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The red and black suit at the end. Not a great movie but Spade had a lot of funny lines. This movie was just there. Quite a different world back then It's movies like this that really make me miss being single. Is this the worst plot in a superhero movie ever? IMDb character pages Tom Hiddleston Another movie with an asian casino... Do trains blow their whistle before entering tunnels? View all posts >


Ohhhh Unless it's addressed in a future movie, we'll never know how else they COULD'VE done it. Forgot about the scene after Whoopi Goldberg's character and her daughter get off the rocket car! Can't imagine the mental handicap advocates would like that one today. It really did go all out. Watching it for the first time since I was what, 12? I was absolutely not expecting how ballsy it was. The filmmakers don't care about that comic. And I know they pass on movies and series. I've read about that before. I didn't know about Brad Dourif... Wow... That would have really been something. I feel like that's one of those things Obama would be like "yeah I'll just wait and give it to the next one". who? It was made right at the beginning, before they knew what the all encompassing feel of the movies were to be. Every other movie was made in the wake of Iron Man, so they benefited from being made reactively to what made Iron Man such a success. This movie didn't have that luxury. Not that I find anything at all wrong with this movie, but stylistically it does stick out simply because it was made to be its own thing. View all replies >