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Unlike many other nations we Icelanders respect our natural resources. Which is why the number we hunt is so low it does not threaten the population. Really? Ever looked at how many we hunt compared to their total population? It's such a tiny fraction it would still be sustainable if we multiplied it. You talk as if we are using technology to hunt as many as we can which is not the case. Personally I think hunting free animals is way better than factory farming which is basically torturing an animal it's entire life. Killing large animals is also better than smaller ones because fewer conscious beings are sacrificed that way. May I ask which country you're from? It takes like more than a thousand chickens to get the same meat as from a single whale. Why do you hate chickens? Whales arent being overhunted as it is. Why should a country like Iceland which has always treated its resources respectfully be punished for the former mistakes of others? So are pigs but they're still tasty. I was thinking in the first half of it that its better than seasons 2-3. Then came the second half. Ugh! Even if she believed he can't be stopped that is not how humans behave. Anyone locked in a cage would do whatever it takes to get out as soon as possible. I see both sides here. Yes maybe not put it in the title but I've learned the hard way years ago not to read a discussion about a show I haven't finished watching. If they're near the edge then they're going to need something more than a text warning on TV. Either way, not my problem. Go see a shrink if you're feeling suicidal. He's charming and cute? Plus most of them didn't really accept him as one of their own but rather saw him as a pet. Sexual assault is the only category where women outnumber men as victims. When it comes to overall violence in public (including physical assault and murder) then men are majority of the victims. Also sexual assault in public is relatively rare. Most women are attacked in a home and by someone they know. "Stranger danger" has been exaggerated by movies and the media. When something does happen to women in public they are also more likely to be helped by strangers than men are. So yes overall I'd say women are safer out in public while men are safer at home. View all replies >