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Martin Scorsese is a fan of the Hammer Horror Movies. Its nice to know that North Carolina prosecutors are homophobic Is she sure she can't get a role in a Marvel Movie, Because. This looks awful. Frankly the 1994 movie looks far better than this. Why Adapt a book. If your not going to follow anything that happened in it. Cosby pretty much got away with it. Im pretty sure i already saw this movie. Its was Batman Begins and came out in 2005. View all posts >


liscarkat So in other words. Your problem isnt the Marvel Movies. Its that there not as much competition in the movie biz as there use to be. Maybe should call the FCC and tell them not to let Disney Buy everything in sight. Goodfellas a movie about Henry Hill and his quest to become a asshole and gangster, A character who is the exactly the same at the beginning of the movie as he is at the end. Truly the greatest movie ever made. Fuck You, Dances with Wolves for having character growth and shit. Sure your not talking about Goodfellas. Well i would say who gets to decide what is art. Is a 6 year olds drawing not art. Are primitive Cave Painting not art. Is JRR Tolkien books not literature because he wrote about Hobbits, Wizards, Talking Trees and Orks. Dose Art have to be about A$$holes in the Real World. Or can it be about the Fantastical. Can art be about Good People and not Just A$$holes. I think its a lot more Creative to come up with worlds off the out the top of your head. Then go to the most horrible places or people on earth, looking around and make movie about it. Im not saying all the MCU movies are masterpieces. A lot of the solo hero movies have been same-y lately. But not all of them are bad. I do like more high brow stuff. Like Citizen Kane, The Third Man, 12 Angry Men, The Shawshank Redemption, To Kill a Mockingbird. Sorry, Outside of a few things. Im not much of a fan of Marty. Anyways There a long history of pretentious people trying the be the gatekeepers of what art is or is not. Remind me to never invite you to parties. You would give us a whole list of people that everyone is inferior too. Silence was just torture porn. Im pretty sure that Robert Downey jr isn't being paid sweatshop money. Feige didn't sell his soul to Disney. If anything Disney bought him. Maybe you'll have to live with the fact. That some people actually like Escapist Fiction and Dont have stick up there ass. Sorry Who know that corporation wanted to make money, Commie. Also earnest is not how describe 80s slashers movies. More like Stupid and Predictable as hell. Im not saying the MCU are masterpiece. But there not pretending to be. And Hollywood has been in the business of making theme park rides since the beginnings. Its called Escapism. Its actually been around for a long time. Maybe you should stop acting like a pretentious dipshit. View all replies >