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Was it shadowed by a Russian tugboat like the transoceanic Navy they deploy? Was it shadowed by a Russian tugboat like the transoceanic Navy vessels they deploy? Good post. Americans need to remember we’re damned formidable when we get unified on something. You’re lucky to have such a great lady. She sounds like a Marvel superhero so, perhaps the men at work were too intimidated (despite what we are told by our cultural leaders about men being incapable of controlling their caveman instincts around women). It sounds like you have maybe changed your mind that this might be a time waste should the ending mirror the Harrison Ford movie. So far, I like how the TV show has had the time to flesh out the personalities of the prosecutors as much as the accused and his defense team. There are many swirling and competing motivations on both sides that make it impossible, so far, to know which narrator to trust “Gender violence” is a fashionable buzz phrase designed by California plaintiffs’ lawyers to attract maximum social media scrutiny and increase leverage for settlement money. Also notable is the fact that Abdul filed the lawsuit on these ancient allegations just 48 hours before being time barred by a statute of limitations previously extended via California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act. Other signs that this is a frivolous lawsuit: she never reported anything to law enforcement or her employer despite the receptive #MeToo environment and she alleges “multiple sexual assaults” not just by show’s producer, but “other individuals including agents, employees and executives” while she was a judge on the TV show. Apparently we’re to believe everyone down to the catering crew was groping and molesting a celebrity and a star of the show. Where are you seeing this announced? I mean I was flying on Delta airlines and there were categories on the inflight entertainment where movies were organized by the LGBTQ sex preferences portrayed in the stories or certain race / skin colors if the cast. I’ve seen this on Amazon Prime too. So apparently they believe some people look for movies based on these categories. I did not know this. Thanks for that tip. I can turn the orientation on my iPhone and see those long threads a little wider but if the debate goes on too long even those are pretty tedious to read. Conspiracy? No. Hypocrisy? Yes. You will find some of the same people complaining about your posts have opened threads on GD on identical subjects; just with more socially acceptable opinions. The ones who insist that political subjects are precisely defined on this site and who appear in chorus to a dissentient GD post to apply pressure for self-censorship to a smaller audience. Doesn’t surprise me that the progressive cabal wants to bully you into putting your “wrong-think” posts into a place they are less likely to be viewed Agreed 100%. The whole thing is analogous to insisting that people introduce themselves with their horoscope sign just because some fringe cohort believes in it. I would no more participate in speech designed to force my acquiescence to the pseudoscience of astrology than I would to the pseudoscience of gender ideology. Aerosmith? Okay, now no need to see it Agreed. I don’t follow the royal family but she looks to weigh no more than 100 lbs Brutal situation. I’m thinking you’re gonna have to talk to her about it rather than let it linger. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check this out That gift will be your most prized possession for the rest of your life. I still have silly coffee cups and pictures the kids made for me and I would not part with them for anything in the world. Happy father’s day AK!