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Beta Ray Bill Any good books featuring Dracula AND Frankenstein’s monster? Top Ten Scooby Doo Movies? I really miss this show No Luthor? Why is this not on DVD? What was up with the Riddler’s voice in this show? Will this get a DVD and Blu Ray release? Where can I watch Critters: A New Binge? View all posts >


Payne made the movie for me. Ashley Laurence was great too. It has some silly moments but it mostly takes itself pretty seriously. That trailer is on the Arrow Video Blu-Ray. Yeah that would be cool but apparently Clive Barker wanted the monster to resemble a giant phallus. Yeah it’s a safe bet that it went down something like that. A sequel would be great but I highly doubt it will ever happen. I thought this movie was highly enjoyable. I’m surprised it isn’t more well known. The recent Troma Blu-Ray contains the longer uncut version. For sure. It’s a nice set. I just got the Warlock Collection Blu Ray set from Vestron Video containing all three movies. Pretty cool! View all replies >