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Could the producer have at least made it a believable match? Who was behind the casting of this movie? Nice family documentary, not perfect but educational without being too snowflaky Sadly its seems to be going down in believability. Don't waste your time, the judging ends up dominated by politics not skill Celebrities? So the role model for an empowered woman is a bull dyke... Why are the animators screwing up the color of Donald's clothes? Why the continued diversity casting with blacks? More diversity BS View all posts >


It really depends on where you are in the country and the time period in which you are looking. In the 80's I recall there was a mix of teachers in my school the older ones tended to be conservative the younger ones were liberal loons as I still recall the one that would rant about how teachers shouldn't pay taxes because their salaries were paid for with taxes so it was like paying themselves to work. I suspect he's working for the Bernies Sanders campaign today, assuming he's still alive. Any idea that boils down to spending more to make a product than you sell it for is a stupid idea whether it is canned goods or monster trucks. The gender has nothing to do with stupid ideas, you were the one that popped up here trying to act like Ricky was a jerk for pointing out that their idea was bad. I suppose you must be one of those feminist morons that thinks anytime someone shines a light on the stupidity of an act perpetrated by a woman that it must be driven by sexism. If you had brought up a hair brained idea that Ricky had come up with I would have mentioned it as being stupid as well. You see some of us don't pretend that gender has anything to do with what is and isn't a good idea. But when you start your comment attacking me rather that what I said, well it pretty much signals to the world that I was right and you have no reasonable argument to counter what I said so you start trying to change the direction of the discussion. Well.. The fact is you were wrong. If you think selling something for more than what it costs to produce is a good idea then you are an idiot. Look in the mirror and admire the face of stupidity, that's what it looks like... and unfortunately for you I don't think you can ever change it your destined to die an idiot. I would say the same thing about Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.... the fact is whether someone is a good singer or not is a matter of personal preference. Everyone has a different belief in what they think is good or great. At best you can agree that someone can sing in tune, but once you go beyond that you are in the realm of personal opinion. There were even more problems with the idea than what he came up with. The cost of sending a jar in the mail so that it would not get damaged was going to add substantially to the price, the fact that without proper canning techniques you would be selling a food product that would likely go bad in transit and cause the person eating it to get sick is an issue they forgot about... you could make a list of costs that were left off the table. The truth is it was a stupid idea and if someone has a stupid idea that will potentially kill someone or bankrupt someone it isn't being a jerk to point that out to them. And once they presented an ad to people giving them a price and then accepted the orders and money they could not change the terms of the contract as it was already made. Would you like to go buy a car and after the dealer has agreed to buy it and you've agreed on the price the dealer then takes your money and when he brings the keys to the car to you he suddenly says sorry I'm going to lose money at that price pay me twice as much now. Whether someone is attractive or not is like an opinion. Everyone finds different things attractive or unattractive. But in general there is a point at which hot young girls become soccer mom's... Not to say that a soccer mom can't be attractive or can't be desirable in a sexual way... But the simple fact is there is a point where a woman is no longer hot, if that weren't the case and well known then you wouldn't have actresses constantly jumping on the botox bandwagon because the would only be more attractive as they showed their age, right? As for Angelica Houston... well she was never beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. But if you think she was more attractive at 40 than at 20... well you either have very strange taste in women, or you are looking at some bad photos of her when she was 20 compared to when she was 40. I've seen photos of her in the late 60's and early 70's and she was more attractive back then... still not someone I would have thought of as hot but a damn sight more attractive than when she made The Addams family.... Hell maybe you are comparing her photo from that movie to when she was in just normal street clothes in the 60's and 70's, it might explain things. It had a handle, but if you notice it also had the magnets at the corners of the door, that's what the black circles are on the fridge. In the 50's and before you would have had a true locking fridge where the handle actually operated a mechanical latch that pulled the door air tight against the refrigerator, but when they were transitioning to the magnets the earlier version with a handle type lever were not actually locking anything they were just a lever that helped pop the door open because the magnets made it difficult to just pull open the door without giving it a jerk. That looks a lot like the type of fridge my grandma had when I was growing up and the door didn't actually lock but if you tried to pry it open by just pulling on the door it was very hard to do because the magnets were very strong compared to what you get today. Look at the handle as just a fulcrum to give the person opening a little boost in opening the door... but if you were inside you could easily push against the door and open it. Sounds like you're not really autistic just a loser. Then again autism was the in thing when you wrote this so I guess you wanted to pretend your autistic just like actresses like to pretend to be lesbians like all the others. The reality is she isn't sexy enough anymore. This is a comic book heroine that is supposed to be hot. Scarlet could have been considered for the part in her prime but she no longer fits the bill. Her fun bags have started to become sag bags and she just looks too much like a middle aged soccer mom. One can only hope they keep all of her clothes on as I've seen the photos of her in a swimsuit and while I do enjoy cheese, I like it on my pizza not the backside of a woman's legs. Ah, another SJW that lacks the most basic skill of reading comprehension. Find flaws with casting a woman in a role does not imply any hatred of women and more than someone saying they don't like bird shit on their car windows equates to a hatred of bald eagles. You simply made a ridiculous leap in logic to try and defend your own SJW view of the world. Give what she looks like I'm afraid any guy would have opted for the backdoor to avoid having to look at her face. Only question unanswered is why did he want to bone such an ugly woman to being with. View all replies >