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It felt like a mushroom trip! Instant Messaging between Mars and Earth!!? Which is more idiotic: the cult or the flying critters? David will kill himself as soon as possible ... 40 + 17 = 57 Escape Room = Bree Larson vs Melissa Benoist Starting to lose interest! Jason Statham vs a Megalodon? What jets are they are going to use?! View all posts >


Rejoiceeee, youuu are puuuureeee!!! I guess the actressess like beauty, acting skills, etc because is canon that Supergirl will beat the crap out of Captain Marvel. That's no spoiler alert ... that was the preview of next episode that was shown last night! LOL Right, and last night (11/12/2018) was one of the worst (most boring) ... and what with sooooo many commercials ... I think NBC really doesn't know how to handle this type of tv show: the concept is great - an airplane lost for 5 years and then reapear and that's a typical weird time slip stuff that if you research DO HAPPEN in real life - but NBC fumbles it. I think the show could had been waaaay better in Syfy or FOX where they have more experience with weird and strange tv shows or maybe Netflix like Stranger Things or Amazon ... anywhere EXCEPT NBC! I read #2 as the most plausible way: the soul stone trapping. The problem is that if you watch the film closely at the end, after Thanos flip his fingers and erased half the life in the universe the INFINITY GAUNLET WAS BROKEN WITH THE INFINITY GEMS! therefore no infinity stones anymore meaning no soul stone. Of course I know but if you saw the ending, Thanos erased from existence half of life in the Universe so I'm like everybody else what reasoning or method will the Russos Brothers will use to bring everybody back. My point is that Thanos constructed the Infinity Gaunlet will the the gems fairly easily! I dont remember Fallen well but I think Denzel was a cop going against a demon that was jumping from person to person but I dont think he "lost" or the "demon" won. @orangeflava that is very true, I forgot that! However, could Thanos have taken Hulk WITHOUT the gaunlet? Is a possibility, in fact is true the proposition "words communicates ideas", however in your case, specially in this type of forums, your "words" are used to sound arrogant and to express some "pseudointellectuallity". In conclusion, you like your own use of words, you like to sound "smart", you crave praise and admiration and therefore put forward your point, whatever that point is. My point is very simple: you and only you consider yourself "smart" when in fact you are POSSIBLY and idiot. OMG I love this pseudointellectuals on forums who think they have an IQ of 3953 when in fact is 39.53! LOL View all replies >