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he's not that bad, that benji guy was a real bummer Say confused one more time. You like fishmouths. That's cool. " I won't bother defending Kidman" "proceeds to defend kidman" so basically someone makes a dumb statment. other person cries stupid. first person yells wooosh because it was a joke all along..... im gonna go kill myself now. this world is stupid. I feel like Brie was just not Gouda. Season 4 sucked so bad its not even mentioned as a bad season. Ha! I hate that I know what you mean by manlet. Now, with your permission, I'd like to sing a little song about race-mixing. This one's called "Don't You Do It". Protocol 7: Save energy, at any cost Just turn off any lights when you come in a building. You know "global warming" and all. This should technically be Protocol Luminaire. But that crazy bitch "Traveler 0027" made numbered protocols. I thought we had enough numbers to remember already. -The Director. View all replies >