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I stopped posting. I'm an occasional reader of the site now. Ok, fair enough. I know my own patterns more than you would. I wasn't prolific, posting on the movie boards and not much on general discussion. You wouldn't notice if I went from my daily couple of posts to once a couple of months (yes, I did reply to a few replies a couple of days ago and before that, a few weeks). I guess I was just complaining it would have been nice to be remembered by even just one member after 2 and a half years or so of being here 😅. No insult or harm intended by my comment. It's jaw droppingly good. That's also life. Just a different path. He was bipolar. Oh shit! My dad used to listen to Gordon Lightfoot. I never met anyone else who listened to him. At times like these, I don't feel bad for going quiet. When the set design is too gaudy and the characters always look like they're about to break into song. Never heard of her. Will check her out! (I gathered from your username that you must love Esthero...Great album, that...) I was convinced it couldn't be real, that it had to be a trick. View all replies >