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I’ve been watch season 13 this week ... The show is still watchable, too bad only ten episodes. Katie has not gotten any better. Her interactions with Luke are not good at all. This is a good show that didn’t bother with teaching child actors to act. I tried to just focus on the music but the annoying Javed and his friend just sucked the joy out of the songs that were played. I hated Angelina Jolie. Every scene she was in. I hated the normally great Val Kilmer. I hated Jared Leto. Colin Farrell was the least of this movie’s problems. You’re right about that. Hansel and Gretel were far superior to Henry. Even the Mad Hatters daughter. I meant Regina. And Ruby has a great personality in this show. Megan Ory sucks the life out of Chesapeake Shores. This is my second attempt at this show. The first season was pretty enjoyable. Three episodes into the second season and I remember why I gave up on it the first time. This thread is gay. Touché Women have no respect for good filmmaking. We know you are. You didn’t have to call attention to it by using all caps. View all replies >