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"Still though people moaned and groaned about the death star in return of the Jedi." Okay. "See this is what I don't get. You say oh the hero beating up the big strong guy is common, therefore basically implying it excuses it. Yes but we are talking about recycling. We are also talking about beats in the same series. You know how many people call last crusade a ripoff of raiders? I care about if the movie is done well not if it's cliche. Do You know how many original films truly exist? Because tfa is cliche and trash so is a new hope since it's basically hidden fortress." Your argument is getting inconsistent. Are we talking about movies ripping each other off or cliches? "Okay then don't get mad when people list minor changes in tfa. Stay consistent. Changing a vehicle is like changing the topping of a cake and claiming it's a different cake. Different topping but the base is the same. So then in that case Jaku is different than Tatooine because the name is different. Therefore they changed it." My response was more about the silliness of your question. Changing something does make something different than what it was previously. That's pretty much the definition of the word. "I wasn't aware luke had a lightsaber duel with Vader in a new hope." Didn't say he did. "So luke saw Yoda at the end of a new hope? The same way Rey saw luke at the end of tfa." The final 5 seconds of TFA is different than the final 5 seconds of ANH. Bravo. "Remember though in each he loses a artifact that he had obtained. The Idol, The Remains, and the grail." The Grail was lost during the earthquake. It's not like it was stolen. "Um they do rip each other off. Remember when people moaned and groaned about another death star in Return of the Jedi?" The second Death Star in ROTJ is the only similarity to ANH, though. The movies have different plots, different beats, different arcs, different set pieces etc. "There are fights in all action movies but the manor in which it is done is the same. Indy fights supporting bad guy gets beat down then music kicks in and punches the guy real hard." Yeah, the underdog hero winning a fight against a big strong guy. That is very, very common. We see that in a few James Bond movies, a couple of Diehards. A scene like this happens in 300. Also, Troy. The list goes on. "So simply by changing the vehicle that makes it different?" Yes, if you change something, it becomes different. That's how changing things works. "Interesting then how come a storm trooper going rogue never gets brought up in TFA?" It is the one thing TFA does differently, that's true. "How about the villain being defeated?" You mean like how the evil guy in a black helmet and cloak is removed from the battle due to the actions of the hotshot pilot just before the Death Star is destroyed? The same sequence also involving the orphan from a desert planet who has an important lineage finally unlocking Force powers to save the day? Hm, am I talking about TFA or ANH? Spoiler alert: I'm talking about both movies. "How about the ending where the hero finds the mentor?" Actually, Han Solo plays the Obi-Wan in TFA. He tells the orphan from the desert planet about the Force while on the Millennium Falcon while transporting stolen information on a R2 unit. Later said mentor takes the heroes to the Death Star and sacrifices himself to the evil guy in the helmet and cloak to buy the heroes some time. Oh, and the mentor/bad guy have a father/son relationship. "The series is about artifacts there is no requirement for him to lose it. How about he struggled to ever obtain it." He spends half of the first movie trying to get to the Arc before the Nazis. It's mostly a race. In the third, he and his dad don't find the Grail until the last 20 or so minutes of the film. The second one is the only one where he gets it fairly early on and then loses it soon after. "A lot do.have animals but the creepy crawlers are an obstacle to overcome in every film. Thus being formulaic." Overcoming creepy crawlies is pretty common. Even Star Wars movies have a lot of that going on. Also, being formulaic is not the same thing as being a remake. All Star Wars movies follow a general formula. They don't all rip each other off except TFA. "Notice I said fight with supporting villain. Not just fight scenes." Yeah, and most action movies have fights with villains. I'm trying to remember an action movie where the hero doesn't do that. "Yep chases but they all are in the third act of each film. The dark knight did not end with a vehicle chase the dark knight rises did." I remember the cart chase in Temple happening earlier, but oh well. Again, this is part of a formula. All Star Wars movies have a space battle and light saber duel at the end. If Indy was in a tank chase in all three movies, then that's different. "Indy finds an artifact and eventually loses it. Raiders The Idol, Temple the remains of Nurhaci, Crusade The Cross of Cornado. " That is the basic premise of the franchise. It's like saying all Star Wars movies are the same because they all feature space battles and the Force.. "Indy meets woman. Raiders Marion, Temple Willie, Crusade Elsa" Those are called love interests and they exist in most movies. "Creepy crawling thing. Raiders Snakes, Temple Bugs, Crusade Rats " A lot of movies have animals, too. "Fight with the supporting villain. Raiders Airplane fight, Temple Conveyor Belt fight, Crusade Tank fight." Fight scenes are common in action movies, yes. "Vehicle chase in the third act. Raiders truck chase, Temple Mine Cart chase, Crusade Tank chase." ... As are chase scenes. "Artifact kills the villain. Raiders the arc of the covenant, Temple the stones, Crusade the grail." I'll give you the first and third one, there. The Stones don't really kill the bad guy in Temple. I've never seen Toy Story 3. I have seen all the Indiana Jones movies, though. They are very much not the same movie and since you also claim Terminator 1 and 2 are the same, I imagine Toy Story 2 and 3 are quite different. Outside of a Terminator going back in time and someone else form the future coming back to stop said Terminator, the two movies have different plots, different beats, different tones, mostly different characters, and they are even in different sub-genres. Additionally, Terminator 2 continued the story. Sarah Conner went from the screaming "final girl" of the first movie to a hardened badass. She had character growth. The heroes and villains changed strategies to keep in line with the changing mythos. Nothing was undone from the previous movie. Meanwhile, TFA turned Han Solo from a military general starting a relationship with Leia and regressed him back to a cocky smuggler. Then there's the fact that the Empire came back for no apparent reason. But yes, there are a lot of sequels out there that are basically remakes of the original. And they are generally considered shit for that reason. A New Hope was inspired by multiple films. Hidden Fortress was just one of many. Lucas managed to take all these ideas and made them his own. It's similar to how Quentin Tarantino makes a movie. The Force Awakens is almost scene for scene a remake of A New Hope. What's worse is that TFA is supposed to be a sequel. Most people don't want a sequel that is a remake of the original. The idea is to move the story forward, not backwards. Everyday is my cheat day. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/disney-deal-spiderman-include-venom-mcu/?fbclid=IwAR0dQU5gKWZ-NJKS-u6gzUGxbO9NceHOZWx9tBKSC2-TGRdX2k9uRmdBMZc Although we should remember it's a rumor. Yeah, conspiracy theorists really gravitate toward Kubrick films and always try to gleam strange meanings behind them for some reason. View all replies >