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Are you victimising Lolita's abusers? After Buffy’s mother died, Hank should’ve came back into the picture to keep Buffy afloat for a while, leave Buffy with her friends, and take Dawn back with him. Who are “these people” you’re referring to? Danny, or the accusers? LMFAO!! This made my day, every time someone mentions the disabled being called "crips", I always think of this episode of South Park. :D Don’t believe that “blind item” bullshit, here are the real reasons: [url][/url] What's a "partnet"? Please fix the title. Do you have reliable source that Scientologists killed their dog that isn't from tabloid rubbish? Why would a "violent rapist" be friends with someone who stops sex trafficking (Ashton Kutcher)? I think someone wants money. Lay off the drugs. I hear you, I wonder who greenlit this dumpster fire of a movie. Botox, and fillers is his friend. View all replies >