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Bill Rothstei's brother (John?) said Bill was an intelligent guy except he had no common sense. They must've thought he would be able to get away fo get somewhere unfollowed where the trap would go off and they'd swoop in and get the money. He was supposedly stopped by police and there for about a half hour. They make it seem like it was a short standoff but it wasn't. So if he got away they would've had time to get it. He was never going to survive. So true.. very sad. Idk he really only imagined maybe 4 guys? He was guessing, could it be him - Is he gay too? Landscaper - Simon is attracted to him. He's a very attractive college aged guy. Girls would be saying he's hot too. Bram - gave clear hint with the Oreos Very attractive male. Diner guy - Attractive, seemed possible with what he was saying and how nice he was. Charming. Theater kid - Attractive and also seemed it could be him with some of his stories aligning to Blues. Am I missing anyone? 4 attractive people is hardly "anybody" He had no interest in his friend Nick, or in Martin. In fact, when he was looking for the "Game of Thronnes fanatic" he was noticeably not attracted to any of them. I think that the diner guy he was really not all that into, but he kinda got a vibe and was going with it. He was not that into him. Landscaper was a physical attraction, which is just normal. Not like wow you're physically attracted to someone you must want to f anything you see. Bram and theater kid he seemed to feel the most relatable to and into the most. Probably Bram the most and not just sayig that. I know you're not saying anything bad so don't take it the wrong way. Just responding. I somewhat do know what you mean but its a misinterpretation and just missing important things. The movie did a great job at keeping me guessing. I pretty much went along with all of Simon's thoughts. I had eliminated Bram. It was a great surprise. I didn't favor anyoe particular but loved that it was Bram anyway. If you don't know that the McDonald's brothers were already turning their idea into a reality then you have your head up your rear. I know you were just trying to defed Kroc and look smart, next time try harder. She wasn't. Casper got top billing. That is the way to tell who is the lead role. Easy way to get caught by police. Kids panhandling with no parents around. It's not a Disney movie. We don't know what happens with Pete. I think there's reason to believe that Pete is with them, by the way Mister is so happy and productive. Maybe it is just that his mother is clean and being a good mother. Maybe him and Pete don't see eachother again. But their tale was one of survival. He also protected Pete and taught him important lessons. How was he invasive? Inappropriate? Not really. He was trying to relate to his students. Some of the stuff was just for comedic purposes and it worked. I think a fair amount of time had passed. His friends realized why it was so hard for him, as he was getting bullied by the jocks and stuff. It made sense for why he was afraid and trying to protect himself. I think it was longer than it seems in the movie. He ignored them for quite a while in the first place, then he finally faced the noise. Eventually his friends forgave him as they sympathized, plus the fact that it didn't sabotage their lives in any way so they could get over it. Abby and the 1 friend, blanking on his name, ended up happy together. The other friend (blanking on name) ends up realizing why Simon wasn't really into her and she can finally be at peace with that. View all replies >