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Replies There's also a king of France's brother philippe Duke de orleans who was known to cross dress. Yes. Yes, but i also feel it was a jumbled mess of what should have been split in to two movies at least. See this is the shit that get's. You want to identify as a man? Fair enough. I may or may not use your preffered pronouns, based on the fucked up re-inforcing of gender stereotypes and whether he passes as a man. looking at his wiki, it references he was born as ellen page, which is the basic form i would accept: Page publicly came out as a gay woman in February 2014 and subsequently as transgender in December 2020, announcing his new name as Elliot Page. Couldn't he/she just stick to gay? What, does she/he have to have surgery now to remove her boobs and mutilate herself? Is she going to affect male mannerisms now? She probably did before, so why chemically alter her perfectly functioning body? This thread seems 'shit-posty' but realistically, he/she might get a couple of 'let's put him on display' films, but i think this may just kill his career even if he get's a lot for people stan-ing for being trans. Feelings over facts. I feel bad for these people, i feel most of them are jumping on a band wagon. Though look, this person is probably not. I just feel bad that a lot of kids are going to grow up with trans-whatever thrown in there face as acceptable at a young age. Oh whose that girl in Juno? Elliot page. No the girl. Elliot page, he turned himself into a boy after he made a bunch of movies. Wtf? You can do that? Hard candy was good, don't want to watch it again though. Passively reinforcing stereotypes they claim to want no part of! Not really religious, but i worry that all this blurring of lines is leading us down a dark path as a society. That said i've know a couple people and yeah, you'd say if anyone was going to be trans it would be them. Based on both their physicality and personality. >Zelina Vega was playing AJ in the movie, but she still dressed in the gear she wears as Zelina Vega irl Maybe she wants to support her own brand? >Also was the actress playing Paige afraid to show her stomach or something? cause in every match in this movie shes wearing a shirt or something that covers her entire body, Paige irl wore a small top and shorts, and she always showed her stomach. It's a feel good girl power movie. Her character is played up as not being a bimbo showing up her body, she supposed to be the outsider to a bunch of bikini wearing models, it was just how the character was written. >In the movie they make it seem like Paige just trains for a few weeks, has one match and is suddenly told shes being called up to defeat AJ for the title on Raw, theres no way in hell it would work like that irl in WWE. I agree, but it is a feel good movie. Plus aren't all these wrestling things scripted? Like pre-decided? How could she be told she going in against whats her name for the title when it's scripted? But yeah irl she'd have to work her way up, even if it's mostly for the audience. Especially since, if she's going to have a heroes arc and get the tittle, people want the story telling of coming to know the newbie before she becomes the champion, not hey here's this newbie who's suddenly champion, she suddenly the best. View all replies >