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I've never read the source material of seen the original tv show, so having no attachment to those characters, I can't say I mind those changes. The one character that does bother me is the "sister". She's kinda annoying and not really interesting. As far as I'm aware, this show is supposed to serve as a prequel/origin story to the character of Perry Mason. Either way, the story itself is kinda odd and confusing... The developments/twists are interesting, I guess, but feel somehow convoluted more often than not. Sounds a bit agenda pushing-y, just like the other side. Not stuff I'd watch, most likely, but good for him for taking the initiative to make the stuff he wants to make instead of just whining about it. I have no idea what the original intent for the character was, but there doesn't seem to be anything to imply that Abby was born male in the final product. I don't understand why even go with that storyline. Again. Sure, it's famous and sorta interesting, but seriously, they need to stop rehashing old things that don't work for movies. There's so much source material, good source material, that could've been utilized instead of the phoenix saga, and instead there's a 2nd X-Men movie about it that's even worse than the first one, lmao. The best option for people with gender dysphoria is to do whatever they can to alleviate it, but surgery isn't always the answer. That aside... While I do agree a person with a large platform has a certain degree of responsibility, she is still allowed to voice her opinions. People need to know better than to blindly trust a famous person. Kinda like when they endorse political candidates. I mean, who even are they that we should care about what they have to say, lol? Not sure how I'd rank them, but 6-7 would be on the bottom for me, with 7 being a very far last place. "Trolls" are a pretty little scapegoat, but I don't think that was the real reason. As for this site, from what I've seen from the mods, I doubt a bunch of rant threads/flame wars are going to raise many eyebrows over on their end. Certainly not to the point of shutting the whole site down. Not sure. I've been unimpressed by all of her performances that I saw. Maybe she has a good PR team. I guess it depends on how you define the word or concept. You could say that any person who hurts another to a terrible degree (rapes/kills/mutilates etc') while understanding the consequences of their actions can be considered evil. The reason it devolves into a philosophical debate is that it's a somewhat abstract concept. In giving a negative thing another layer of "bad", we then have to decide what constitutes as a negative thing. There's no escaping the debate, because at this point it's not only philosophy it's also semantics. I don't particularly bother myself with questions of morality, so something bad being "extra bad" is also not in the top of my list of concerns, outside of maybe how much time behind bars the person gets. Honestly, I don't get the hate. It's such a delightful movie, filled with fun fantasy elements, humor, drama, romance - all that good stuff. View all replies >