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Wow, I was so out of the loop (spoilers).... Why did the mother leave? Your opinions concerning the supernatural elements of this movie (spoilers) Another question about killing the goat.... Preston Packard/Samuel Jackson's character... Question about Enchantress' heart.... David and aliens... Were the bungee spear men that viable? What exactly was the state of the dystopian future? View all posts >


Your OP made it sound like you were arguing he's wrong solely b/c he's white and rich. That doesn't seem to be the issue. Looking past that, yeah, I gotta say it probably would've been too much to be honest and point blank about her father's state of mind. Prof X should've spilled the beans at some point though, but I suppose it's like telling a child that they're adopted, etc... hard to get the timing right. I found it to be on par with The Last Stand. If you found that OK, this won't be that much worse. I too liked this movie. I put it on par with X-Men Last Stand. Standard disclaimer applies... I don't have a PhD in film, and don't hyper-analyze cinematography, etc. ?? I don't see how Prof. X being white had any impact. It could've just as easily been a black man, Asian woman, etc., who made the wrong choice of thinking he could repress bad childhood trauma rather than properly dealing with it. I liked it. To me, a minimum 7/10 or higher. That said, I don't have some "fancy film degree", so I wouldn't know good acting much of the time. I guess it's like food. If a veteran or anybody else who couldn't cook for $$$$ cooked me a meal, my main criteria would be to not get food poisoning. I'm not going to go all Gordon Ramsey on taste, texture, presentation, arrangement of ingredients, flavor palettes, why something blue cheese and bacon is a no-no :D Well, it's gotta end [i]some[/I] time. If people keep getting to inject "why didn't they also...", then you'd get one of those cases where it's a show with 5 to 12 different "endings". Hell, just see the Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings films for examples where we really did have "5 different endings in the same movie". I forgot the details behind Bernadette... I believe it was Howard agreed he'd do much more of the child rearing so that Amy wouldn't have to completely give up her job? IIRC with Penny, she did "come around" after Leonard couldn't go through with being a sperm donor, so AFAIK, the decision wasn't "forced upon" either of them. I was watching [i]How I Met Your Mother[/I] while watching BBT. Only reason that changed was HIMYM ended before BBT did (not to mention also started sooner) I was thinking the same thing too. Leonard's actor was getting $1 million [i]per episode[/I]. IIRC, ditto with Penny The other cast members (who played Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette) were rumored to get much less (though still quite a lot), but "the main guys" stood up for the rest them so they would get some of their pay to go towards theirs. So that puts their pay towards $200K to $1mil per episode. . OTOH, they may still qualify for unemployment, even if they could afford to retire. Would've been nice, but I'd reckon it'd be too hard to work in from a story perspective, and from the perspective of getting all of the actors together. View all replies >