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Nah, but if they were then no more than yours are. Really I was just compelled to point out that Black's gesture of canceling the tour and acting like it was his decision was a fake one. What I don't quite understand is the motivation to reboot a show that younger audiences at the time didn't care about and who today never heard of the show in the first place. If they're trying to rekindle the fond memories of senior citizens, they're the least likely to be accepting of major changes to the format, even if they do like Kathy Bates. If you like Kathy Bates you'll love At Play in the Fields of the Lord, in which you get to see Bates twerking her blubber completely in the buff. One of the most amusing things about that film, which a couple of the characters do point out, is how Aidan Quinn was hitched to Kathy Bates while John Lithgow scored Daryl Hannah. Financing? We got AI baby. I'm still trying to decide whether Elliott Rockford's father should be played by Bruce Jenner or Chaz Bono. Stay tuned. When do we get the Rockford Files reboot with Ellen Page as Elliot Rockford? Not playing the same character, but using the same surname to wrangle in the last dozen or so non-discriminating television viewers at the assisted living facility who might remember the original. Relax, sport. No need to have a chemical meltdown. Black agreed with what his bandmate said. If he was as offended as he later pretended to be once he descended into career-saving mode, he would've indicated so on the spot, prior to realizing all the backlash. Martoto, you got to calm down buddy. Take a chill pill, sheesh. He did so implicitly by laughing along with a statement advocating the assassination of Trump. Gotta admire old Jackie boy for having the courage of his convictions. Pretty smart of him to advocate the assassination of politicians he doesn't like only to tuck tail and run for cover afterwards. View all replies >