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Magnum and Higgins get married... can they now call it Hart to Hart? Don't even bother Confused can someone explain (spoiler) Had to be the worst ending you could have expected (spoiler) They shouldn't make another, they should do a reboot. A good idea bogged down with a political agenda. Another Hollywood moron Jennifer Hudson's version of memories fails. Does no writer in Hollywood ever bother to watch mythbuster? So clear they rig the show View all posts >


Who cares about that part of his career. In the end he was major douche, suing another actor simple because Wilford thoght he looked too much and sounded too much like him. That showed just what a chickenshit fuck he really was. Sadly the more I have tried to re-watch the series the more I've come to realize that it wasn't that good. I think I was just so deprived of any science fiction on TV that I overlooked the problems with the series... although some things were impossible to ignore the first time around like the existence of Troi who just restated the obvious... Sure she had big titties and I think that was the only thing she really brought to the show,but for the love of god why would any organization like Star Fleet waste the the limited resources needed to maintain a star ship on someone like her that brought zero to the table. If I'm not mistaken, didn't they also early on in the series pretty much explain that Picard was supposed to be on the ship and not go to risk himself in the unknown places which pretty much gave Number 1 a reason to exist in the cast? Not that they stuck with their own canon. Maybe you should read the issues the workers brought up. I have no problem treating lazy workers like shit to get rid of them... but apparently there was lots of sexual harassment going on including male bosses trying to get dudes under them, so frankly if you don't see that as a toxic fucking environment then I don't know what is. Frankly if you ever see that stupid prime time game show she has you can tell from it that she is a mean bitch. She truly takes pleasure in getting to drop people, or have them blasted back through a wall. She has never been a nice person she just pretends. Skelton, Benny was two one dimensional. But both were funnier than any of the current crop of supposed funny men. Nah, she made the mistake of eating for a basketball team when she was pregnant and porked out Rosie O'Donnell size. If you could cut her into pieces you would have enough to make 3 of her old selfs. Then again I guess if your a chubby chaser she might be hot. Gramps just needs to stay home and in lockdown, the rest of the world needs to carry on other wise there wont be any money for gramps social security checks. Too many STD are incurable now days you would still be at risk. Even some gonorrhea strains have become antibiotic resistant. I always thought the best Star Trek movie would have been one that brought back a dozen of Kirk's bastard offspring pissed off at him for knocking up their mom and dead set on revenge. Lord knows as many aliens as Kirk banged over the years there must be a lot of little Kirks running around the universe. View all replies >