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Don't hold your breath. He hasn't posted in a year. Oooh I love Meshuggah. And The Sword, Tool/APC, Prong, RUSH (omg I love Rush). As for the Patton bands, I'd say for you Peeping Tom is safe, as is Lovage (which is a cheesy awesome sexy spoof kind of thing with Jennifer Charles from Elysian Fields and Dan the Automator), and even Tomahawk's first 2 albums I'd say are pretty safe. Dead Cross is awesome (more like hardcore punk), Fantomas's second album (This Director's Cut) might be pushing the line for you, but it's worth a listen for the wild versions of movie themes. Mondo Cane is him doing Italian crooner stuff, and let's see what am I missing...haha. It's always a lot with him. I can't really put them in order of preference, but here's my initial list: The Wire Love/Hate Breaking Bad Sherlock Justified Luther True Detective The Fall Line of Duty Bron The Sopranos The Shield Low Winter Sun The Killing A JON snowflake? 😆 I'll get my hat and coat... I love this movie too. Rewatched it again in January...still holds up. Why? [i]Beautiful?[/i] Yikes. Arya's my favourite main character. LOVE HER!!! The Hound is my favourite overall character. Of course if you hate fantasy... it's going to be a huge bomb. It depends who you have on ignore. If it's someone whose entire threads are bothersome, you're not missing out on anything by having their threads not show up at all. View all replies >