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Well, I had to endure "Ashley Judd" all because I liked this show and she was the only cast member that just didn't fit the cast at all. I know being a fan of hers, you don't agree or see that her acting is like she is on something like a morning Soap opera-like "Days of our lives"; where everyone is just reading their lines from memory and they move like its all mechanical and marked; its all expressed emotions and over the top. Ashley Judd was known for that in the 80's and 90's, and films like "Double Jeopardy"? And unlike other actors who continue to grow and challenge themselves, Ashely Judd, plays almost the same character in every film, no matter how much she tries to humble herself or dress down, change the hair, its always the same person. I liked the film "Eye of the beholder" because it was a short budget and a lot of work went into this little film, but there was several key essentials scenes that tied into this character she played, a very troubled girl who became a killer, but Judd only took this character to maybe less than 40%; she was not consistent and that type of character, is not expressed through action, its more internal and projection of pain and misery build into a person that in some films you know from the first time the actor who plays it is there, but not with Ashley Judd. She got to become an actress due to her family and sisters and she also managed to get into one film like HEAT that I loved, and she was ok, because she played the angry unsatisfied selfish self that she has made a career out of. Her career is in TV and cable now, if she was that great and that amazing you think after 20 years, with all her fame and contacts in Hollywood she would be doing top features today? but that is not ever going to happen with her, because she has not grown and change as an actor, she always played safe and never took on anything that was challenging or opposite of who she is. Her acting in this show confirmed to me she is the same. I think we are back to the same Cat and Mouse chase of the first two seasons; where Chuck is after Axe again?. I think next season 5 maybe the final season? I don't think Taylor can fool Axe or Chuck to Chuck think he is helping him and Axe also is too suspicious of Taylor if she is too soft and easy to go along with everything. I agree, I just started to watch season 2 and I had a hard time watching episode 1 and 2 and when I got the 3rd one I just stopped watching it almost 10 minutes into it, it's just feels like a waste of time. I also can't stand this actress "Emily Browning" who plays laura Moon, she can't act to save her life. She has a weird look and her expressions are always repeated like a robot, she has a big head and with that mop she calls hair and I thought it was only because of her being dead on this show to make her look like that, then I saw her in "The Affair" and she looked the same and as annoying as she is in this show. This is why shows like this go down the drain, its not just story but the casting bad actors. I just added to my ignore list, goodbye RETARD Troll thanks for that, but it takes one to know one, you just can't let it end? You have keep saying more crap because what I said hit a cord in you, due to your insecurity issues, which you want attack to call me "arrogant"?! because I may read more than the average joe ? Because if you had read enough then you could see all that what I said here yourself. Again, even what you said about something like reading Macbeth then you realize that Shakespeare was and still is to this day, regarded as among the best writers who wrote the blue print for character development, go and listen to RR Martin's interviews or other writers who learned from Shakespeare. But you fail to understand that if you had read Shakespeare's work then you can even see characters like Danny's motives much earlier then the average viewer, or in your case whose just thinks Martin just wrote these books as "culture tv show? ; fantasy books"??? There is lot more to GOT than being fantasy show.. If you even knew how DUMB you sound just saying that, then you would not keep replying to me. I studied Philosophy and English literature for years, so yes I may sound arrogant to you but at least I don't talk out of my rear end like you who can't recognize the style of Martin's work renders a great deal to Shakespeare and Tolkien ; the very foundation, the very landscape of it is Shakespeare, so was David Chase with Sopranos", even though I never liked that show; but I recognized where he got ideas from, because those are like great mythologies that has a global effect; if you ever read Joseph Campell then you know how far these mythologies tie into the GOT. That's what all of these stories tie into, Mythologies that's what made STAR WARS had such a huge success all over, the journey of a Hero, it was another odyssey. I am going to add you to the ignore list, so rant as much as you want. You really need to GROW UP. ok good for you, BYE Ok I get your point, but I am telling you something you just don't want to accept it or want to just argue to prove your point?. I had a feeling from the beginning that Danny had a arrogant attitude with a claim entitlement; also her reaction to her brother's death, the way she killed one of the slaves when she could have spare him. Also in the entire show there was not one mention of her from the people of the 7 kingdoms to even want her to come to their rescue to be their leader. To me there was a lot of signs that were just dismissed by majority of the audience, because they wanted her to be Queen, I did NOT like this character at all from the start of the show, because anyone who thinks they have right due to some blood claim is just sounds arrogant and selfish to me. You keep saying the books have nothing to do with TV medium?.. I am sorry that's where you again miss the point, regardless of these two producers edited and shortened the show, they did however manage to portray some of the characters and the essence of these books to the screen, to me the signs were there and if you go back and watch some of the early seasons then you may become more aware of them. I honestly don't need to prove anything to you or anyone here, the problem with most of you who argue is that you DO NOT READ books and novels; that's the inherent problem, where do you think the TV shows get most of their stories from? especially when its a series of BOOKS for GOT. Which part of my reply did I say I knew that from "season one"? It's just seems ever since I posted this thread I keep getting asked weird questions that I do my best to answer. So I will explain the best as I can but whatever you choose to believe is then your choice. I knew maybe around season 5 or 6 that yes Daenerys or even Jon Snow will NOT be leaders of the 7 kingdoms. It's just how I felt about the show's story, its also because I READ BOOKS and NOVELS, maybe that also help you. I don't care what the show runners knew or didn't knew, it was just a intuitive feeling I had from watching this show's story unfolding. Nothing was black and white and it never was about good versus evil; it was about a lot more close to how unpredictable life really is and if you really look at season one and how Ned Stark died; that was the clue and how the this story was going to unfold, I already felt once Ned Stark died that everyone else we liked or disliked will die off on this show. So sorry, it maybe a random guess to YOU but it was want not to me, I actually thought that Tyrian will become king, but that my only random guess that was came close because he became the hand of the hand of the King. I doubt even if you read one of the books you would get what this story was about and I already got it the first season when Ned Stark died, that was the clue to the entire direction of the show, and yes I get two mediums but its you who can't even get one of them...Lol Ok Troll take a hike and Troll on another and take your retard brain with you. I hate morons like you who want the things and life to be they way you wanted to be, but that is just a sign of immaturity and even this entire show was about the life is UNFAIR, get it you retard??? long explanation maybe for someone who never bothered to even read the books, long explanation for someone who never really comprehended the core themes of the show. I hope that was not long for your brain to read?.. View all replies >