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S3 was really good A better ending Loved the show but here is my biggest problem with it Race-Baiting trash with a couple of funny moments This show was written by 13 year olds 3rd season was great Criminally underrated Can someone help me I am confused Huel life matters Not enough tissues View all posts >


Lol go watch big brother brainlet USA Yes. Apparently you STILL don't understand what the word "complaining" means. Oh well, I tried. Your IQ is just too low. I simply copy pasted the definition to teach you the meaning of words you employ incorrectly. I hope you learned something but probably not. "self-pwn" Go back in your time machine Timmy Check the story of Hisashi Ouchi if you want to have nightmares tonight. This will clean the taste of shit GoT left in your mouth Ok Timmy I've seen someone calculate earlier that it should be something like a 140-150ton explosion. Then again the math kind of went over my head there and we don't know if they're factoring in some other reactions. It's possible that they just like to say the word "megaton" to easily emphasize that it's a big deal to layman like me. Found it: View all replies >