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Someone's review of this film might hurt someone else's feelings ... Solo-esque; not good or bad really. The reviews I have read mention how 'empowering' this film is ... She gave up, like a coward. Greatest of All Time They should do the prequel View all posts >


Yeah they could write her out of the remake like they wrote Luke out of 99.9% of TFA. They aren't films? Should only certain film critics critique certain films? So if they were referring to single mothers ... then it wouldn't be racist? lol somehow 2 equivalent statements are categorized different. Nobody was surprised. You will have little luck with the moron brigade dude. They share a brain-cell between them - but can't remember where it is or who actually has it. In the opening crawl: "General Organa is dead. Rey killed her." LOL classic 'no comeback' response #14 So you think you have a homerun 'gotcha' like usual ... except nobody really cares since the point is irrelevant. Just like you lot, Trump never rated it when his preferred candidate lost ... Just like McQualude stated above. Error.exe And who cares? Just because he had an opinion in the past doesn't negate the fact that the EC is a thing. He won, get over it. I mean seriously get over it - it was ages ago. Hah, frog's typical attempt to take a shot at DT has backfired magically, as always :). Because if hilary won in similar circumstances you would not be supporting such an attack on democracy, would you. You literally are the problem with this planet. View all replies >