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I want to like this but everyone talks slow, moves slow, the plot is dull. Haven't seen Another Life but I heard it's bad. Ep1 is so bad, the white people are nothing but over the top villains, the story is murky, the pacing is glacial, and the Jap men are very 21st century in their relationships with women. Yeah it sucks, this might be my last episode of The Terror. When marketing companies started treating generations like real things they stretched the definitions to include as many people as possible. That's why Gen Y or as they were later called, millennials, covers such a long period of time and diverse micro-cultures. Their whole lives millennials have been told who they are, what they like, where they like to buy it, and how they think, because that makes marketing easier. 90s slacker yo. I'm still in season one, middle part with dog fighting, and enjoying it. The Russian officer is less interesting, the actress has little charisma. I'm hoping they shift the focus back to Kari. I quit season one but eventually came back and finished it. Season two is better. The actors have found their characters and it feels more natural whoyle still being funny. One of the touches I enjoy most about movies of that era, characters tended to be doing their own thing or interacting realistically rather than standing around waiting for their turn to talk. Ep 6, wait till you see the ending! I've watched it twice and it's fun but a little less dazzling the second time around. Too early for comparisons to Sopranos or BB. Red Foxx View all replies >