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DeSantis administration did drop the ball by not paying attention to the lame duck Disney-loyal board approving everything Disney might need for future decades in the special district. Still, DeSantis controls the legislature and has put 5 of the 7 justices on the state supreme court. There is going to be a major legal attack on the outgoing board trying to handcuff all future generations of governing boards. The term of the provision lasts, according to publicly-filed documents, “until 21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, King of England.” Tying the duration to the longevity of the British royal family is quite an unconventional measurement for a Florida land-use agreement in the 21st century. Seems very vulnerable to legal challenge A prediction you already nailed 11 hours earlier It’s at about 57 minutes or so into the YouTube video It was a regional bank mostly operating in the more rural hunting areas in Michigan. The bank ran marketing campaign in the late 90’s - early 00’s where it offered shotguns and sporting rifles in lieu of interest payments to those who deposited funds for long-term investment. The depositor had to first go to local law enforcement and be fingerprinted and obtain a Michigan certificate for firearms purchase which then had to be presented to the bank. The bank then had to transfer the firearm from its warehouse (they called it a vault) 300 miles away via a licensed dealer who completed the federal background check and actually delivered the weapon to the customer at a much later point The criticism of Moore was that he convinced the bank management into thinking he was doing a favorable story about the marketing strategy. He told them the story would be more effective if he could show a bank teller handing him a rifle the same day he opened his account. The bank stupidly agreed and then spent 30 days setting it up with Moore to get the law enforcement paperwork and finger printing completed and to arrange for the licensed dealer to chaperone the weapon transfer at the bank the moment he opened his account so that it could be staged for filming. I acknowledge your point. This was an ill-conceived marketing campaign and Moore’s fundamental criticism was legit: it’s not a great idea to have a firearms giveaway to sell financial instruments. But he fabricated the scenario to make it look like there was no law enforcement or licensing or fingerprinting and that branch tellers had a stockpile of rifles and shotguns they were just handing to customers buying a $1,000 certificate of deposit. That’s why I said it was on par with a Borat parody rather than a fact-based documentary as he presented I agree. It’s also just a tiny charter school with 450 kids. It’s not what all of Florida thinks. And the article seems to have some facts confused. Those were my points. More generally, I think a charter school associated with a conservative religion can set its own values and standards. Just like the Amish parochial schools in Ontario that no one criticizes. I couldn’t care less how you entertain yourself (although rest assured it won’t have anything to do with my ass). I just thought your last line was hypocritical. I thought the film was even handed and had a lot of sympathy for Moore’s perspectives. It critiques his methods and how he has fabricated major aspects of his movies including the suggestion a bank teller would just hand you a rifle as you opened an account. It was a Borat-level set up Seems contradictory to brush off a film that challenges the perspective of your hero but take that parting shot at the other poster for willful ignorance. The thing is that people can turn crazy years after passing the check you’re describing and long after obtaining lawful possession of a gun. We need to establish better security at schools. Treat them like we treat courthouses and airports. A TSA for school safety. And we need to put a lawful duty on family members to report to law enforcement when their gun owning relative suddenly starts to act like a weirdo. So tired of family members coming out post-tragedy and revealing they knew their relative had a gun and was behaving aberrantly. Family members who violate this duty could then be criminally charged Agreed 100%. She’s your kid. The nurses and doctors are the strangers. If she needs you, you’re there. Even teenagers get scared of the doctor sometimes. Seems like a lot of context is missing. These are two back-to-back and completely contradictory lines: * “Florida, in particular, is currently being subjected to a wave of efforts by its governor, Ron DeSantis, to limit what parents can do and say in schools.” * “Parental rights trump everything else.” The school is also represented to be a charter school with a conservative Christian affiliation. You’re painting a broad brush claiming that’s Florida more generally. Might as well cite an article on an Amish Parochial School in Milverton to claim Ontario is opposed to television. View all replies >