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The battle royale at the end Just finally read the novel. Mike Dougherty not sure Trick 'R Treat 2 Should Happen Wouldn't it be impossible for someone that can't hear not to make noise? Look at him ham it up in this music video Most tame "rage" I've ever seen. Played it too straight, could have been done differently Help with a horror movie Help with a horror movie Showing the horror cut of the trailer on Freeform View all posts >


I genuinely have no idea what you mean by this. I don't know why anyone is even listening to or caring about what she's saying. I'm not actively ignoring it, but I still don't even know what she's saying to piss everyone off. Never come across it so I don't know how everyone else is. I honestly thought that Kanye one was sketch till about halfway through. Snowflake doesn't mean liberal. It simply means someone who whines and cries a lot about nothing. That applies to both sides, without a doubt. They hired a horror director and told him he could actually use his experience in this one, which would feature more horror. I'm sure they didn't like what he was actually wanting to do and he said fuck it and left. You won't be missing a thing. In fact when I did my own little personal year end review of the shows I watch in 2019, I forgot about this show. Forgot all about it till I saw the notification of your reply. Tells you how I felt about it! As advertised? I don't remember there being a hint of comedy in any of the previews I saw before its release. Watching the other day had me weirded out with the lighter tone that it was. Guy comes in and looks at the scratch lottery options. I ask "what can I get for you", you know, as one does when working behind a counter. His hands drop, exasperated. He sighs. Shakes his head and says with much attitude "I'll TELL you when I'm ready". Now I've dealt with plenty of attitude in my, oh, let's call it 15 years here. I have never once gotten it for literally no reason. This man was acting like... actually I don't even know what he was acting like. I can't even come up with a comparison because the way he was acting was so weird! It's just a small thing, but if there's one thing on this job I'll never forget, it might be that one interaction. For sure! Bundled up on the couch under a blanket. Fire going. Christmas lights on for ambience. Only way to watch it! I think if that's the case, the entire white family would have been ultra right wing instead of just the kid, and the maid would have gunned them all down at the end. Then maybe you'd have a point. View all replies >