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What happened to Ryan? (Spoilers) Use of the word "Modern" What references did you see in the movie? Question on the ending: Spoiler Alert My pet peeve with this and other historical movies... Something I just noticed. Dana Andrew's scene at the airplane graveyard Train station in Bolivia Who raided the Chevy Factory? Progress and Judge Hardy's Generation View all posts >


I would have expected him to have a McMansion, half-empty, the few items being from Sky Mall. I like the alternate ending better. It's more thought-provoking, who's to which universe is the alternate one?. The only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't work with the running gag of the Google searches. I'm not sure about the specifics of the instruments they used but shorting a stock basically works like this: You borrow 100 shares of stock at $100 a share ($10,000). You promise to pay back that person the 100 shares of stock in 2 years. Two years from now the stock is only worth $10 a share. You pay back the 100 shares ($1,000). There is interest involved. These are called premiums, that is partly what Mike Burry's investors were freaking out about. Maybe she was from the future! If she came from the future and tried to tell somebody, she would have been placed in an asylum. The left-over turkey, or whatever it was in the fridge at the party. When the palm reader tells him he has no lifeline. I kind of agree with you. But in Becall's defense, I had the chance to see her in person back in 1978 at a book signing. WOW! She had the most intense greenest eyes I ever saw! Stunning! Even worse, imagine an alternate universe where we never switched back to Classic Coke from New Coke!!!!! I only caught that because I watched this movie about 6 times after I bought it. In all fairness, only a tv studio in Tokyo was shown. It could have been daytime. Walter's narration after the murder when he is walking to his apartment: I couldn't hear my own footsteps; it was the walk of a dead man. View all replies >