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I refuse to watch this episode again. I watch all the other episodes every year and enjoy them all over again. But Emmett's fall is heartbreaking. I substitute the Apollo 13 movie in its place. Thank you, post corrected. Believe what ever fairy tales you want. Yeah right, he instantly knew where everyone was in the universe five years earlier and made sure they had soft landings. I don't think so. Much better looking. I deeply regret watching it the first time. I have no plans to ever repeat that mistake. No more than every other retelling of the story of the Manson Family's crimes. No. I love the "It's (insert year)" argument. It's like knowing what year it is, is a sign of genius that can't be denied. "You know what year it is, aren't you clever." You nailed it. Avengers Endgame is a mediocre action movie with a lot of plot holes and 2 billion dollars plus at the box office. View all replies >