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4 days out = Worldwide: $404,000,000 Now that I've seen it... It's not the best MCU offer [spoilers] 192 million on open Weekend. Worldwide: $122,808,000 -----> Day 1 Black American Youtuber criticises Black Panther "WAKANDA Is NOT REAL" - Ben Shapiro REACTS to the Black Panther Phenomenon Another Youtuber points the finger at those who cry "racism" for the movie getting a bad review Black Youtuber wants to share his fears about Black Panther with you So far Negative Reviews come from other countries View all posts >


dude, I said "shit" he used "process food" as an equivalent, so he is the one making the strawman, not me. My logic is sound. you can stalk me whenever you want :* I'll be naked at 5 pm :D the suits were ok, the cgi was sub-par in places though that she was. dude, I couldn't be bothered to read your over-long exposé on your own failings. Try again No, I'm saying you just denounced youself as having eaten shit because... hey... you must first try to know if you hate it or not. Wash your teeth before kissing your own mother. It's a fact shared by the majority. Including the director himself. So yeah... stick your "opinions" up your ass. OMG!!! you DID eat shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be a stalker dude. It's not good. "based on your attempts at painting the movie as" You see... the movie HAS a "black americans only" agenda. Touche indeed ^^^ demented View all replies >