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Worst "suspension of disbelief"....... Attack of the clones was much better.... Plot hole? Are these new prequels to the original? Felicity Jones "mount Rushmore" face on cover art....... Beautiful soundtrack; exotic locales; gorgeous clothing........ EXCEPT: The new Q is PATHETIC compared to the original....... A question........ GENIOUS metaphors....... Sorry but....... View all posts >


Would've been THE GREATEST Bond film of all time! Stanley Kubrick is the "Bill Belichick" of film making!!! He was the G.O.A.T. and still will be even after his death just after making Eyes Wide Shut~ in which he exposed the New World Order and paid for his life, in exposing the truth about who truly runs this world and their demonic rituals wreaking havoc! Yes, absolutely! His "dungeon" room w/all the sex toys is 99% used by GAY MEN and NOT on women........ Yes, absolutely! His "dungeon" room w/all the sex toys is 99% used by GAY MEN and NOT on women........ Eventually, guys like Christian, if they were ever real, would get BORED w/Ana because he's a nymphomaniac sexual deviant, constantly seeking a new challenge, all in his ultimate self serving SELFISH pride! Notice that he did NOT have a dog, man's best friend and/or a man of faith...... NO, it's all about HIS CARNAL LUST and his obsession to conquer Ana and then simply move on to a darker, lustful hedonistic self pleasure! I have family and co workers that are gay and they all agreed that his "dungeon" was 99.9% exploited for gay men! I can't "suspension of disbelief" that a sweet, innocent girl like Ana could be excited by BDSM! Very rare women are into those sick + twisted sexual deviant activities that I'm aware of! Bravo! Bravo! Yes, movie soundtracks can either kill a movie or make it very popular, like TITANIC! That soundtrack went perfect w/Jack + Rose's true love....... As well as Mr. Barry's soundtrack in King Kong in 1976 w/Jessica Lange! The hip hop songs during the sex action sequences were out of place...... Sorry but hip hop does NOT do romance very well, among many other themes! Women have a "6th Sense" when it comes to men NOT being confident of themselves and/or being "too needy" or even desperate! Beautiful women are immensely attracted to "Alpha" males that also are VERY WEALTHY! My sister in-law disagreed w/me and felt that Ana "felt sorry and/or cared about Christian and wanted to help him and how she couldn't care less about him being a billionaire" and BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! If it's NOT about his billionaire status, WHY then, did the writers need to have that in the movie? It's obvious that Ana could have any guy within her age group of peers but it's the "elephant in the room" (being a billionaire) that makes her drawn to Christian! If that was a true to life story, she would've gotten all wet and bothered hanging out at his high rise penthouse, his sailboat yacht, personal chauffeur, etc..... UNLIKE James Bond character, who's NOT personally wealthy but gets a living salary for his public services and yet, woman still fantasize about sleeping w/James Bond because he's definitely an Alpha male! I personally adore James Bond and Michael Douglas' character in "Basic Instinct" compated to Christian, who's a SELFISH, PATHETIC NARCISSIST, who only cares about his perverted, sexual deviancy and being obsessed w/getting everything he wants (like Ana) and then gets bored and moves on to his next challenge! James Bond is REAL MAN, compared to that pathetic, spoiled man child, Christian! He whines about his mom being a crack head when he was 4 years old...... as if he's the only human being w/problems in this world....... Aww, poor baby! He's constantly searching for self pity........ His character is a Klown w/a Kapital "K" !!!! Yes...... Bravo! Bravo! I also noticed that as well, among many other quirky traits of hers! She just does NOT do it for me, for a multitude of reasons! Yes, she's cute but NOT "sexy"........ Her mother, Melanie Griffith, was in the cult Classic movie, "body double" (1984) and the debate was who was hotter, Melanie or Debra Shelton, and my personal opinion was EASILY Miss Debra Shelton! She projects pure, breathtaking sexiness in that movie, it wasn't even debatable! I guess Dakota Johnson and her mother have the same gene pool when it comes to NOT being sexy....... Even in the movie body double, when Craig Wassan is kissing Melanie Griffith, his mindful thoughts are purely thinking about Debra Shelton instead........ I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING!!!!! R.D.M. never looked hotter than risky business, w/her beautiful bubble-butt sitting inside my favorite Porsche of all time....... Porsche 928 (1980)!!! I hear that particular Porsche from the movie was up for auction recently? It was also the same Porsche 928 from "Scarface"...... YES...... ABSOLUTELY!!! I believe that the movie studio BEGGED for her to be in this movie purely for "star power"~ because if part 2 had ZERO star power and more no name actors, then that pretty much guarantees part 3 (trilogy) a "direct to home video" DVD, w/a different male + female lead due to budgetary concerns........ (see Alien vs. Predator- reqeium)!!! BRAVO! BRAVO! View all replies >