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Lolololol This. Imagine a white girl cast in The Princess and the Frog. They would lose their collectivist minds. I question why you keep coming back to a thread you hate so much. Never heard the term blackwashing but it seems to be appropriate here. Wow - you didn’t look very far for a description of Rey’s flaws. Mauler is great. I loved his review of Force Awakens after Last Jedi came out. I watch a guy called Mauler on. YouTube. Great critic. As is your inability to punctuate correctly. This. The “question” was a stupid one. I’m not sure that they said they are going to see it. It’s not like it’s out and they’ve already gone to see it. Heaven forbid people expect something more than cow manure out of a billion dollar franchise. What do you want, “Dude, where’s my Star Destroyer”? View all replies >