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<blockquote>Cultured people that truly love cinema don't give a fuck about who the stories are about.</blockquote> You talk as if "Bros" qualifies as highbrow cinema that should play at the same theaters as the brilliant, obscure foreign films of which nobody would otherwise have been aware. When I first saw the trailer for this dog turd I thought it was yet another throwaway one-year Netflix or Amazon series. It had a certain cheap vibe about it, the kind of trash assigned to underpaid amateur writers fresh out of middle school. And yet it was intended to be a revolutionary standalone film. Wow. Billy Eichner acts like a child who is being told "no" for the first time. <blockquote>You know kids can look at MovieChat too right?</blockquote> You know that only an illiterate retard would be incapable of preventing their children from learning their obscure moviechat forum handle, right? And that's even if they manage to get access to your computer or phone. <blockquote>Your child will see far more graphic things on the internet on the daily once he starts browsing the web on his own, this is nothing to worry about.</blockquote> The children in your psychotic, perverted family might, but non-pervs are generally aware of and prone to implement Internet filters that accompany most routers and web security software. The big difference is that T1, featuring a very different and much more likable Sarah Connor, established why she became insufferably single-minded in T2. <blockquote>The fear factor shouldn’t come as a surprise because to be Black in America, to be Black in this world, is to live in a state of terror.</blockquote> Oh the melodrama. I wonder if the likes of Cleotha Henderson feel paralyzing fear while they're raping and squeezing off bullets into the heads of them white wymenz. But let's talk instead about the long gone days of the already well known Emmett Till. Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton are the only two rock guitarists whose playing occasionally seems superhuman. The wild creative energy in "White Room" and "Voodoo Chile," among others, dazzles me every time I hear it. One night I was driving around listening to Derek and the Dominoes when suddenly the song "Keep on Growing" hit me like a thunderbolt. Previously I hadn't paid much attention to it, but on this night I finally noticed Clapton's inspired multi-tracking. He must have dubbed in at least 3 different guitar lines, any of which you could choose to tune into at any moment, which together create an energy of synergistic genius that maybe even eclipses Hendrix. I once thought in such lofty terms about Jimmy Page, but Clapton and Hendrix are the two guitar gods that sit on the throne at the pantheon. <blockquote>Like, why are people complaining so much about it?</blockquote> Why, is black elf/dwarf representation in the Tolkien universe particularly important to you for some reason? "True Romance" probably helped fuel that confusion for Americans who learn their history through the movies. I'll add some more to your interesting list. Some would need to appear in wheelchairs. Chris Barnes Gary Busey Mel Gibson Gene Hackman (92 years old!) Kevin Costner TK Carter Chuck Norris Edward Norton Johnny Depp John Cusack Among these, I think Johnny Depp would be the most interesting. He was about as big as stars get, but thanks to his reclusiveness and the ex-wife drama he would make a mighty interesting screen presence in a QT film. I'd like to see QT direct Michael Biehn as the lead in a heroic role. I wonder if QT has it in him to create an interesting heroic character who isn't drenched in self-irony and endless witticisms. View all replies >