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All the negativity on this board... Weird that she hasn't made it into a Marvel movie Holy shit, 3.8?! A very strange one. just finished the source novel Randy in Stab Robot's new Guardians of the Globe I got the feeling that this was written 10 more years ago January Jones and Jennifer Lawrence just watched this dude in Everybody Wants Some View all posts >


"he needed Dr. Sartain in 2018 and Corey in Ends to make the meeting happen" Yes, they made the meeting happen. As in, Michael had no desire to go after Laurie. He never would have went after her. Probably doesn't even remember her from '78. He didn't need those others to get to her, they just brought him. It's very clear in Halloween '18 that he is just going around town killing. Sartain brings him to Laurie's house where he just does his thing because there are people there. In Kills he's just going home and killing the people that get in his way. There's nothing to suggest he's after Laurie in Ends either. I'm actually going to. You and your lot win. It's clear these boards are for you and those that think like you only. Your first response is to half of a sentence, leaving out the key part. Which in doing so negates your second part entirely. When it is one group of people using their outdated beliefs as basis for their negativity, yes. I don't understand this one here- "If you don't like this new thing you're this [currently acceptable to hate group/label]" In the case of this movie, that would be a female lead. That's all. What is this "new thing" you're referring to? "Based on what?" Narrowing it down to this board alone, all the complaints about it being "woke". Posters condemned this movie before it was release for being woke because the main character was female. That's it. Nothing more. The only people that complain about female leads are Republicans. There's no disputing that. I never said it is good because it is natural. I'm saying that those who whine that it's unnatural are wrong. That being said, eating a human is a hell of a lot worse than having a relationship with one when it harms absolutely no one. Continue to compare apples to oranges, though. You should just quit posting, then. That's my honest opinion. The absolute biggest hypocrites in existence. I have no doubt of that. They're not doing that. However, fighting against them just wanting to exist and be acknowledged as human beings and saying that everyone should be straight is most certainly shoving your sexual preference down people's throats. Hypocrite AGAIN. Incredible. Probably. View all replies >