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Don't waste your time, the judging ends up dominated by politics not skill Celebrities? So the role model for an empowered woman is a bull dyke... Why are the animators screwing up the color of Donald's clothes? Why the continued diversity casting with blacks? More diversity BS Humanizing a serial killer? Humanizing a serial killer? The show was wrong. Oh boy... another Ghostbusters fiasco. View all posts >


Only real weakness was the ending and how they wrapped it up in a kind of Disney like ending. It would have been more faithful to the genre if the ending had been bleak instead of good triumphing over evil. Well what we have learned is that happened is why things don't make sense. Initially he was said to have tried to commit suicide and failed so he was put on suicide watch. Then he claimed he didn't try to commit suicide but was attacked by his cellmate.... They begin investigation of cellmate and the day before they take him off suicide watch they clear his cellmate of attacking him... But if they cleared his cellmate of attacking him that would indicate that they believe Jeffery lied and wasn't attacked by the cellmate which means he did try to kill himself... That would mean he shouldn't have been taken off suicide watch, but he was... The next day he is dead and according to the official story has managed to use a bed sheet that is as thing as paper to hang hang himself in a jail cell in which there is nothing on the ceiling from which to tie the sheet too... Oh and has done so with such force that it has broken bones in his neck. Sorry but the information they have provided doesn't make a lot of sense, it seems much more likely that he was murdered but since he was in a cell by himself the only way anyone could do it is if at least one if not more of the guards was involved. Uh... You just judged the OP. The fact is people judge other people all the time it is an evolutionary thing that has allowed humans to survive. Imagine the early caveman that didn't make judgement of others... he would have made no judgement about the new cavemen in the neighborhood that invited him to dinner, only to find out he was the dinner. And many people consider hating gays or blacks a good thing... Just because some idiots think something is a work of art doesn't mean it is. Getting a tattoo is usually a very stupid thing to do and if you could check on the person when they got the tattoo you would usually find the person was under the influence of alcohol when they got it. I remember when women getting parrots near their waist was an in thing... I haven't met a woman yet with one of those stupid parrot that said she was glad she did it now. Tattoos are permanent and getting them should be for a very well thought out reason, not on a lark which is how must of them come about. Go look up "pankration" which can be dated back to ancient Greece. It was MMA only it wasn't called MMA. You've fallen for the current MMA hype about how this type of fighting is some new invention, it isn't. In fact the current MMA is pretty far removed from what Bruce Lee was combining. Most MMA relies more on boxing and Jiu Jitsu than anything else, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do is more of a combination of boxing and kung fu than Jiu Jitsu... but if you want to believe the marketing hype feel free. Some people still believe in the Easter Bunny. Two problems... 1) you missed what I said was bullshit to begin with, the one master that stands in a ring and is attacked by 10 student he easily subdues... That was the main point to begin with.. it is total bullshit. I don't care if you stick the best fighter in any category into a situation where they are attacked by 10 people at the same time, they aren't going to easily subdue all 10 people... that crap happens because the 10 students are told before they even stand up which one will attack when and how, worse that WWF. and 2) MMA didn't exist until almost 20 years after Bruce Lee died. The only reason anyone squawk that he was the father of MMA is because they were trying to legitimize MMA by associating it with his name.... pretty much as pathetic as Tarantino trying to use Bruce Lee to sell tickets to his movie. Using various forms of fighting together isn't something new it has been going on for centuries. It was only recently that they coined the term MMA again, about 20 years after Bruce had already died and it just sounded better than street fighting which is really all it is since you can use whatever style you want within the constraint of what is allowed. No, I'm talking about the hokey demos where some "grand master" goes into a room and is attacked by 10 different students that he magically beats back. What you linked to is nothing but a MMA fight, nothing to do with what I mentioned. Key word is "artist"... martial arts looks great when you have one guy beating back an attack by 10 others.. until you realize that those 10 attackers are attacking in a scripted fight in a predetermined order to insure the one guy wins. Sorry but martial arts is not nearly as effective as you think in a real world confrontation. Sure you can portray real people anyway you want, just look at Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter... but the problem is that in this movie he has done anything to indicate that his version of Bruce Lee is made up he is presenting it as being accurate where in Vampire Hunter you know its all BS. If it were a true story he would probably be shown in a sleazy motel raping little half conscious girls while his wife was getting killed. View all replies >