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Tom Hiddleston Another movie with an asian casino... Do trains blow their whistle before entering tunnels? No security cameras? DVD Homecoming as a title There wasn't that many dinosaurs that got away at the end... Jake Johnson as the voice of Peter Parker So many different visual styles I don't know much about small town sheriff's departments View all posts >


That's absolutely true, there have been disconnections from the very beginning. A weird theme of reacting to the movies (for the most part) but also involving stories that would somewhat affect the movies, but the movies not reacting in turn. The netflix shows unfortunately suffered the same fate. Let's just call it that when they went forward in time last season and subsequently came back in time, they actually separated from the MCU timeline, maybe? The biggest issue is that the MCU absolutely cannot just say "oh by the way, there have been mutants this whole time!". Ain't gonna fly. [url][/url] No. We don't need any movies at all. Movies aren't made because we need them. Very true. I just asked what it even mattered that she was never referred to as a captain. No one has an answer for that. Just more incessant complaining and not one point made for the reason behind it. Astounding indeed. Gambit has been my favorite character since growing up watching the 90s cartoon. That bled over into comics as I got older. He really has an interesting backstory and there could be a great movie in there with all the stories he's been involved in throughout the years. That being said... I don't see the need for a Gambit movie. He is a character that just isn't high profile enough. Wolverine gets solo movies, and really that's it when it comes to X-Men. goblin shark Hey I like that too. Because the whole thread is a waste of time. There is nothing to contribute to this very pointless topic. View all replies >