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Was Franklin Bronner supposed to be Sonny Montelli? Mostly disappointing So when is this revival happening? DVD/Blu Ray release? R.I.P. Joel Schumacher Excellent crossover but... (SPOILERS) Why no Vault Keeper or Old Witch in this show? Vault of Horror TV series Need help finding an episode Alexandra looks like Daniel Cerny View all posts >


Donald Pleasence Right because House of Wax is actually a remake of, well, House of Wax. Yeah his intentions were definitely a little strange this time around. I would say so. Pretty much everything Stooge said. I actually agree completely. The first hour was way better than what follows. It's on Blu Ray now. I wonder what the house spent it on. I always wondered that too haha. Far from the worst. I really enjoy this movie and will never understand the hate that it gets. View all replies >