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It starts off slow but it picks up. Besides the R-rated Logan, can you think of all the times Wolverine put his claws through someone's head in the almost exclusively PG-13 rated Fox X-Men movies? All the above. The character was interesting in that he'd appear sympathetic in one scene and like a complete monster the next. I laughed out loud when he shagged the wife of his former bully but I also wasn't sad when he met his demise. Isn't this the one that's supposed to be misogynistic because it criticizes Star Wars? Wasn't he Scottish? I always thought Kraven and Chameleon were a great combo and would be fun to see in a movie. It comes out in early August. I doubt there would be any showings this early. It will probably be a few more weeks before people see it. You are talking about the studio that repeatedly failed to bring a shared universe to life, right? That's what DC is going with? Exactly. Gamora does not have the strength to push Thanos anywhere. We see him calmly dragging her by the wrist at one point and she was a ragdoll in his hands. [quote]everyone from the 40s was[/quote] That's a bit of a generalization. Most were, sure. That doesn't mean everyone was. I'm sure the homosexuals who lived during this time were particularly homophobic. It also doesn't mean that Cap couldn't have changed his mind once he came to the future. View all replies >