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Young kids having a crush is normal and they get over it fast, which Manny did. They are not biologically related and didn’t meet until they were adolescents. It’s not that gross. There has been talks for years of a sequel where the Goonies’ kids go on an adventure. That could be fun. True. I just remember him specifically saying he had to “take a piss”, which shouldn’t take too long but with his heroin addiction, I’m not sure what is going on with his system. I was wondering when this would happen. Of course, they ignore the fact that Mr. Miyagi was the big hero of the franchise and even after his death, they constantly talk about how great he is. Oh, and they pretend Miguel is the only main character of color on the show but that’s not true, either. They do have one good point: it would be nice to see more characters embrace karate for reasons other than bullying. Weirdly enough, he only had to piss when Mia OD’d. He spent a minute or so talking himself out of trying to make a move which is what almost killed her. If he just left the washroom and said goodnight, then made a B-line for the door, things would have been more safe. "That is a story for another time..." I thought it was very clear she was about to be whacked. Jimmy could have just handed the dresses to her personally but instead sends her down a dark alley while standing a few yards away. Then we see someone creeping around in there before Karen runs off. Seems pretty clear. I've always heard swim trunks or sometimes swim shorts. Bathing suits is still used, though. It's more of a catch-all term. On an episode of Reunited Apart, which came out before season 3, she said she wanted to make an appearance. I think she was okay with the role. View all replies >