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Dude, a dick move would be saying, I hope they cast a white guy as his replacement. Team Screaming the world is ending soon seems like a teenager's excuse for getting caught having sex. I grew up in California on the beach and never experienced NY-NJ until I was an adult. I couldn't believe how they would talk to each other and how loud everyone was. Everything was a major issue that required people to fight and bitch. It was sensory overload. Mikey Madison Pretty sure Trebek has all the answers! Suck it Trebek. Sincerely, Turd Ferguson and Sean Connery. I have a particular set of skills, I can make movies with the same plot over and over. In my opinion, this may be a hidden cost of drug abuse. The body's immune response is weaker than those who didn't abuse their bodies. There is an opinion that people who are obese or diabetic are also at a higher risk because of the stress that their bodies are under. Want the Kung Flu, going to the movie is how you get the Kung Flu. In one of his books, he wrote himself into the story to rescue the heroes. I look forward to his family selling off the rights to his stories that he refused to sell to Hollywood after they botched a few of his works. View all replies >