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Ok is no one on this board seriously going to talk about how bad the Jared actor is? The way they treated the flag on the car Lots of small parts. Nothing substantial after Two Guys and a Girl. what a frustrating show So I think it's rigged a little bit. SPOILERS Playing on TWO channels right now So they say he may appear in the next Spider-Man "that really old movie Empire Strikes Back" Jonathan Taylor Thomas was considered for the role of Hawk. He was also considered for the role of Jam. The battle royale at the end View all posts >


Maybe... but it was probably nepotism. If I were a boomer, I'm sure I'd be offended. Ah. That explains a lot. I wasn't aware of who he was. There's just as much a link there as there is with heterosexuality. Look, and you will find it. The Melanie dialogue was atrocious. Like, every aspect of it. One, just poorly written. Sometimes it felt like she didn't know how to speak above an elementary school level. Two, every once in a great while some sort of Cajun accent would slip in for a syllable or two and then disappear. Without a doubt one of the poorest aspects of this movie. Absolutely not. It was a very powerful ending. It blew me away (no pun intended) the first time I saw it. I think it's a great ending. I totally agree. Almost nothing that was supposed to be funny in this one was funny to me. My eyes were rolling very frequently. The two absolute biggest offenders in this were the Baby Groot retrieving Yondu's fin scene, and the "does anyone have any tape?" scene. Absolute absurdity. First two things Groot brings back instead of the fin was enough. When he brings back the desk, I was ready to shut the movie off. Same with the tape scene. Too long and drawn out. They go far beyond the lengths they need to, and the joke gets old right away. Other examples- I understand the point of the Taserface name being a dumb name, but that's just it... It was dumb. Not funny. "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all" is stupid. The part where Rocket, Yondu, and that buddy of Yondu's that no one cares about are doing 700 jumps to get to Ego's planet and their faces are all distorted is some shit I'd expect to see in a Spy Kids movie or something dumb like that. Turning Drax from being funny simply due to his misunderstanding of things, to being an absolute raging buffoon was a terrible disservice to the character. Honestly just too much more to list. Made no sense to me either. Absolutely no idea how they expected anyone to just accept it. Yet people did. I don't understand it. Ledge played a great psychotic villain, no doubt. He didn't so much make a great JOKER, though. No one wants to hear that, though. I agree about Phoenix, but no one wants to hear that either. Jack was without a doubt the best actual JOKER. Glad I'm not alone on that. You know, I didn't even realize the bad CGI till they were covering T'Challa with snow to revive him or whatever the hell that was. That snow looks SO SO SO bad. Never seen anything like that in a big budget movie. View all replies >