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HAHAHA, what a terrible movie uh, Cortana looks goofy Captain Jack Sparrow ... Season 6 sucks The black doc that was #metoo'd in S1 is back Kept my interest... Reminds me of Lillyhammer Hollywood Vampires Loved the aesthetics but the story is a snooze, Herman was miscast. Dumb characters doing dumb things View all posts >


Tears for Fears actually look manly next to Kyle The charges were dropped so that he wouldn't be a criminal at the time of the shooting. ;) Nah, it's that I live in America unlike most of the Ruskie political bots that try to stir up trouble. If he were attacking anti-Christian values, he would attack a Christian church. Read the OT, Satan was never the bad guy. YHWH was the jerk who lied, tormented, and killed people. Satan only ever tells the truth. His economy is ballin' though. ;) So, just like the "protesters?" LOL. He wasn't defending anything; he went to kill people. No one needed him there. He had no legit purpose there. He didn't live there. The prosecutor dropped charges that would have made (him) having a firearm illegal, at the time of the shooting. He's a murderer that escaped justice. His campaign speeches were rambling and incoherent the first time and no one cared. The media makes money hand over fist every time the clown opens his mouth. I mean look at that video you posted, 16k views because ... Trump. Dittoheads don't care. They've been sniffing Rush Limbaugh's fumes for so many decades they are hardened against reason. MAGA are Tea Partiers 2.0, riled up masses of intellect deficit rage machines. The media wants him back for money. The Democrats don't believe he can win again. The dittoheads will line up at the polls and put this geezer and his half-witted son-in-law back into the White House. Not everything can be dumbed down to a few links. I gave you credible links to back up the facts and directions on how to learn more but you seem more interested in arguing about nothing. People who care about the truth, find it. You don't care about the truth and just want to waste my time. It won't happen again. Strike 3. I didn't call you a bot, the opposite in fact. Read much? You could have made an interesting reply but doubled down on the personal attack. Strike 2. View all replies >