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Speculation how to get the trilogy made and be profitable for Disney / Fox extended run in China of one month Love how they drained that PG13 rating Awesome bit part in Alita AWESOME in Alita! First manga live action adaption I love seeing it today in the Netherlands IMAX 3D and... 90% on the MOIST meter~! score on rotten tomatoes is now fresh at 60% It's on Netflix Netherlands! View all posts >


It's funny , the movie really has it's hardcore fan base and will definitely get its 400 mil worlwide from the box office. Hopefully with this fanbase set and the streaming and blu ray sales it will still get a greenlit for the sequels! They will have to film them back to back so that part two and three will each result to a 135 mil production budget. If the sequels than at least do as well as this one, the entire trilogy will have made 1200 mil with a 435 mil budget, than it could be a very profitable trilogy! * yes a lot of speculation but I think I have made a good point * Elysium is younger than the source material. So you could state that Elysium ripped of the Manga or OVA of Alita. It hasnt bombed yet. Close to 300 mil now worldwide. There are a lot of different mentions of a breakeven number. But I think it can make 500 mil. Lets see what second weekend China numbers will give us. Its back to 60% haha its like a friggin swing. But yeah there seems to be a large divide between audience response and critics. I just hope it gets to 500 mil so we can get the sequels I really loved it, I had put my reaction in a new topic :) [url][/url] So I saw it for a second time yesterday and enjoyed it even more, now that I could really let go of all my fears after reading the harsh critics reviews and letting their arguments have an effect on my viewing. Maybe there is eventually on Blu Ray. Just like with Lord of the Rings [spoiler] I kinda see what you mean, but for me this was also a bit cool to (just like in the manga and anime) have a kick ass protagonist who just destroys a lot of opponents in hyperkinetic fashion (like in a Rambo film, it is just fun) BUT having said that. The fight where she looses almost all her limbs, was very very tense. I was so hoping for her to get through, even though of course I knew she was going to be fine... [/spoiler] I'm betting on female audience , Asian audience and hopefully Europe. I'm from the Netherlands and here it's doing very well. This movie had some intense moments for sure. Can I ask what your age is? Its still fresh though and everyone agrees it looks fantastic. Alita as a character is awesome and the action is fast and hard hitting. I think the negatives are put off by the open ending. But yeah I dont mind personally. I mean lord of the rings, also based on literature, also had an open ending. Nobody cared back than. Of course the problem is they have to make money to make the sequals and finish the story. I think the box office will be saved by young women and Asian markets. View all replies >