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absolutely horrible its up season 3 is trash for those that thought this was garbage (I'm included) leaked online in full, has a 2.2 on IMDB what y'all think cult status I'm seeing this today 3/21/19 at 955PM eastern US the music choice with 20 min left this was.. View all posts >


Unfriended: Dark Web was much better than this. It's a Master's of Horror episode titled Pelts. Check it out Shame on us they will perceive it to be twice as good. It won't be. It was truly awful. The Wailing shits all over midsommar in my opinion. The wailing is gooooooood Well that blows. I thought it said 12 episodes. FUCK At least we have 2 more episodes.... I thought it was the finale last week Cliff hangers .. FUUUUHH BRUH View all replies >