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My post count is at one minute to midnight. Who can wreck my autism and get me to 2400? [Community Activity] DO NOT CLICK THIS! It will mess up your Friday and your weekend (Possibly your life!) Film's been brought forward by a week, good marketing campaign to boot! Anyone else think: A MEEEEEEEEEEEE-LIAN voices! Uh-oh! Quick poll: Is Hamish a buftie? How it actually went down for Lovers of this movie. Was I the reason IMDb shut down its message boards? When T'Challa was young was he the Black Kitten? What's next for Michael Barebum and her motley crew of not straight white men? View all posts >


Not bad! You can say goodbye to your weekend now Alice, that tune will be stuck there forever (...forever...forever...) That song will be trapped in there now, eating away at your imagination, depriving you of sleep and ultimately sending you mad!! 😜 "Deep fried spicy soy cuckek on a couch of salty snowflakes while the wife bounces on my boys D on a Patreon supported livestream for vegans with cleft lips from Haiti to get pizza shipped in from DC by Oxfam with an acceptance speech for Meryl Streep at the Oscars thrown in for good measure" is my (un)personal favourite way of referring to them. Of course I am MMC! Damn you for making me use up another one of my posts!! 😎 Every post now brings me closer to the end MMC... ...It's rather bleak 😩 Y u no mad? You seem to be letting that [i]cab sav[/i] get to your head there Spanners. I was excited for the release of Prometheus, I saw it and was thoroughly disappointed and went to IMDb to share my woes and get on with my life, like I do with other movies which I've disliked or indeed liked. Whilst there a cabal of cultists insisted that it was a deep and meaningful experience and that I was a 'retard', 'idiot' and/or 'moron' for not 'getting it'. I went and saw the film another time to verify their claims and instead found them to be lying, manipulative cry-bullies who considered themselves to be intellectual because the pathetic excuse for a waste of light known as Prometheus was just poor writing at almost every level and in no way held any merit regardless of the pseudosymbolism being chucked into every frame. I educated those fools and did so with easy aplomb, to an audience who, whilst they might not admit to it, enjoyed every lunge and parry I put forward with the grace of Edmond Dantès. You and your throng of sexual miscreants got battered, humiliated and forgotten like yesterday's chip shop wrappings and yet you liked it enough to come back for more - as I said, sexual miscreants. Before I even consider discussing Aliens with you Spanners, have you seen it? I remember you pip pipping away about 2001 for weeks before admitting you hadn't ever actually watched it. I realise your Ritalin dosage might be too high for it to keep your attention but wasting other people's time is something only a feeble minded arse would do when they could watch it for themselves and be informed of what they are trying to discus. Down the hatch! I'm more of the mind that "I haven't watched [b]yet[/b]" when it comes to my consumerism. Plenty of junk out there but the odd hidden gem makes putting up with it all worthwhile. View all replies >