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Alien 1.5 game movie. Between Alien and Aliens Was House on Haunted Hill (1959) the reason Alfred Hitchcock decided to make Psycho? Let's Face It. It was Alien 3 that caused problems for the Alien franchise and the making of Alien 5 How did GSK/EARONS shoot and kill two people in broad daylight and get away with it? Why did he shoot them? Movie kinda sucked SIAP. Found this tv movie about Hitch and Tippi Hedrin of The Birds fame. Shouldn't this movie be rated higher than a 6.7? Is it God or nature? Unboxing the Psycho Legacy Collection Deluxe Edition What happened at the end? View all posts >


I'm not a fan of this movie because of not liking Bill Murray, but I'm not a homophobe. It sounds like you are tho. Yep. Miscast. For what reason would Bourne come back in? It holds up for the people who went through some or all of it. It prolly doesn't hold up for the young libs, atheists, and sexual deviants of today. Section 8 would be for a mental disorder and not low IQ. Forrest may have had a low IQ, but he was able to follow instructions and excelled at that. I think if the test doesn't weed them out, the drill sergeant would have found out in basic training. The sexual stuff that Klinger was trying to get out for didn't apply for Forrest. Even if you couldn't talk about it, look at all the movies that it affected. Oh. I thought you meant how the blonde fell in love with the beast. Dalton is funny especially the "Salt corrision" line. However, he didn't want to do more than three Bond films. The third one was delayed and eventually canceled. Thus, I think he ended up being cast in a negative light. It gave Pierce Brosnan an opening and his Bond to take over. I think women liked Brosnan while men liked Dalton more, but Dalton didn't want to continue. ETA: Even if Dalton wanted to continue as Bond, the production had legal problems and he would've been too old to play Bond. Likely, he would've been replaced either way. It's too bad that his third Bond ran into legal problems and eventually canceled. He would've been good in GoldenEye. Nah. I like to look at Ranker or Listverse. One needs to compare the POTUSs -- >>I didn't pass!<< C'mon. I didn't think it was p/f. You could've put some of the things you write here lol. I'd give you an 'A.' Anyway, I got into a discussion about who the top actors and their films are. It seems Leonardo DiCaprio leads the list with Brad Pitt following for the Gen Xers. Tom Cruise and John Travolta, while they had "one or two" good movies are vaginas. Actually, they had more but who's counting. It's the perception. The era has changed. I didn't even know about one movie called Boiler Room they were so keen on. LDP also explains why we see so many -- I found The Birds from Mr. Smith's English class. It is suspenseful, so can see why Hitchcock was sucked in. If you've read it already, then go to the last page where he asks questions as homework lol. Have to watch The Birds again as well as Rebecca (and read the novel afterward). She's a pretty good writer. View all replies >