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Some people most definitely do that. But netflix knows everything people do on their service. If someone signs up for the free month, only watches that film and cancels before the end of the month, they know that. That number is very small. More likely than not, the typical user will browse or search around. And based on that relatively small amount of data, Netflix will serve them choices that have a high probability of being watched by the user. That is their whole model. Keep serving them things they will watch, make it worth it for them to pay the next month. Well if they sign up and one of the first things they watch is this movie, that's a pretty good clue! His character in Goodfellas was also part Irish. They were looked down on as degenerates by some people back then, because they reject normal society and live their own way. Some of the hippies were runaways from all over the US who went to California. Those were the vulnerable types who were attracted by Manson. You should watch some other films from the late 1960s like Easy Rider and the video for Alice's Restaurant to get a feel for how things were back then. He recognizes Beta is like Simon. Negan remembers how badly Rick frustrated Simon to the point where Negan had to put him down. Siddiq was the father, but they only had a short time thing. When she found out she was pregnant, she was already with Gabriel. At some point they decided they would all be involved in raising the baby. I think Dante may have been thinking about coming over to the Alexandria side. He seemed to be genuine about being a friend to Siddiq. The stuff he did in the last episode was all about covering his own tracks. He didn't want to kill Siddiq, but he also knew Siddiq had figured him out and would tell everyone else. Is this first episode the same part of the story as The Golden Compass? A lot of it seems familiar, but with different actors. His vacuum cleaners were very expensive. Not Jesse, the name's Reek View all replies >