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find it funny if I got beat up pls spam me profile and inbox and flame me thank you. I've been to Italy and various places in the UK but never Northern Ireland. I've been to London many times. I would like to go to many places in America and Canada. Also various European nations such as Spain, Italy (I would like to go back there). I find often I don't fit in with people. I am not a part of the group. Some people it doesn't matter as im not interested in them but with some people I do have an interest in they don't have any interest in me. think about the people they're friends with, Im not like their friends, I differ a lot. So im taking an interest in people I shouldn't, as they differ so much to me in personality and likes and interests. Some people will only talk to me when I talk to them, they never approach me and talk to me voluntarily. I've spoken to them dozens of times and vary the subject but they don't have any interest, I had that problem at school college and workplaces. I don't fit in with most people. Some people are a bit funny towards me. Most seem to have no interest in me, a small number talk to me but it can be difficult to get talking with them for long enough as they are busy at work and so am I . so there isn't enough time to talk to them properly. I think some only talk to me to be polite, ive never got close to anyone on the internet. I think of them as acquaintances, though some I would like more with, I would like to be close to them.but I could be having an interest in someone who doesn't share the same interest in me. social rejection is a part of life isn't it? not everyone I like will like me back. some people from tvtome and tvrage live in America which is costly for me to get to. I would definitely like to go there but it costs a lot more money than I have so I cant get there as much as I would like to. Some people have been very mocking towards me and I don't know why. I have been to Egypt as well. when did you go there and how long were you there? Yes I like horror, adventure and action movies. I like the Mummy 1-3 but haven't seen the new one with tom cruise but will at some point. haven't seen van Helsing. is that a tv show? I have seen a vinyl record for that, music that's featured in it. how many times did you go to those places? Are you willing share the years you have been there? no I don't. View all replies >