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Loved the show but here is my biggest problem with it Race-Baiting trash with a couple of funny moments This show was written by 13 year olds 3rd season was great Criminally underrated Can someone help me I am confused Huel life matters Not enough tissues The "good war" Russians ate my homework View all posts >


Exactly. I hate people with a stick up their ass thinking they're smarter than everyone else while making the most basic points. The point is that something completely baffling is going on that we can't explain with 2018 barbarian-tier science. If they said the dark matter is interacting at a quantum level on your DNA then I guess it would be enough but does it really make a difference that they wanted to make it more artsy by making it about a prism? Uh do you actually have a criticism, your comment looks like something a 4th grader would write :o) I guess for the same reason during a zombie apocalypse they always say "we got to split up guys" I don't mind the all female unit at all and it would make sense for them to try different methods but it's the interracial crap that puts me off. Other than that it was actually a great movie. According to the definition of sjw retards like the op, everyone to the right of Marx is "literally Hitler" so yes GoT is racist. Everything is racist. What you gonna do about it? Negan did nothing wrong. All of the things he did in the past were justified, he was just trying to do good by his people. Negan is based. I don't understand why they leave Pipes? I doubt they have some sort of functioning water supply system going on through pipes or even any type of sewer system, so how does that justify them leaving the settlement in the middle of a blizzard? Just poop into a bucket bro. I came here to ask the same question. View all replies >