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I don't think this character is similar to Stern at all, except for the willingness to tackle subjects that were at that time considered taboo on the radio. Stern traffics in mostly infantile garbage like strippers and his penis size. Lately he has embarked on a feeble attempt to seem respectable. I agree with some of your assessments of T2. For the record, I think T1 is the superior film in almost every way, including the element of emotional impact that you cite. I don't know whether it was Edward Furlong's acting or the way John Connor's character was written, but I just didn't buy his emotional connection to his mother. I thought Michael Biehn was much more convincing, and when he died at the end of T1 I thought the emotional impact was much more effective than Arnie melting himself to John's dismay in T2 (I didn't think it bad or cheesy, just not as convincing). Seeing as how this show has descended into attempting to be "socially relevant" to the here and now, Steve should have said that he identifies as a woman. Their relationship could thence commence. Bad movie fatigue. "if any of those children had taken part in the rape in any way shape or form, some of their DNA would’ve remained at the scene. There was none." You clearly don't know anything about the history of the use of DNA as criminal evidence. It was a science in its infancy, so the cops didn't even contemplate looking for samples anywhere but on the brutally raped Melli. These days they would scrape samples all over the immediate area. There was plenty of evidence that the Central Park 5 were present at the scene and at the very least were accomplices to rape. Nobody but historical revisionists, racebaiters, and modern day propagandists think that just one person was present at the scene of the rape. Even the prosecutor at the time stated that there were others who got away (one of them the psychopath Reyes, as it turned out). It wasn't DNA evidence that convicted the CP5 thugs and it didn't exonerate them as rape accomplices who helped beat Melli to death. Yes, I do think your racial bigotry clouds your mind and makes you ignore the volume of evidence against the CP5. Wot? The first fake hate crime on the list was reported, eventually, even by the Stormfront supporting Washington Post, to be a hoax: [url][/url] Keelai is a lying propagandist. [url][/url] Testimony from the Osundairo brothers that Smullett paid them to stage the attack constitutes evidence. Yes, real evidence having nothing to do with most people's instincts that everything Smullett has to say is bullshit. You keep beating the same dead horse and you appear no more intelligent than when you croaked out the same tune two months ago. For starters, you don't seem to have a clue about what constitutes "evidence." If Smullett were to be brought to trial for faking a hate crime, the Osundairo brothers would qualify as what are called "witnesses." Heard of those before? They would state in court that Smullett paid them to fake the crime. This testimony would be admitted into evidence. Other evidence would be put into a play from both sides, and a jury (or judge) would weigh the EVIDENCE and render a verdict. It's not clear whether you're being purposefully dense about this issue or just plain ignorant of how the judicial system works, but in any case you appear to be a shill for Smullett for unstated reasons. Why don't you tell us all why you're *really* here pushing the bogus Smullett propaganda? Your racebaiting is also a failure. You imply that the herd doesn't vigorously pursue white guys who many think has gotten away with a crime. Ever heard of Donald Trump? If you insist on a celebrity comparison, then try Robert Blake or Phil Spector. I agree that T1 was superior for a number of reasons, chief of which for me was its central focus on Kyle Reese. In T2 we had to suffer through the daddy longings of a pre-teen douchebag constantly swiping his hair away from his eyes. That said, I respect Cameron's decision to do something different, and he did so very well with T2. Personally, T1 grabs me because of Reese's heroism and Michael Biehn's performance that had the perfect blend of vulnerability, tragedy, chivalry, and warrior bravery. I saw T1 when I was 10. Michael Biehn's realization of Reese was the model for the hero I wanted to be. When I saw Aliens a couple years later, I was happy to see Biehn pretty much channel Reese through Corporal Hicks. I always found it interesting how Cameron involved Biehn's heroic characters in romantic subplots, yet in a very understated way, with Reese/Hicks only hinting at romantic interest and waiting for his female counterpart to make the first move. I was rather disappointed when I saw The Abyss that Biehn was cast in the role of the military scoundrel, although when I grew older it made more sense that he'd want to play someone different. View all replies >