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Gotta agree. While a lot of this season has been pretty good (especially when you compare it to season 8-9), there's still a lot of weird shit going on. I kept thinking the water poisoning was gonna get tied in to all those people getting sick and didn't get why it wasn't (on top of Aaron letting it slide in the first place). I don't know if it's the writing or just very bad editing in which a bunch of footage just got left out. I've been enjoying the mystery, but I don't see why critics liking it should be a metric for, well, anything. They're just the same as those people who rant or rave about stuff online but get paid for it. As for Star Trek, I can't say it's something I've been particularly interested in seeing. This reminds me that its "competitor" The Orville, was pretty well recieved by fans while being panned by critics. Just something that happens, lol. Follow the money, I guess. His dick. You sure like talking about her. Honestly, it might very well be overrated but it doesn't mean it's bad. It's been probably 15 years since I saw it last, so it's also likely I'm suffering from the haze of nostalgia (if I give it another watch, I'll get back to ya on that, haha), but I don't get the hate. As for your claims of it being unoriginal and uninspiring... I'm just not sure what you mean. Maybe I haven't seen the right films, but I don't remember seeing anything quite like it before or since. And even if the themes aren't 100% original... show me a film or book or anything that is. You'll have to go quite far in history for that. Is it a masterpiece? No, lol. But from what I remember, it's a fun, sometimes gruesome but always pretty engaging film. I do wonder what makes Tarantino films (which I think are only compared to it because of the themes of revenge and violence) so much superior in your eyes that you can't stand them being compared to this one? Besides the luxuries a much higher budget provides, I guess. Yeah, it's an insult to this movie to compare it to some Tarantino overwork. Yeah, those were GMO's. I think it was more of a detachment thing for him. Maybe it was too difficult to think/talk about his son dying. Not to mention, the characters tried to keep from getting too attached, like using nicknames instead of their real names and the like. I also don't think he wanted to open up that much to just anyone. This is an old thread but I like this movie and I just watched it again, so I'll give you my 2 cents. <spoiler> From my understanding, Death took Joe's body for a ride in the human world and sorta gave it back (or put Joe's soul back inside) after taking Bill over to "the other side". Seemed like he realized Susan was in love with the Joe she met at the coffee shop so he decided to make this sacrifice for her (leave without her and bring Joe back to be with her). </spoiler> Or the other one who married the other prince, lol. View all replies >