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Loved the show but here is my biggest problem with it Race-Baiting trash with a couple of funny moments This show was written by 13 year olds 3rd season was great Criminally underrated Can someone help me I am confused Huel life matters Not enough tissues The "good war" Russians ate my homework View all posts >


I don't know about the 2 members of the KKK but I'm sure Spike Lee and all of these regressives do. Still a cuck surprised this shit movie got such a high score tbh Good question. Surprised there are people out there who actually enjoy this propaganda hit piece. Uhhh the evil whitey they go to bed singing how they gonna "kill the niggers". Yea totally believable guys, let me know when you stop trying to incite a race war. There isn't any lowkey anything. Race mixing is unnatural and the only reason they try to promote it in their show is to look virtuous to empty headed people like you who think they uncovered a huge truth that everyone else already figured out long ago. I am for freedom first of all and I do believe people should be able to racemix if they want but the reality is that the vast majority of people don't want that because it's unnatural so it disgusts me to see them pushing this propaganda because of their ideology. Of course idiots like Keelai will go and make the typical brainless libtard arguments of how I'm jealous I can't kiss Michonne all day. Literal kiddie arguments. At the end of the day I don't care as much as you hope I do, it's just annoying to see this propaganda being pushed all the time. The same way I don't care if you date small people, it's your choice. I will still be annoyed if almost every show out there went out of their way to show mixed couples of midgets and normal sized people as if that's a natural normal thing that happens out there. By the way the reason I don't like race mixing is because I love all the races and want mankind to be diverse. So take a good look at yourself and ask who's really the racist here. Couldn't have put it better lmao. Just a normie show for people without critical thinking, unwilling to ask the hard questions and confront their beliefs. I hope many more are able to see through it. Yea well it's still enjoyable even if it's filled with climate catastrophism but yes it's very annoying. That's mainstream ideas for you I guess. It's true what you say about the magnetic field being the biggest obstacle but who's to say we can't come up with some sort of solution to that eventually? Too bad the show doesn't address it. Yea that's right I'm jealous I can't kiss Michonne all day long and I'm angry and Im this and that. Just keep telling yourself that brainlet and stop pestering me. Why are you projecting, I'm not angry I'm just pointing out your idiocy and what better way to do it than through curses and insults you brainlet? You are linking mtv articles as if linking somehow proves your point which who even knows what your point is that because someone has 6% "african genes" that means they're black? Idiot. View all replies >