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There's another Strathairn listed. Maybe his real son is also playing his son in the movie. She thought they hated her, but when she beat the long haired guy, he revealed she had the respect of all the Soviets there. And Borgov later confirmed it after she beat him. Remember the very first game she played, Shaibel tells her "this is where you resign," because she has no way to win, and it's insulting as a grand master to force the opponent to play out all the way to checkmate. Same as when the other guy told her they don't say check in the big tournaments. At that level, they are supposed to know when they've lost, maybe 5 or 10 moves in advance. She blew up his strategy because she knew what he was gonna try. He didn't think she would see it but when he realized she did, he offered the draw. I think it's supposed to show a contrast. Beth had cleaned up because she knows it affects her game when she goes against the best. But then that night, she slipped back into the old lifestyle. She didn't really need a lot of help to get her there once she started. I don't think Cleo had any ulterior motives, she just never changed her lifestyle while Beth changed hers dramatically. Why did they do it? I heard they had plans for part IV but fell through when Mario Puzo died because he was helping to write it. They thought he killed the big guy Gonzo too because Hank sent that photo where they found the bodies. Then Walt saw on the news and realized when he saw the TV, Tuco is gonna think he and jesse told the feds about the junkyard because Gonzo is dead too. But really hank was tracking the car and found out about the bodies that way. And Tuco only knew about the guy he killed, not Gonzo. When they were at Tuco's place, they realized Tuco didn't know about Gonzo and tried to help shift the blame to him, that he told the feds. That's why they turned the channel when the story came on the news. Before they decided to extend into 6+ seasons, that was the original place they were gonna end the show. Walking into the gates at Alexandria where the inside looked like it was untouched by the zombie world. Seasons. 7 and 8 are more interesting for comic readers, just to see how close the show is to the comics. Season 9 they have a new show runner, and pretty much overhaul the look and feel of the show to something at least better than before. New sound and photography in the last couple seasons makes it look more cinematic. So you are saying, you find it Hilarieous She is in a few episodes of the Americans too, near the end. Laurie Holden. View all replies >