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Also RLM did a great re:view of the movie if anyone is interested: I encourage you to give DS9 another go. Watch in this order: Season 1: Pilot + Duet. That's it. Season 2: The Wire Season 3: start here Cheers! Forgive my slow reply, it’s about the same length as the return of the king extended so around four hours. Let me know if you need help with the link For starters, Sybilla has a son. Being realistic doesn't mean it makes for good TV, agreed? No issue with the Stannis stuff in S5? 1 4 3 2 6 5 7 8 He drowned in the storm, unfortunately. Fortunately, the Bald Defender of Jerusalem was there to find him. I agree. I really enjoyed it. A good movie. /thread over gg Good reply but still doesn't justify murder. The man really helped him. It was so terrible it permanently turned me off the show. Yeah he was a POS but holy hell he got extremely butchered lmao. I actually felt bad for him despite being such a scumbag. Feeling like the STAB movies from the Scream franchise. YES. You nailed it precisely with that. Oh yeah, I was merely jesting but there's a great Alt Shift X video called 'What's West of Westeros' that is amazingly done. Check it out. yea... Actually I'd be 100% on board with this. At least keep the S1 premise. S1 is one of the greatest seasons of TV ever. It eventually became complete rubbish but the idea is brilliant. All in. lol this confused me too. i guess they loved the actor. different character completely. Monitor them for who? Himself? What purpose did it serve? NONE. FAILED STORYLINE holy shit yes