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Yea thats me..Stingray. It was a nice moment but I found it to be silly considering there was a HUGE war going on right next to them. Agree with you 10000% Really well said here and I agree. Would make sense going against a misogynist or something. But was pretty cringe/stupid otherwise. If you barely remember him from I,Tonya then you were probably sleeping during the movie. He's one of the main characters and the movies fantastic. Because it sounds like its the first time people ever seen this guy when he's been around. And his acting is nothing like Jack Black's, as I already stated. To me it didn't feel like a "cliffhanger" but just really felt incomplete and somewhat lazy. Also, they haven't announced Season 3 or that it would be a year away. People need to stop with these assumptions, plenty of shows take off 6 months between seasons. 1 year would be way too long of a delay He's been in a bunch of really good recent movies, including I, Tonya and Blackkklansman. He's a good actor with some humor, not a poor man's Jack Black as you infer. Season 2 was good but it felt incomplete. They need to get with Season 3 asap. Bill Rothstei's brother (John?) said Bill was an intelligent guy except he had no common sense. They must've thought he would be able to get away fo get somewhere unfollowed where the trap would go off and they'd swoop in and get the money. He was supposedly stopped by police and there for about a half hour. They make it seem like it was a short standoff but it wasn't. So if he got away they would've had time to get it. He was never going to survive. View all replies >