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Another "something bad happens at sea" movie. I Feel Pretty vs Isn't It Romantic Police: Two brothers told investigators they were paid by Jussie Smollett to stage attack Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really want to get rid of 'farting cows'? A simple solution for the government shutdown. Hillary Clinton tells Europe to curb immigration Official Trump @War: Full Movie Other things that are 1/1024th NETWORK OF GARBAGE: CNN Attacks Kanye Using Dead Mom, Mental Health, Wife's Ex-Lover Hillary Clinton: We can only have "civility" if Dems win back House, Senate View all posts >


The President did, you said he lost but he actually won, but in reality he lost. I know, what do you prefer for lube? 6 more years. Beto lost by 3 percentage points which means he won Texas, do wut? Actually IW only had 53,905 reviews. AUDIENCE SCORE User Ratings: 53,905 The Doogie Show, now airing 24/7. Shampoo or conditioner? He is a lot of people on here. I guess he isn't a very good actor after all. I figured something fishy was going on, my ack senses were alerted this morning. View all replies >