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You might be on to something although I do believe the nightgown actress is wearing a bra with fake nips. Stupid people are everywhere but I'm talking about culture more so than individuals. Perhaps I'm wrong. I've been to Japan twice but that was decades ago. What study are you quoting and how is this realized in the real world, outside a testing environment or university? I don't know that Watson believes that specifically, but it would be a simple minded position. IQ is an arbitrary test measurement, an indicator of certain types of intelligence. Change the test and you change the measurement. Intelligent parents will tend to produce intelligent offspring much like brown eyed parents will tend to produce brown eyed children but they can also have average children. And I can't really take any argument seriously that discounts the effect of environmental factors on behavior and performance. What do you suppose happens if an intelligent child is born to a poor family and suffers from malnutrition, or drinks from a contaminated water supply, or is born into a culture of ignorance and superstition and is brainwashed into believing that questioning religion leads to an eternity of suffering. Average children born into a good family that teach the value of education and reasoning, can and often do make significant contributions. So does malnutrition. Asians aren't any smarter than anyone else but they don't romanticize ignorance. The sum of our modern society reflects centuries of progress and learning, Asians respect that. Some Americans think Jiffy Lube Joe's opinion on Climate Change or Covid19 is just as valid as a man who spent most of his adult life working on infectious diseases. If you are not educated on a subject, and education doesn't mean you watched a youtube video, then accept the advice from credible experts. Why would it be? Men have a one track mind but gays are on the wrong track so you have to cut them slack accordingly. Especially now when butt shots are not uncommon on television. Making plans in advance and sticking to them. Young people (and some old people) today can't plan anything and stick to it. You can't say dinner at 7pm at this restaurant without a flurry of last minute texts asking if everyone is still going, who will be there. Same for work stuff, everyone wants "tentative" plans with nonstop texting between now and then to decide if they should push the time. As for mono speakers, that's nothing new. Mono has always been more common from the earliest days of radio throughout my lifetime. I would say that stereo speakers maybe dominated in the early 80s - early 2000's, maybe, but before and after mono was more common. View all replies >