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You know this movie was good... I have a few questions... Good but not great. Anyone notice the yellow? Cyborg! Sequel? View all posts >


No, he doesn't. The charm of this film is Miles still being relatively new. Batman has too much of the spotlight as is, let some of the others have a chance. I watch the teaser to see if I want to follow up and watch the trailer, after that I'll avoid any more if I want to but usually if I'm excited enough I'll watch every trailer without worry of spoiler because of the context that you won't get without watching movie. Why? It's just a teaser. You hit the nail on the head, most that fan this imaginary flame war are filthy casuals that just want to seem like they been a fan from day one when in reality they likely had never touched a comic book before the first Iron Man film came out. Except my assumption isn't based on their skin color but the words they choose to use. L3 was great! I bet if it was voiced by Seth Mcfarlane and all it did was hurl insults you would have loved it. Joker's origin isn't particularly connected to Batman compared to Spider-Man/Venom, which is why I also have high hopes for that one. How does any of that stop you from going to see it yourself? Was your wife giving birth the ENTIRE time it was in the theaters, keep in mind it was very successful and stayed in the theaters for a while. Gaslight post like this and all the others that troll these boards is who I'm referring to, but nice try. You claim that you were looking forward to seeing it but just now saw it. What was the hold up? View all replies >