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That it was a nice movie and had a chance to win Best Picture. I wouldn't say it was a big movie or great movie as it was an art house movie, but the fresh story line and black comedy made it interesting. Every once in a while the small movie wins. I would've said the same if Jo Jo Rabbit got the nod. Ignore troll daddy. Anyway, is Harley Quinn the protagonist now? Presenting a straw man. You just didn't get it. Amazing!!! Nice. Another nice win for Bong. Complex insightful story and yet is a black comedy. C'mon John Williams is pathetic. He's been nominated for 52 Academy Awards and has only won 5. Nice. One for the future and now one for the past ;). Bong deserved it, but yeah think it won't get BP now. She supposedly wore $2.1 M diamond earrings. Looked great in her gown. I wonder how much she paid for it? Still didn't get it. View all replies >