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Does no writer in Hollywood ever bother to watch mythbuster? So clear they rig the show So annoying when you catch a show like this in a lie, you can't trust any of it anymore More diversity casting nonsense. Could the producer have at least made it a believable match? Who was behind the casting of this movie? Nice family documentary, not perfect but educational without being too snowflaky Sadly its seems to be going down in believability. Don't waste your time, the judging ends up dominated by politics not skill Celebrities? View all posts >


Sneaker Pimps... song was actually a very good trip hop song if you listen to the Nellee Hooper mix that was release in the mid 90's. This movie on the other hand is complete garbage. If I had gone to a theater I would have probably walked out and saved two hours of my life because within the first 5 minutes you can tell it is complete shit. But since it is on netflix I just let it play while I tried to do something else more productive. Thank god I have unlimited internet or I would be pissed I wasted the data on this dog. Only liberal idiots weren't aware of those simple facts you pointed out. I don't think the producers are going to let the original books determine the age of the next bond. In the new movie they have already completely ignored the logic of 007 being a number that is given to an agent and goes away when the agent quits or dies. It signals that they don't care about the way Ian wrote the Bond books, they have pretty much tossed that out the window. Frankly as off the rails as the producers seem to be it wouldn't surprise me if they make the next bond a transgender midget. Considering they think Daniel is too old they won't go with Idris... My guess is they go with some very young snowflake and try to appeal attract a younger audience. Not that I really car anymore... The producers have been going so far away from the original character that it is just becoming a joke. That's the best comeback? Wow... that's really pathetic stop sucking on your mama's titties and grow up. She wasn't misrepresenting the situation but she wasn't providing a full story and was ignoring the fact that everything was in the contract that she signed and which had helped to make her all the money she has made from the music sales to date. So she was basically only telling part of the story to make it look like she was a victim. She wasn't a victim, she just didn't like the terms that she had previous agreed to. She holds the copyrights to the songs, that is true. However she signed a contract with the record label that basically had the record label fronting the money for production of her records and most likely included covering the cost of the studio time and backing musicians and would have included some provisions for them to market and distribute the music when it was completed. In exchange for that, the label would retain the ownership of the master recordings although Taylor would recieve some amount of money for every CD that was sold... However the provisions of the contracts also will include a provision that forbids the artist from rerecording the songs for a set number of years, this was because in the past some artists would rerecord their music as soon as they got a chance to and it would result a major reduction in the value of the master recording that the label owned. So Taylor owns the written music that she created, but is not allowed to record the songs for any commercial purposes for a set number of years which apparently will end in 2020 from what has been in the news. The reason she was not initially allowed to perform on the music awards show is that those awards shows will record the performances and sell them either through streaming or in some cases as a CD, that would have violated the agreement with the label that held the masters. Now most of the time a label will make an exception for the artist to perform on a show like this because they feel it will likely result in an uptick in the sales of the artist's other music which will make the label more money... However in this case it appears that Swift and the label are in a pissing contest so they were initially playing hardball and wanted her to agree to some other provisions before they would give her the exception. As I understand it the exception was finally made for some undisclosed some of money from the producers of the show, but the details were never revealed. And you apparent love of them explains your ignorance. If Trump changed his name to Obama would you heap praise on him and love him? Of course not because aside from the new name he would be the same... that is just like "climate change" that was originally "global warming "... the same facts are underlying climate change and they were wrong before so why do idiots think they are true now? The state of Florida didn't sink beneath the ocean so just accept it was BS and stop believing in the big hoax... remember the origination of global warming was a scientist that made up the data. Most intelligent politicians are laughing at her. View all replies >