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The reviewer lost my in the first paragraph but I agree with your assessment. I kind of wish characters like Rambo and Indiana Jones were like Bond and could be played by other actors and the movies could continue to be made and not dependent on one actor. If it’s so great why do they break our laws to sneak into our country. I think the picture Rambo painted was accurate. She’s in a Hallmark movie every other day. Not sure what that pays but she’s not hurting by any stretch of the imagination. Georgie has gone full Rey at this point. I wonder ... are there any black women in this province? Yes. She is pointless. And the actress is bad. Very bad. I wonder if she’s related to a producer or director. I used to like Peter but you’re right, he’s there just to explains Katie away. The dragging out Mitch and Lou romance thing is so painful. They’re not Sam and Diane or Buffy and Angel or even Tony and Angela. There’s no need to drag it out so the audience had some sort of satisfaction at the long end of the road. It was a great idea. Unfortunately they dropped the ball and it was literally a nobody. I thought they might revisit it in the last episode as I thought it was entertaining, especially when they tracked down Ray Pruit. Instead they were more interested in some sixty year old lady’s lesbianism. I didn’t care about Gabrielle Carteris’s sexuality when she played a college student, why would I care now? They really ruined what had been a moderately entertaining series with that last episode. Whatever gets you to sleep at night. Ahhh, you were angry. That makes it excusable. Being angry gives you license to spew any type of epithet you want, just as long as someone angered you. Rising above anger is never an option. View all replies >