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Sadly the animation is just bad. Don't bother with this one. Diversity/inclusion casting strikes again. Warning this show is shit don't believe the stars. Magnum and Higgins get married... can they now call it Hart to Hart? Don't even bother Confused can someone explain (spoiler) Had to be the worst ending you could have expected (spoiler) They shouldn't make another, they should do a reboot. A good idea bogged down with a political agenda. View all posts >


I think the normal person wipes until the paper appears clean. No one beyond a contortionist could possible view their own butt crack. Of course lots of people just voted against Trump, you have had the mainstream media trashing Trump for 4 years, if the mainstream media put that much effort into trashing Jesus you would have a country full of atheists. A large portion of the population doesn't think for themselves the just let the media tell them what to think. It's why we have worthless turds like the KarTrashians all over the place - complete lack of any talent beyond making sex tapes but because the media tell the people that they matter suddenly half the population start to care about what happens to them. Sadly looks started to matter as soon as MTV came to be. No doubt there are a lot of talented singers and musician in the 70's that would have never gotten onto a play list once the music videos came to be. She isn't fat, she just has a larger bone structure which will make her appear heavier no matter her weight. Her fact is also just one of those faces that has a pudgy look too it, I've know women that were thin but had a pudginess to their face sometimes even the appearance of double chin even though they were not fat at all. I'm guessing you've been watching too many Vitoria Secret runway shows where they have sought out the thin women with thin faces willing to starve themselves for a few days before walking down a runway. If that's your thing, have at it. Frankly the uber thin look is not that interesting. Would they have to have a with they wont they thing going on? No, but to assume they wont is to assume too much from the current writers in Hollywood. I don't think I can recall any shows where they had a male and female stuck together that they didn't push the will they won't they crap, it is as if the writers think no man and woman can ever work together without at least one of them wanting to fuck the other one. She is the star because he looks like a computer nerd from a comic convention... worse yet he was too old. By throwing her out there as the centerpiece they could try to sell her as the young prodigy. I doubt he would want to get near this stinking cow pie. Reality is you don't try to deescalate a problem with a criminal unless you want to get shot. The roundouse kick was letting the bad guys off easy in the original show, real life would have simply had the bad buy shot. Maybe that's part of the problem with people today getting shot by police, they watch too many pussy shows where the police never just shot the bad guy so the idiots of today have been brainwashed into thinking the police won't just shoot their sorry ass in a heartbeat. I'm guessing you never saw the original show, if you had you would have known that his partner and co-star in the show was a black guy. Sometime remaking the show is just a cheap ass play even when they keep the characters as they were... but sometimes a remake does make sense if you can now make it better because the tool for making the movie have improved. King Kong was a good example of remaking because technology got better, they didn't try to gender swap character they simply tried to make the same movie but with better technology so that the movie was better. The initial complaint about Walker was simply based on limit information about the new show at the time it was made. Now that I've seen more of what they have done they appear to have fucked it up even more than just swapping genders, the appear to be trying to turn it into a Hallmark show with Walker being a married dad dealing with family shit... so even if they hadn't played gender games the show seems a big departure from the original. As for racial games, sorry that takes it to an entirely different level of bullshit with the absolute worst the shows where they ignore historical reality and are clearly just trying to check off diversity boxes on piece of paper... Or the more ridiculous where the colors don't make since based on lineage... when they go down that road you have to wonder if the producers would have thought it a good idea to have a white guy play MLK in a movie. View all replies >