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Vapid, ultra woke, kinda fun The vampire behavior makes no sense Polarizing? 1984 = worst season Anyone else find the first half dull? [spoilers] It's a good movie until Sammi Curr [spoilers] S3 starts Nov 1st S2 starts Nov 1st S2 Starts Oct 15th. Trailer looked bad, is it bad? View all posts >


I'm offended by Christina Applegate's bouncy boobies on MWC. I have to go flagellate myself for thinking about them. CW has only ever had one or two good shows, why expect better now. I bailed on Hotel after one episode but some claim it's one of the better seasons so I might go back and try again. Cult was bad, I quit after 4 episodes when it aired but went back this year and finished it. Cult at least had interesting political commentary, showing the hypocrisy and manipulations of left/right politics. It also had Evan Peters, who IMO, deserves a best actor award for his performance. But mostly it was dumb and meandering. It's politically motivated, a way of consolidating groups by making them feel persecuted. If you look at political parties as organizations dedicated to attaining and holding power rather than ideologies their methods and motivations are more understandable. I didn't recognize him at first and I'm usually good with faces. Sadly it never happened. 50 pound movie? Like £? It has the quality of a student film. On one hand it's only 17 minutes, but you aren't missing anything by skipping it. View all replies >