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Did you also recognise the Horizon: Zero Dawn plot? Machines destroy the Earth, humans stored while Gaia restores the Earth, Gaia births a girl to help her save the Humanity. We have actually seen a remote command once in the show, where Dany and company are surrounded by Sons of the Harpy. Dany closes her eyes and communes with her dragon, who duly comes to the rescue. This has nothing to do with the books, since there are no books for the last couple of series! How do you watch films and TV? Do you not think ...what just happened?, ...what does that mean?, ...what happens next?, ...what happened to so and so?, ...where's wight Hodor? I think you have too narrow a view of what philosophy is. One of the main tools in philosophy is logic, they are not alternatives. The answer in the film, about 'judging peoples worth' instead of 'humans having an intrinsic value', is probably the worst answer to 'the trolley problem'. it was that philosophy that allowed Mother to 'wipe the slate clean and start again'. I don't see your problem, "a hedonistic utilitarian dictator" is literally a description of the Judeo-Christian god. The rosary the stranger bought with her, and the heavy handed touching of the image of Mary when Mother kills the stranger. Those references to the Virgin Mary indicate to me that that is what Mother modelled herself on. I would agree with that, the final test was the temptation of personal freedom. She passed by deciding to return to the facility to look after her 'brother' (and in the final shot, accepting responsibility for all the embryos?). Yes, Bran takes the throne, the hand print has spread up his arm, ...the final shot of the show is Bran's eyes turning blue! Well he is still The Hand, so it's more of a reflected loyalty, and knowing what's going on in the court is his job description. Even though Dany threatens to kill him almost every time she sees him. lol ...Although he had to hear from Dany about Jaime's capture, which does suggest he is being cut out of military decisions. That scene where Tyrion walks in on Dany and Grey Worm finishing a conversation, I think it was where they decided they would honour Missandei's last wish, "Drakaris". Tyrion's talk about bells and surrendering was falling on deaf ears. I would say Tyrion knew because the girl said, "The soldiers are watching me.". The soldiers reported to Tyrion. Varys was being very clumsy and out of character, getting his hands dirty would be the sort of thing Littlefinger would have done. If Varys had kept his actions to just sending out ravens to everybody, I think Tyrion would have let it go. It was because Varys was actually attempting to poison Dany that Tyrion had to choose a side. View all replies >