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The film was released 2 years ago arsehole. If you haven't got around to seeing it yet, you never will. They already did in 2004 and it sucked. [] Best actor will have to do. [] Congratulations Rami Malek!! What's wrong with you. Delete this. 10 billion trillion gazillion. Easily. Almost clever. Except that with the winning numbers you can't fail to win. For those struggling to understand. I know Tony Stark survives being marooned in space like I know time will be reversed bringing everyone(mostly) back to life. But Marvel made such a big deal of Tony's predicament in the trailer, it seems odd they'd just tell us he survived two months before the film's release. You see a hand and a shoulder, that's all. If you want to imagine the hand was Nebula's and the shoulder was Tony Stark's, you're welcome. There was no shot of Tony and Nebula in the first trailer, but clearly they are working together in the Super Bowl teaser. View all replies >