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Is this first episode the same part of the story as The Golden Compass? A lot of it seems familiar, but with different actors. His vacuum cleaners were very expensive. Not Jesse, the name's Reek 8 is fair. It is really only accessible to people who know Breaking Bad. I LOL'd when he did his partner like Tuco did to No-doze in Better Call Saul. Maybe Todd had allergic reaction to Bacon Bean soup. I think before he left in the finale, they had that last look at each other, and it was like they were even. They were gonna tell the cops that Jesse left the El Camino and took Pete's T-bird and they didn't know where he went. Then a few days later the T-bird would be found, and the cops would assume Jesse went to Mexico and dumped the car before he crossed the border. That's why he told Badger not to let anyone see him in the car. That other guy was all talk, probably not experienced in handling weapons and definitely not used to shooting at people. Remember he freaked out in Todd's apartment when the welder guy had him hold the gun when he tied Jesse up. The episode was called Four Days Out, season 2 episode 9 View all replies >