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Much better looking. I deeply regret watching it the first time. I have no plans to ever repeat that mistake. No more than every other retelling of the story of the Manson Family's crimes. No. I love the "It's (insert year)" argument. It's like knowing what year it is, is a sign of genius that can't be denied. "You know what year it is, aren't you clever." You nailed it. Avengers Endgame is a mediocre action movie with a lot of plot holes and 2 billion dollars plus at the box office. I suspect the whole Captain Marvel saves the day thing was just a ploy to get more women to go to Endgame. The original Avengers were the stars and all the other heroes had prominent but secondary roles. Just the way it should have been. That won't be happening. Sorry(not sorry). When everyone's seen Endgame I'd be happy to discuss it. Until then I'll hold off. Tony saves the day, it's Iron Man's finest moment. I know so because I sat through til the theatre emptied and there is no mid or after credits scene. Bullshit. He doesn't die you liar. Well get in your time machine go back a couple of years and suggest to the Russos how to go it better. You being a time travel expert and all. You mean people who pay to see these films instead of being PAID to watch them. Not handled properly? Time travel is fictional so any way it's handled is fine and the way it was handled in Endgame was excellent. Comic-book movies are not made for film critics. I've already seen Endgame and won't bother reading any reviews. It's the best MCU film of them all. If you liked Iron Man you'll love Endgame. Hopefully they'll do both, a Discovery series that'll be more like Voyager than we've seen so far and a Captain Pike series which will carry on until he's seriously injured and replaced by Kirk.