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After Watching BVS. Dose anyone really believe this is going better than what we got. Maybe the next time they make a movie Called "Marriage Story" At least He-man wont become some effeminate wiredo. Raffi Son or Is there anybody in this show who isn't a selfish raging ASSHOLE. You remember when Poison Ivy was her own character. One thing that doesn't makes sense. I kinda agree with Bill. Rich Evan Explains why Jar Jar Abrams/Kurtzman Trek Sucks. For Simpletons who dont get it. I have a feeling that watching this season. So dose anyone know when the next Mission Impossible coming out. View all posts >


That great, the guy who destroyed Star Wars is coming to direct a already audience dividing Superman. Sounds like a recipe for a another disastrous Superman movie. You might want to see a therapist. Frankly its pretty easy to improve on something that was probably basically crap. I don't think Justice League was all that good. But at least Superman acts like he cares for Human Life for once. Personally i could care less either way. Even if they move away from Snyder depressing tone. 4 to 6 hours. This going to be a great sleeping aid. Well i always say, Zack Snyder is like Micheal Bay. If Micheal bay was pretentious. Micheal Bay makes bad movies. But he dosn't go around acting like hes making Oscar Worthy films. Zack Snyder dose. Bay also dosn't have a weird cult who thinks hes the best director since Kubrick. Yeah, i heard about that. But even if they release one every week. That only a month. Whats stopping people from canceling afterwards. If its anything like his other extended cut. It will be boring as hell. But his fans will probably say its a masterpiece no matter what. Dose AT&T/WB think there going beat out Disney+ sub numbers. By making a 4 hour cut of a shitty movie. That only a small minority of weirdos wanted. I cant wait for Snyder to reanimate this thing into a even bigger mess. View all replies >