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Will kylo ren shave with gillette? THE FORCE IS FEMALE Leia will die - and the most affected character will be ... The salute! Watched it again, it actually WORSE than I remember l3 is the jar-jar binks character for solo Will Ford be prosecuted for lying? Proclaiming you hate Ewoks... This is what Star Wars Episode X will be called if rey/kylo hook up in IX. The irony surrounding L3's fate View all posts >


That key point to the entire saga is lost on Frag, since they would rather invent memories about the OT than accept the truth about the rey character. Classic Frag, the resident NPC mental case. Of course your points are all 100% invalid and conveniently invented as usual. rey is a mary sue and there is nothing you can do about it. Attacking every thread on these forums has achieved ZERO progress in the 3+ years since the films release. Good job. Luke is not a mary sue, aside from inside your mind. OF COURSE this is a point that neither you nor ANYONE raised in the ~40 years the franchise has been around for - and it has had its fair share of criticism over this period. To repeat, rey is THE mary sue. SHE is the mary sue. (she) ...... So Luke didn't actually go 'missing', rather he was cast out from society due to this. The republic didn't accept him for who he is so he turned his back on them and the force. Hence why he allowed the first order to rise in his absence. You forgot to preface that with 'in my opinion'. tens of millions instead of hundreds of millions ... you see the issue here? You think we will get the teaser trailer in 2019 ... the same year the film itself will be released? no rose tico? This was theorised the day after TFA was released. I see what you did there. View all replies >