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It might be harsh to say it but its still true. Not really okay just something you can wrap your head around. This has happened a million times before someone with a controlling spouse snapping one day. Just saying I have a more difficult time understanding why he killed the kids as well. She was very controlling and he snapped. If it was the other way around the woman could call it spousal abuse and get a shorter sentence. I never really cared much for her, she didn't have any likable qualities and was all about image and control, but the most upsetting part is of course the killing of the children. Many people can imagine the path to spousal murder but killing your young children like that is just unthinkable. I don't need to care for someone either. Dunno I never got this thing about needing someone to root for. A show can be entertaining without that. I'd say he looked youthful for the time, about his age (40) by modern standards. Men aged badly in the 60's. I was shocked to find out there is only a 10 year age difference between the two actors in this movie. I mean sure he was in a worse age and all that but I still would have guessed 20 year age difference. This case really reminds me of the List family murder of 71'. Both men seemed to have a big ego and were obsessed with status and committed the murders right before reaching the point of losing it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT6ac-LFklA Perhaps she was too soft on him but as a stepparent you really need to accept what type of family you are joining or just walk away. It almost always just ends with rebellion for a stepparent to change the rules. More discipline needs to come from the actual parent, not the strange man who just moved in. The weird note, although not a suicide note, shows something weird was going on in his head. Comes off as written by someone in psychosis. Also they had been married for just months when he died so a part of it could have been the whole happily married persona being an act. Not saying its necessarily the case here but you for example have closeted men taking a similar path. For a short period they seem so happy and they focus on really wanting to start a family and all that and they manage to uphold that image for some time until the day they can no longer stand it. Sure but there is a middle way of having some payoff while also keeping you wanting for more. It feels like there was no point in season 1 other than preparing you for some chase in the 2nd one. View all replies >