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Is she sure she can't get a role in a Marvel Movie, Because. This looks awful. Frankly the 1994 movie looks far better than this. Why Adapt a book. If your not going to follow anything that happened in it. Cosby pretty much got away with it. Im pretty sure i already saw this movie. Its was Batman Begins and came out in 2005. Well i can't wait for Disney X-People. Is movie getting bad reviews because its not "PC" or "Woke" Enough. View all posts >


I think this going to turn into what happened with Dave Chappelle Special. The more they bitched about it. There more people watched it. A good amount of the blame has go to Kathleen Kennedy. She signed off on that horrible script. I think that and Doctor Strange i would bother to see in the theaters. I got a great 90's reference. Like how Carol Danvers was so unpopular in the 90's. That they made Rouge of the x-men put her in a coma for years. Actually it wouldn't be the fifth. Maybe the third. And why have a red head with no personality. When you could have a black girl with no personality. We don't need to see Uncle Ben die again. But at least acknowledge that he existed, might be nice. Besides MCU Spider-man spent most of his time being Tony Stark Bitch. Im watching it right now. A shitty written mess of a movie. Actually its pretty bad. I can't wait to see how she pulls that off with her dry lifeless acting. Personally i found the 2002 He-man to be pretty boring. But at least it felt like the people making it cared about the source material. This feels like some brain dead millennial (P.s. not all millennial are brain dead) who cant write for shit got her hands on older brothers comics, hated it and started writing bad fan fiction just spite your older brother. View all replies >