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Ho Chi Minh was a brutal mass-murderer Extremely beautiful lady--under appreciated for sure Few note Richard O'Sullivan for this film Avalon did well here --a very important webpage Lost his father when he was like 10 --Harvard says that causes homosexuality some of the time Harvard and Johns Hopkins show homosexuality is caused by parental neglect--remember that when you watch , say, old old Rock Hudson tv shows Enjoyed seeing Tara's vulnerable side View all posts >


Actually, Mint, the Bible does sort of mention dinosaurs. Septuagint versions (of Genesis) speak of reptiles created before Day 6 (the day man was created). It is hitting the US hard! Check it out! Or today! Read the webpage today! Bring warnings--NOW! Google "Syphilis rates spike among gay, bisexual men:CDC". (This report was written after this month started.) 2017 CDC studies show nothing but higher and higher syphilis rates for gays! Very important indeed! North Korea is the worst place on Earth! View all replies >