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The casting doesn't give me much hope but it might be fun. In Weird Science one of the mains calls a guy a faggot. A lot of people cared and believed in what the IRA was doing, to many the British were the aggressors. Hellraiser Revelations Dishonorable mention: Return to Blood Fart Lake Worst big budget film: Star Trek Beyond Note, my searches were restricted to English language films. 80's had 74,631 English movies. 2010's had 648,755 English movies. The 80's has 12 movies in IMDB's top 100. The 2010's has 12 movies (imdb reports 13 but Parasite is Korean). .016% of 80's movies made it into the IMDB top 100. .0018% of 2010 movies made it into the IMDB top 100 The 80's has 7 movies in the IMDB's bottom 100, the 2010's has 19 movies. .009% of 80's movies made it into the IMDB bottom 100. .003% of 2010 movies made it into the IMDB bottom 100 80's movies won 120 Oscars. 2010 movies won 121 Oscars. My personal pick, is that 80's had more better films. Some of the 2010+ films in the top 100 are probably going to drop out, like Spiderverse, Coco, Intouchables, Parasite; so 2010's will be left with around 6-8 films in the top 100 within a decade. Note2. I also looked at 2000-2009 just to compare, it had more films in the top 100 (about 19) but far fewer Oscars (around 89). I was ready to buy into it because even though it's an extreme ending, it's an extreme series. Two people trying to get through the world, helping each other in different ways, although I think of it more transactional than a relationship. A lot of people supported the IRA. A lot of their funding came from the USA. No. I looked at your posting history and see a trend where everyone is a victim. That's not my gig and I don't believe in it. And IMO you are closer to the so called SJW that you complained about than you'd like to admit. I hope you grow out of it and realize that people are people. Pretty people often sell their looks one way or another. Smart people sell their brains. Athletic people sell their bodies in another way. That doesn't make them victims just because they make choices differently than you, or choices that don't fit your "narrative." I'm out. Here we go again with the victim "narrative," to use your word. Looking at your posting history I see a trend, everyone's a victim. View all replies >