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Gaffe machine starts next week. Comprehensive list of Joe Biden supporters on MC. China Joe's gas prices on the rise, up over $.50 in the past month. What happened to Johnnys car? Jim from The Office explains the eleciton. The Midnight Sky 2: Repopulation Boogaloo Too hawt for Hawk Another reboot? Brother of Biden adviser Ricchetti hired as lobbyist at Amazon Should reboot with Gina Carano. View all posts >


Nope still the real Ackbar . What a great president, not! Biden is a total dud and a failure, he needs to be impeached asap. Awwww yeaahhh! 2 Legit 2 Quit Kevin really? Gives old people hope. Hello, I am from 10 years in the future and JLS is not a country music superstar. Ackbars cant die, they just become a new Ackbar. Most people cant stand Biden as well, he is a old man who has no idea whats going on. Just a few more days to complain about Trump, better get it all out now! Link please. 12 now and no girlfriend or wife. View all replies >