, in the zombie apocalypse, to give that stylish dyke haircut. It's playing on the trope of small town LEO pinning the crime on strangers. Honestly, people have been convicted on less evidence for that very reason, especially blacks. Bummer. I loved Mad Magazine in my elementary and jr high years. No shit Sherlock. Now that's sarcasm, deserving because you stated the obvious as if it answered any question. I responded to your post because you seemed like one of the few sincere posters here and I thought it might be helpful but either you badly misinterpreted my post or I misjudged you. 6 episodes spun out in 3 nights, gives the impression it won't be good. Why the attitude? Airs tomorrow. So new Spiderman is like masturbating to men jamming toothbrushes into their penis, hard pass on both. I don't care for the new Iron-Spiderman and the previous movie sucked so if it streams I'll watch it but won't spend extra to see it.