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I'm not sure she ever planned to get on the plane. But she needed to make sure she was sending the others to safety. Especially after the Martha who ran away got caught. Yeah, a handmaid would have a real hard time trying to prove an accusation against a commander. She would basically need a male witness and none of the men would be willing to go up against him publicly. They stayed behind because June stayed and they look up to her. It sorta got into the kids being indoctrinated, but I suppose they trusted the Marthas as much as anyone and it was on them to convince the kids. When Mrs Lawrence took June to the school, the eyes found out about it and the family Hannah was with got transferred somewhere far away. They also hung the Marthas, etc. who helped the plan and made June pull the rope. Jules was injecting something in the first episode, and had been doing it for a while. It was intramuscular, so could be hormones. She is bipolar, at some point before her OD, she had stopped taking her medication. When they show her with the police holster, she was in a manic state. They wanted to show us what it felt like to her. Without the meds, she would be like that one day and then maybe the next day she's not getting out of bed. She did all the drugs to try and short circuit that cycle, but all that did was turn her into an addict. I think Jules' friend was OK with what happened at the club. There were other people involved too. She should have brought the whiteboard back out before she shut him down so she could make another for the 'L' column. They do it because she has weapons training from when she was on The 100. Last season she mentioned something about giving up certain aspects of her lifestyle and career to prop up Fred as a leader. But she was clearly the better of the two at communicating their ideas. I think she always expected him to be the figurehead while she did all the planning in the privacy of their house. Getting shot is what convinced her to go all in. Getting her finger chopped off is what brought her back. She never expected Fred to side with those people over her. But there really wasn't any other way for him to play it and not get in trouble himself. He was already under suspicion for not keeping his house in order. Since that happened, she turned against Fred, though she played along in exchange for Fred getting the baby returned to her. When it became clear that wasn't going to happen, she spent a bit of time with Fred reliving happier times. Then she called that guy and gave him up. It seemed longer because they were getting moved around a lot the last few seasons. And they had a whole season just about the riot, which lasted maybe a few days. Also half the screen time was spent on backstories. View all replies >