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here's an idea for a movie... 2 80s flicks some of these career choices when did Grindelwaald take Graves body? View all posts >


I actually didn't like the supporting cast. They weren't actually funny and they didn't click with the Doctor. Looking back I can't believe I hated Clara as much as I did. As for the first episode there were no actual problems, it was just slow. The second episode was more interesting and the third was so cringe. They're not racist in the UK. What are the trying to prove? Ugh it's like this now. This show really jumped the shark. The last decent doctor was Matt Smith. The last good sidekick was Rory and Amy. It's so fixated on being pc and social justice it forgot how to have fun. Okay but you're wrong because all of those people have tons of friends who've always known what kinds of people they were. The allegation that broke him was one were in he didn't commit a crime. He has actual victims and they're still not coming forward to prosecute which I think is because they were the ones who were blacklisted and persecuted and they are still too scared. Ok so this is really about prosecuting Cosby, Weinstein, and Casey Affleck and his group of friends who are obviously guilty despite not being prosecuted at this point. Spacey smeared himself on someone who told him to go and he accepted and left so Spacey's career isn't over. For instance, James Gunn is guilty of rude online jokes. Some of this is unnecessary backlash. It's not going to be permanent. I don't think so. People in Hollywood knew Spacey was gay and a creep, etc. And so many people were affected by this they can go through it together. So conversely Weinstein was charged and he's going to be prosecuted and that was by a bunch of working actors and people who are in the fold. This guy who accused him outed him but he doesn't seem to want to prosecute. The people who work with Spacey knew him and they'll help him to get back to where he was before. I think that looks more like Light Yagami [url][/url]. Actually he would of been a convincing Light around Perks of Being a Wallflower [url][email protected]_V1_UY1200_CR585,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg[/url] or this [url][/url]. Bill Skarsgaard looks more like L [url][/url] it's a tv show. I read these tweets and I thought they were funny. Some people have a dark sense of humor. Disney and Marvel knew that Gunn used to work for Troma and I think the worst Disney could fairly do was to say it's not the Disney image, don't do it again, or delete them and they were already deleted. So this is really just some personal attack on Gunn and whoever decided to use #metoo to attack an innocent person and that's not what this is about. View all replies >