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That's an interesting question and after giving it some thought, all I can say is that I'm not sure. As much as I love movies and am capable of being affected by them emotionally, I can't say I've ever been scared by a horror movie. The only one that has come close was the first Cube film, due to its unsettling premise and a somewhat "plausible", yet terrifying scenario of people being rendered helpless by their abysmal situation. I wasn't scared, but I admit the thought of being in that situation was somewhat unsettling indeed. That's also the type of horror film that gets to me the most (and the type I enjoy the most), the "realistic" type, as opposed to supernatural horror. I think that's also why I love the found footage genre, since it gives the movie this extra bit of "realism". Some examples: The Bay - not sure how plausible the premise is, but I sure enjoyed the whole found footage aspect of it, which really contributed to the sense of helplessness. The Poughkeepsie Tapes - just pure insanity, but something you know <i>could</i> happen. Bone Tomahawk - just a perfect combination of living in an era where breaking your leg renders you pretty much useless and can easily lead to an amputation, coupled with the type of enemy that has no regard to human life. It seems what really gets to me is being helpless, lol. They're fun, are packed with great action and have an intriguing world. Not to mention Keanu's embodiment of John Wick as the fearsome assassin who's forced out of retirement is just... awesome. It's a shame you don't like these movies, but I hope you have other stuff to watch and enjoy :P This isn't one of them. No, but it has my favorite ending sequence. Yeah, I see your point. It's pretty realistic that they aren't "perfect". I do still like/prefer the Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn version. Could be the nostalgia goggles speaking though, haha. Are you looking for an in-universe explanation? Because there isn't any. It's just bad writing. And I've been watching the show from the beginning as well, but the past 3 seasons have been a worse torment than getting gnawed on by zombies. No. 1-3 were enjoyable, with all of their flaws. 4-5 have been mostly unwatchable. I do wish there was a trully brutal zombie survival show out there. lmao, I'm watching the movie and this exact scene got me wondering (even asked my American friends). There were some earlier scenes that utilized this modern type of lingo, too, but I guess they weren't as in your face. I've seen her in many things over the years and I've always enjoyed her performances (until Captain Marvel). She did well as a lead and stood out as a side character, always making me wish for more. I have no interest in actors' personal lives, so I had no idea what she was like in public until recently. Can't say I was impressed. Nonetheless, I still very much appreciate her as an actress and disagreeing with her opinions/attitude isn't gonna make me stop watching and enjoying her stuff. For as long as people are going to pay to see them. View all replies >