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Then she shouldn’t forget to sue the Coen brothers too, while she’s at it What does that have to do with OP’s question? The series is based on true events, ir doesn’t mean is a biopic on Gadd’s life. It’s certainly intended to make it look that way, that he’ll become the next stalker Actually, a spin-off sounds more likely. I guess Mcgregor’s huge ego will make us sit through another 2 hours of his atrocious acting some time next year ‘How to make films without a real plot’ would be a fitting title,too. I can't see anyone other than Vanilla Ice Fully agree, the writing in he first season was on point, everything started falling into place revelation after revelation. The “priest season” was tasteless shock value with very little merit in the writing department. I think the first season is really worth it but the second one felt a lot more generic and bland, sort of like they hadn’t thought it would be so successful and they churned out a second season as a money grab You’re probably just kidding but believe it or not I thought it surreal that in a 3.5-hour film we don’t get to see Ernest and Mollie’s children being born, making confusing for the viewer to ascertain whether the kids were theirs or the other sisters’. I spent a good half an hour guessing until it was made clear. I also agreed with those users that say the FBI’s work should’ve been fleshed out more. Like I said, pretty unconceivable in such a lengthy film Red Rocket is a much better film, even though I also found it similar in tone and cinematography. This one dissappointed me with so much uncalled-for foul language and bad acting. The humour was much more unsophisticated, too. You’re actually making a very good point. Younger generations are caring less and less about cars; here in Europe the writing’s on the wall: people of age getting driver’s licenses at an all-time low, supercars like Ferraris and Lambos not coming with a gear stick anymore and just an overall feeling that cars are mere transportation and no fun to be driven. View all replies >