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there just wasn't enough there for her to redeem herself this movie had some serious lasting effects on people my age "we clearly have a legend here" Not a Thanksgiving movie, but... Of course people will hate it "Soleil Moon Frye had to gain 20 pounds for her role as Marcie in this film" from IMDB trivia looks like The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It The opening of this one the only thing I'm not getting is how View all posts >


Nothing else about the premise matches the original show either. Why just complain about this one? Thanks for the comment! I actually remembered since I posted this that it was Dr. Giggles in which this happens. Yep I have ALWAYS wondered why Kip acted the way he did at the very beginning. Now I've never seen this director's cut, but the way Kip acts the rest of the way always seemed to make sense to me considering he thought Memphis abandoned them. Even then I thought he was so reckless in stealing that car and so douchey to that couple in the car, that it didn't really even make sense. This certainly clears that up. I don't see it that way. I think the character was just weird, and he played it great. Tony still believes he was right about the accords, and Cap was wrong. Cap took the side of the man that murdered his parents. He blames Cap's team for what happened to Rhodey. He absolutely believes it is Cap's fault that the Avengers are fractured, and therefore weren't ready to be by his side from the beginning of Infinity War. Without him saying it ever, I know he believes that as a team they could have stopped Dr. Strange from being taken after the street fight in New York, or at the very least could have defeated Thanos on Titan. Yawn. Point proven, thank you. you people are so tiresome He got hurt and Jake Gyllenhaal almost took over. Oh wow an actor that's been in Hollywood for decades has played in more than just what you recognize his from? Man, what a concept. View all replies >