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Did anybody else hate that red door and wanted it painted a different color? How did N'Jobu poison the museum expert? Any good Halloween stories, movies, websites, etc.? Hitchcocktober Was this the best Halloween Havoc ever? Widescreen vs. Pan and Scan? Is Chalmers really necessary in the movie? He's not the bad guy, but why is he the bad guy Part II Real life Psycho. Is Chalmers really necessary in the movie? He's not the bad guy, but why is he the bad guy? With the psychiatrist's explanation and Norman shown to be... View all posts >


>>Maybe The Irishman will best it...<< I'm still debating whether to watch The Joker in theaters as well as The Irishman. Just wanted to mention, I saw The Color of Money and was surprised it was directed by Martin Scorsese. It seems Paul Newman approached him to direct his movie because he liked Raging Bull and thought The Hustler Part 2 would have a similar story line. Have you seen both? The latter is not your Scorsese type movie, but a collaboration. The cinematography does not match Raging Bull, but it's still pretty slick. Jackie Gleason did not want a bit role as Minnesota Fats. A cameo would not do the original The Hustler justice. (BTW I am still a pool player.) However, if he had a dramatic appearance and run-in with Fast Eddie, and made some comment that brought everything back, then it might have been worthwhile. >>But for these kids, Psycho is about 50 years.<< I thought 40 years as they were born in the 2000s. 40 years for me is the silent era, too. I just know Charlie Chaplin, Lilian Gish, and whoever Granny watched from the Beverley Hillbillies reruns. >>50 years for me would have been ...silents, I guess. Well, I knew who Chaplin and Keaton and Valentino were(becuz they ran THEIR movies, but too fast, on TV sometimes too.)<< Now, that you mention it, I remember Buster Keaton and Rudolph Valentino, but would not remember their movies, especially from a cartoon satire scene. Maybe Modern Times and Buster Keaton on a train. We're at a disadvantage as tv would not show a silent movie re-run or would they? Was this from a silent movie -- [url][/url]? >>KTTV-11 in LA had a lot of old MGM movies. Musicals were the backdrop; my mother loved them(Meet Me in St. Louis, The Harvey Girls, etc.) KHJ-9 ran The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, so that's where I became aware of Bogart as a "big star"(without really grasping why.)<< Today's kids may not get that so much anymore if they stream their own movie to devices. Even within a family, we are becoming separated. I insisted on eating meals together, playing family board games, and watching a movie together at home or at a theater. Obviously, this could not be that often. Even then, the phone and internet interrupts these family events. Sheesh. That's when I was born 1963, so makes me feel old lol. >>They did "dub" Mother's voice over Perkins talking in the wig and Psycho III. It didn't really work. Even with the REAL Mother's voice(Virginia Gregg.) Well, one of them.<< That would be the question I'd want to ask Alfred Hitchcock or Anthony Perkins. Would AP's loud "I am Norma Bates" have made the scene more dramatic? I think Norman has turned into Norma and Norman won't return. The other thing is Norma only attacks when she has the surprise advantage. It would be more difficult for her to struggle and win with Sam. >>From jumping? Arbogast? The cellar?<< It was earlier, so probably the shower and maybe Arbogast. She likes horror films, so it may have been her imagining the stabbings and blood and gore. >>You gonna wait that long? With that home theater NOW is the time..especially as you can see how they influenced Psycho...<< It's still not the big screen and sound and there won't be an audience. There is still a difference between home theater and movie theater. I'll have to watch Wait Until Dark. I can see the audience screaming at the final scene of Psycho, but I thought many had seen it already. Maybe a different audience would. How can you not when Vera Miles lets out? You can hear the "I am Norma Bates." Maybe it should have been loud, but it's still good. Just think if Perkins had not lost his voice. That might be remembered as the scariest line in the movie. Anthony Perkins was that good in the role. Both the picture and sound quality were great. I was able to rearrange the family room so the projection is over 100" now as my daughter came over for early Thanksgiving. We watched Psycho 1960 as she has gotten into Bates Motel, but hadn't seen the movie it was based on. She asked, "Who's that woman, Norma Bates?," when it was Marion. I knew she was gonna have fun. We had some spilled popcorn on the floor. The picture is a bit fuzzy now as I only have the DVD, but the sound is good. It's the Masterpiece Collection, so the picture is wider screen than the version I saw in the theater. The less wider screen version seemed better. Next, I'll have to look for North by Northwest and Vertigo in Hitchoctober. ETA: Another scene that got a big reaction was the deputy sheriff scene when he said, "Arbogast." There was a big black guy behind us and he repeated, "Arbogast" in the same manner and the people nearby all laughed. Interesting comment, "if you've lived there for any length of time." It made me think hm.. there wasn't any eating dog scene that I remember. My upper middle class music teacher had a wooden baton and a nice, shiny telescoping baton when we would practice. If we were off that day, then he'd switch to the wooden baton because if he got mad at us for making too many mistakes, he would slam it down on his music stand and a few times it broke. Anyway, my point is he would yell at us, "Suffer!" when we had to play a piece or stanza over and over again. There really wasn't any lesson in him yelling, "Suffer!" except to he being the sadist. It wasn't to inspire us to practice more on our own or anything like that. That's my reply to your post. Suffer! It ain't gonna win. Maybe it'll win some international award. I was surprised at the quality when I found out the budget was only $11 million. Out of all the Cannes winners only 16 won any kind of Oscar. I don't think any won Best Picture if that's what you're getting at. Nightmares and your fears come out at night. I can see this happening if there is some communicable disease that you can't cure. We do not know who opened the red door and how Andrew got inside. It may mean Paul and Sarah won't make it; it's just a matter of time before they get it even though they are safe for now. We do not know who or what got the dog. That said, I suspect it was Travis who opened the door. He could be the one sleepwalking as he is walking around the house in his dreams. As for the dog, I have no idea. It may have been some animal who was already infected. It depends on what you mean by scream. It is a fear reaction. Guys aren't going to scream like a shrieking woman. They may go wtf?, omg, uggh, shit!, and other reactions. Something has triggered their fears. With Psycho, I don't think the scream in the commercial of the shower scene was in the movie although Marion is screaming. If it was a guy, then he may realize it's an old woman stabbing him and that she is taking him down; that could trigger a fear reaction. With Arbogast, he was surprised and his face was slashed open. Then he hit the bottom of the stair well and broke his back and could not move. He screamed because of the shock and the knife entering him immediately. It probably meant he knew this was it before dying. It's been done before in Aliens. That's what it reminded me of. I hate to say it, but everyone would've been dead from the Raptors. They must've been hungry. Just because you blow a sound from a 3D printed larynx doesn't save you. Jurassic Park 2 was more believable. View all replies >