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Im pretty sure i already saw this movie. Its was Batman Begins and came out in 2005. Well i can't wait for Disney X-People. Is movie getting bad reviews because its not "PC" or "Woke" Enough. Do we really need a movie about a Young Batman. If this movie had the same old boring curtsy Pikachu. Would anyone really care about this movie. Kevin Feige must really hate Scarlett Johansson The for hate this movie is hugely overblown. Why is this shitty show still on the Air. Well at least not every episode isn't about the Doctors having sex over somebody corpse View all posts >


Fox's X-men was Hit and Miss. But at least they took risks. You dipshit really think we would have gotten a Deadpool movie or a Rated-R Logan movie if Disney owned X-men from the beginning. Disney Buys Companies so they don't have to come up with new idea. There more creative bankrupt than shit. Frankly ill take it over the last two Godzilla movies i saw. "Hey Lets hire Bryan Cranston right off the heels of Breaking Bad. And will make him the only interesting character with motivation and will kill him 30 minutes into the movie. Then we have leave audience with his boring son. And on top of that lets have 12 minutes of Godzilla in a movie that called Godzilla. Seems Legit." Then we have Shin Godzilla "Hey lets have a bunch of boring people sit around board room for 2 hours". Yeah give me more of this. Humans and the Earth are going die off eventually. So... meh. Well im happy somebody enjoyed it. I disagree there. Even for a slow moving film. Its sucks. Frankly i don't see the point bringing Hilary Swank on board. Especially seeing her character didn't know Daniel or Johnny. The only connection she has with Daniel is she was trained by Miyagi. Well the last thing i saw Shue in was the Death Wish movie with Bruce Willis. I would say the first season was a natural extension of the films. Second season, not as much. But Karate Kid should at least be a 9. I have disagree there. Godzilla 2014 killed its most interesting character 30 minutes in and probably only gave us 24 minutes of Monster in a 2 hour movie. Not to mention Carol been gone for like 5 years. That kid is at most 8 years old. Are we suppose to believe a 3 year old is going remember this women. View all replies >